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Boss Guide

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Guide - Appendix

Boss Guide

Boss Guide

You always have to have someone at the end of a level that's in control of that level. Someone moderately more challenging then the peons you were facing before.

Here we'll take a look at the few that call themselves bosses, listing strategies and tips for each.


--== Boss: Rogue Jedi ==--

Force Choke does nothing against him. Push and Repulse however seem to be his weaknesses. You can easily toss him across the area, walk over to him, and get some good stabs in before he gets back up.

He likes to counter with Saber Throw and a Sephiroth-type attack where he brings down a Tie Fighter on top of you. The trick is to stay near him for the most part, as the fighter never lands on him.

Once his health bottoms out, be ready for the Quick-Time Event.
360: X, B, B, B
PS3: [], O, O, O


--== Boss: Rahm Kota ==--

Kota isn't very resistant to the Force, for the most part. He will block Grip completely, and can block Push sometimes, but rarely, especially if you mix it in with combos.

His attacks consist of basic Lightsaber swings mostly, but a couple can be pretty tough, like when he flies up and drops down in the center of the room, creating a shockwave that's hard to even jump over. The other is when he picks up a lot of debris around the area and floats it around him. He'll throw it at you in chucks, and the only way to dodge is either good dash timing or hiding behind something.

He is vulnerable after every special attack he does, so don't waist that time. Keep him off balance with Force Push, and watch for when he forms a Force bubble around himself, and use Push to pop it.

Near the end of the fight, the station will start the feel the burn of reentry, and the floor will become damaging to walk on. You must seek higher ground at that point.

The ending QTE is:
360: X, X, A, B
PS3: [], [], X, O


--== Boss: Kazdan Paratus ==--

Paratus rarely uses Force powers, instead opting for is fast and powerful Lightsaber style. To get a hit in, you'll have to knock him off his feet or stun him. Lightning works well by just using it, as does it infusing it in your Lightsaber. Push will work sometimes, but is better in a combo.

Once his health goes down a bit, he'll jump out of the room and latch onto a pillar. He'll then summon a Junk Titan to the middle of the room. You don't have much room to fight, so I'd quickly shock it to death. The good thing about this is Titans often give you enough health to fully heal up.

Paratus, sill outside the room, will then start throwing things at you. The only way to dodge this is pretty much jumping around and hoping they don't hit.

He'll repeat this a few times before you get to start the QTE:
360: X, B, X, Y, A
PS3: [], O, [], Triangle, X


--== Boss: Shaak Ti ==--

Shaak Ti relies on the terrain more then anything. The camera angle is weird, and there are explosive bubbles everywhere. Her attacks really leave much to be desired, comparatively. She even has really weak defense against Force powers, so much so that you can even pick her up with Grip and throw her! She has a particular weakness against the Saber Slam (lighting-infused strike) and Repulse, however. She also likes to dash around the field and sometimes uses Push at the end, so try to keep up.

Her main “attack” seems to be turning invincible and summoning Warriors from below. You wont really be able to hurt her till after you kill the Warriors.

That's just part 1 though. The second part starts after she jumps off the cliff.

This battle plays out almost exactly like the first part, except the area is smaller and Shaak Ti will now call on the Sarlacc to crush you with it's tentacles, and attack that's easily dodged by dashing at the right time (stand under the center one, and dash to the side when it starts coming down).

The QTE finally ends the fight.
360: X, X, X, A, A, B, Y
PS3: [], [], [], X, X, O, Triangle


--== Boss: Shadow Guard ==--

Shadow Guards are much more fearsome then the Senate Guards you've been facing. For one, they have mastery of the Force, unlike even some of the Jedi you've faced so far. They can use Push, Lightning, and even Grip.

The lightning isn't so much painful as it just slows you down. When they pick you up with Grip, rapidly press B [O] to escape. Push is just Push, but you get close to him is almost acts like Repulse.

Always kill anyone in the room other then the Shadow Guard first. With only the Shadow Guard remaining, this fight isn't TOO bad. Lightning, Push, and Grip have almost no effect on him unless you can catch him off guard. The best thing you can do is start a saber combo WITHOUT touching him, then use Saber Slam or another Force-based combo and hit him with that swing. It usually works.

His health isn't much, so if you can just knock him down you can rush over and stab him on the ground a couple times. It's usually enough to kill him.

A QTE ends it:
360: X, Y
PS3: [], Triangle


--== Boss: Captain Ozzik Sturn ==--

Ozzik Sturn comes out in a custom AT-KT after around the second coupling is pulled. This version has a sniper rifle mounted on the right side, a stun rocket on the left side (that is more powerful then the standard version), a detonator launcher on top, and all in addition to the standard blaster cannons.

