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Death Star

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Guide

Death Star

Death Star

Find Gernal Kota and the Founders of the Rebel Alliance

Bonus Objectives:
- Attain 450000 Force Points
- Collect 15 Holocrons

Imperial Stormtrooper, Scout Trooper, Imperial Purge Trooper, Imperial EVO Trooper, Shadow Guard, Imperial Royal Guard, Imperial Jumptrooper, Imperial Incinerator Trooper, AT-CT, AT-ST

Boss: Darth Vader / Emperor

See Sephiroth Rule

--== Hanger Bay ==--

Welcome to the Death Star 1 during it's fully-operational stage.

Start off in the bay. This area has: Scouts in the rafters, Purge Troopers, Commanders, Stormtroopers, Jumptroopers, and an AT-ST. And that's only the first wave. Killing all or most of them will first trigger another AT-ST to come up the lift near the force field. After that, several waves will come out the doors to the left and right of lift, followed by at least one wave on the lift itself. These waves will have all the above, minus the AT-ST.

To start with, dash left or right and look for a lift in the corner. Ride it up to the rafters and kill the Scouts. No more of them will spawn up here.

Holocron 1/15, Katak Power Crystal

Holocron 2/15, 10000 Force Points

- While you're here, grab the Holocrons on either side.

Back on the floor, I would take out the big guys first. There isn't much to throw at them, so it comes down to a lightning match really.

Note that you do not have to fight any of these people. In the center of the room are some glowing floor tiles. This is the exit. Stand on top and use Repulse to open a gap. Fall through to the next area.

--== Firing Chamber ==--

This area is the Death Star's main cannon. Er, one of the 64 beams that make up the main cannon at least. All you need to know is, if you touch this beam, you die.

The beam does not fire without warning. There is plenty of time to get down the shaft to another safe spot between firings. After little ways, you'll come to a giant lens. Use Push to break it down and continue to the other side.

This new section has spawn points in it. There is one on the left just as you come out. It's rather easy to get behind them and push them into the beam.

Holocron 3/15, 10000 Force Points

- The next is a little ways up on the right. Same deal, only this time there's a Holocron inside. Break through the next set of glass and enter the left side door.

There are Engineers in this area. They act like regular Stormtroopers though. Continue down the corridor and out the door. In this control area you'll fight some Incinerator Troopers, depending on what side they decide to be on. There are also these annoying turrets in the lasers path. You'll have to lightning them from a distance.

Holocron 4/15, Unstable Green Crystal

Holocron 5/15, 10000 Force Points

- Look around on the left side for a lift. This will take you up to the rafters. Walk around to the laser's side and look for a beam over where the laser fires. Jump up on top of it. There is a Holocron to the left, and a Holocron to the right.

Now to continue. On the right side is a door with a glowing lock. Grip it and pull it up to open.

--== Amplification Chambers ==--


- This hall contains 2 Purge Troopers that assault you the second you walk in. Counter by picking up a box and using it to block the rockets, then throw it at them.

Holocron 6/15, Talent Sphere

- On the right side is a door that leads to the next Holocron. Might want to get it AFTER the Purge Troopers though. Either case, keep going down the hall through the door.

Holocron 7/15, 10000 Force Points

- Two E-WEBs on the other side, but nothing you cant deal with. On the right is another door with another Holocron. Through the door on the left into the next chamber.

Holocron 8/15, 10000 Force Points

- Dash across the chamber and grab the Holocron. Wait for the laser to fire and die down, the go to the edge. Juno will tell you where you are. Enter the door on the left and take the elevator down.

Holocron 9/15, Power Sphere

- Exit out the door at the bottom, take a right, and in the large chamber go counterclockwise and get the next Holocron. On your way out, an EVO Trooper and some friends will attack from the elevator. Push them aside and ride the elevator back up.


- To get through the spinning disks, you have to extend the bridge. To do this, AS SOON AS the laser dies down, rush to the edge, Grip one of the rings, and spin it till it's dead vertical (it'll lock in place). Do this to all three. The bridge will extent and you can get to the middle platform.

Holocron 10/15, 10000 Force Points

- Do this to the next set of rings to extent the next bridge. Over the gap is the Holocron. If you miss, you can drop down to the chamber below and take the elevators up to the central platform.

Finally across, enter the door on the right before the laser fires.

--== Convergence Chamber ==--

How many times do they have to test this blasted laser?! What are they testing it on?