It is a formidable foe, except that it is STILL a machine, and therefore weak against electricity. It's large size also makes it fairly slow and easy to circle-strife.

Once his health goes down, a QTE ends it:
360: X, A, Y, B
PS3: [], X, Triangle, O


--== Boss: Bull Rancor ==--

The first stage of this fight has you fighting the Rancor. Unlike other Rancor, this one is pretty impervious to Lightning. It's only real attacks however consist of pounding the ground when you're near it or charging at you like a bull.

Get a good distance away, with your back up against a wall. Look and wait for him to charge at you. At the last second, Dashing Blast away. The attack has a lot of recovery time, giving you enough time to get back to him and use a Sith Saber Smash. Boost away quickly before he pounds the ground and repeat.

Maris will randomly appear from time to time and try to attack, but it's negligible. If you really fell threatened, you can stop what you're doing and run away.

360: X, Y, X, B, A
PS3: [], Triangle, [], O, X


--== Boss: Maris Brood ==--

You're now fighting Maris in a rather cramped space, which of course SEEMS to work well for her, but you'll find it works better for you. Maris has the ability to turn invisible. This ability is not complete, however, as you can see when she first disappears and you can lock on to her just before she appears.

Her general attacks consists of appearing behind you, using a combo that knocks you down, then throwing her sabers at you a couple times before disappearing again. Any use of Force powers on your part will result in her blocking, then following with Push and a Saber Throw.

The trick to this fight is when she disappears, starts a Sith Saber Slam. Try to guess where she is going to appear, or better yet be in a corner where there is really only one way she can come from. On the final stroke, you slam your Lightsaber and shock the ground. This will knock her out of invisibly and stun her long enough to get at least one more combo in.

360: X, A, B, X, X
PS3: [], X, O, [], []


--== Sub-boss: Proxy ==--

You may think “what can Proxy do?” But you forget at the start of the game where he was Obi-Wan. He can shape-shift and take on the appearance and battle style of another warrior. For this fight, that means every human-sized boss you've fought so far, Shadow Guard, Kota, Shaak-Ti, Maris Brood, and Kazdan Paratus.

The strategies for those don't change any. In fact, it's easier, as he's not a perfect copy, and he also cant copy their special attacks.

However, after you get his health down, he pulls an ace out of his sleeve.

*Duel of Fate plays*

Now the fight really starts. Darth Maul focused heavily on his Saber techniques. He isn't much of a Force user, but he can absorb and counter the Force pretty well. One of his favorite attacks is a mid-air saber throw, that puts him a distance from you. Attacking him with regular saber attacks is also useless, as he can easily break your stance mid-combo. Don't bother trying to throw stuff at him either, he is way too fast.

You're only hope here is to mix in Sith Saber Slams and Saber Slings, hoping to knock him down. Once he hits the ground, you can stab him a few times before he gets up.

--== Boss: Star Destroyer ==--

The Star Destroyer itself isn't really the boss so much as it's weak point. The Tie Fighters are the ones that put up a fight.

This fight consists of Destroying Ties -> Gripping and aligning the Destroyer -> Pulling it down a bit -> Repeat once more Ties show up.

I'll start with the Ties. There are multiple ways to deal with the Ties. One is to stand back and wait for them to pass overhead, then jump up and shock them, another is to Grip them as they fly by (they'll fall out of the sky with just a tap), or finally to throw the explosive barrels that float by at them.

Throwing the barrels works the best, if you know how to do it. Don't just grip and throw, you have to push it out there a ways first. If you don't, it will to flying off at one of the pylons on the left or fight. Besides that, Lighting works the second best, and is a little faster.

After all the Ties are down, Kota will tell you to do something related to pulling down the Destroyer. Run up to the edge of the platform and Grip. You'll see two thumb sticks at the bottom of the screen with a red aura around them. Tilt the sticks in the direction indicated till the aura turns green, then hold the ship there. After a second, the aura will disappear and Kota will say something again. At this point, pull both sticks down to start moving the Destroyer down.

You'll see Ties start to fly in from the distance. Don't let go of the Destroyer immediately or you'll never get anywhere. You'll almost have to take a few hits from the Ties while still pulling the Destroyer. Once your health hits red, then let go and focus on the Ties.

This continues to repeat, as the Destroyer will start to turn to one side while you fight the Ties, meaning you'll have to line it back up again. The faster you fend off the Ties, the less time it takes to line up the Destroyer. 


--== Boss: Darth Vader ==--

Stage 1:
This stage, Vader loves using Push. He also likes to use Grip, but not as much. Jam B [O

if he pick you up to break free. Since his Lightsaber skills are a bit slow and lacking, stay close and hammer him with Sith Saber Smash. When go goes to charge up a Push, break off and get behind him. Wait for him to use it, the start beating on him from behind for an easy combo.

Stage 2:
Bursting into the next room, Vader takes a stand on the central platform. The red field around it hurts if you touch it, and if you get to close to him he'll repulse you off, so stay on the sidelines. Vaders main attack here is picking up barrels and throwing them at you. And I say let him do it. Whenever he picks up a barrel, he's using the arm he would otherwise use to block Force attack, particularly Saber Throw. Pretty much just spam this attack for the rest of the stage. He will occasionally bend the platform you're standing on, in which case just find another. Don't bother trying Push or anything to knock him off, as he'll always block that.

Stage 3:
This is an extension of stage 2. After his health goes down a ways, he'll jump off the center platform onto the platform in the back of the room. This stage plays out a lot like stage 1, only his saber blocks are even worse. Spam Sith Saber Slam and watch when he picks you up.

360: X, B, B, X, X, X
PS3: [], O, O, X, X, X


--== Final Boss: Darth Vader ==--

The last fight with Vader is very much like the first, only Vader is way more aggressive. He will come after you with Lightsaber combos, almost all of which will knock you down. A mastery of the perfect block will come in handy here, as he'll be knocked off balance long enough for you to get a combo in. Besides that, I'd block and hold off till he charges up a push. Get behind him and combo during the recovery, and repeat.

Final QTE:
360: X, B, B, X
PS3: [

, O, O, []


--== Final Boss: Emperor Palpatine ==--

The Emperor is an obscenely easy fight. His only main attack is creating an orb around himself, floating into the air, and pelting you with canisters. This is easily avoided by standing behind one of the raised control modules at the front of the room. The canisters will bounce off the top and completely miss you. You have to be RIGHT up against them though.

He then floats to the ground and becomes vulnerable. Any direct assault results in him dashing back and away. So, kill him like we killed almost everything else in this game: kill it with lightning! As soon as he lands, unload on him till he floats back up. He will lightning you in return, but the damage is negligible.

When he first floats up, he'll summon some Guards to come in from the sides. The later in the battle it gets, the more there will be and the higher rank they'll be. You'll have to kill all of them to start the next phase of him throwing canisters, and repeat the entire process till he goes down.

Final QTE:
360: X, A, B, X, B
PS3: [], X, O, [], O




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Comments for Boss Guide

11 comments, latest first.
May 8th 2015 Guest
I disagree with Palpatine being easy, if your strong with your saber. it is a bit easier.
ID #553633
Feb 28th 2015 Guest
Why is the Emperor not hard
ID #522524
Nov 12th 2014 Guest
In the final stage of the Darth Vader fight, he can occasionally be gripped. Knowing this actually saved my ass, due to the borderline unwinnable QTE's and constant stun-locks.
ID #470813
Jul 26th 2014 Guest
I disagree with the Darth maul statement, the best way to defeat him is to grip him and quickly throw him until he dies
ID #425501
Apr 13th 2014 Guest
Against the star destroyer, those aren't barrels, they're engines. Grip them, position them on the incoming tie's flight path then shock it. It will shoot off like a missile and is handy for tackling stragglers
ID #374503
Dec 3rd 2013 Guest
When fighting the bull rancor on one of the harder difficulties, Maris can be a pain. My solution was to always try to Grip her as soon as she shows up. Sometimes she defends against it, after which she just disappears again, and if she doesn't defend you can just throw her away.
ID #324968
Oct 12th 2013 lord megatronus
I disagree about using force lighting with the emperor, sable attacks make him more damage
ID #314163
Jun 16th 2013 Guest
For some reason I don't remember battling the Emperor.... Oh well.
ID #290604
Apr 10th 2012 Darth jedi
on the proxy boss i downloaded the temple mission pack and got qui gon jinn
as a costume so i changed i to that to get ravenge when proxy turns into darth maul just for fun
ID #131931
Jun 20th 2011 Guest
I would disagree about what you said about Kota blocking Grip completely. When I battled Kota, I could Grip him TWICE.
ID #50730
Jul 2nd 2010 Guest
i would disagree with using force lightning on the ties it is to hard to use i spent less ten the time it took the video and i was using force grip were u throw them at the one behind it much faster.
ID #2830