Well that aside, there aren't any enemies in this room yet. Even when there are, it's just a few scattered Jump and Scout troopers, and in a room like this they cant do much.

You need to first fall all the way down to the ground level. There are two AT-STs down here and nothing to hid behind or throw at them. You're only hope is to at least get beside one so that when the second one tries to shoot you, it hits the first.

Once they both go down, look for the glowing box in the center of the wall. Grip it and push it in. It activates the anti-gravity lifts. Get in one and ride it all the way up.

Holocron 11/15, Black Crystal

- At the top, look at the laser in the center of the two lifts. On the top of it is the Holocron. You have to ride the lift up, then Dashing Blast over to the top at just the right angle to avoid overshooting. Needless to say, I wouldn't try this while the laser is firing.

Holocron 12/15, 10000 Force Points

- Drop back down to the bottom, and raise up by one gravity ring. Stop off and look for a Holocron within one of the lowest level laser rings.

Holocron 13/15, 10000 Force Points

- Next Holocron is three rings up on the side you originally came in the room from. That is, facing the power box for the lifts, the gravity lift to your right.

Holocron 14/15, 10000 Force Points

- Next one is on the opposite side of the room. On the uppermost platform. Ride the lift all the way up and jump off toward the wall. It's inside a door.

Holocron 15/15, Combo Sphere

- The final one is on the main platform that leads to the Emperors chamber. It's very easy to find, but you'll have to fight for it.

Shadow Guard

This wave of Royal and Shadow Guards is quick fierce. Just like the training module however, single out the Royal Guards and pick on one at a time. Once they are gone, the Shadow Guard is nothing special.

To open the door, Grip the hand and swing it clockwise around the circle.

--== Emperors Observation Deck ==--

--== Boss: Darth Vader ==--

Stage 1:
This stage, Vader loves using Push. He also likes to use Grip, but not as much. Jam B [O

if he pick you up to break free. Since his Lightsaber skills are a bit slow and lacking, stay close and hammer him with Sith Saber Smash. When go goes to charge up a Push, break off and get behind him. Wait for him to use it, the start beating on him from behind for an easy combo.

Stage 2:
Bursting into the next room, Vader takes a stand on the central platform. The red field around it hurts if you touch it, and if you get to close to him he'll repulse you off, so stay on the sidelines. Vaders main attack here is picking up barrels and throwing them at you. And I say let him do it. Whenever he picks up a barrel, he's using the arm he would otherwise use to block Force attack, particularly Saber Throw. Pretty much just spam this attack for the rest of the stage. He will occasionally bend the platform you're standing on, in which case just find another. Don't bother trying Push or anything to knock him off, as he'll always block that.

Stage 3:
This is an extension of stage 2. After his health goes down a ways, he'll jump off the center platform onto the platform in the back of the room. This stage plays out a lot like stage 1, only his saber blocks are even worse. Spam Sith Saber Slam and watch when he picks you up.

360: X, B, B, X, X, X
PS3: [], O, O, X, X, X


After breaking through into the main room, you have a choice. You can either continue down the walkway to fight the Emperor (Light Side) or jump over the rail and kill Darth Vader (Dark Side). The choice is yours.

--== Final Boss: Emperor Palpatine ==--

The Emperor is an obscenely easy fight. His only main attack is creating an orb around himself, floating into the air, and pelting you with canisters. This is easily avoided by standing behind one of the raised control modules at the front of the room. The canisters will bounce off the top and completely miss you. You have to be RIGHT up against them though.

He then floats to the ground and becomes vulnerable. Any direct assault results in him dashing back and away. So, kill him like we killed almost everything else in this game: kill it with lightning! As soon as he lands, unload on him till he floats back up. He will lightning you in return, but the damage is negligible.

When he first floats up, he'll summon some Guards to come in from the sides. The later in the battle it gets, the more there will be and the higher rank they'll be. You'll have to kill all of them to start the next phase of him throwing canisters, and repeat the entire process till he goes down.

Final QTE:
360: X, A, B, X, B
PS3: [], X, O, [], O


--== Final Boss: Darth Vader ==--

The last fight with Vader is very much like the first, only Vader is way more aggressive. He will come after you with Lightsaber combos, almost all of which will knock you down. A mastery of the perfect block will come in handy here, as he'll be knocked off balance long enough for you to get a combo in. Besides that, I'd block and hold off till he charges up a push. Get behind him and combo during the recovery, and repeat.

Final QTE:
360: X, B, B, X
PS3: [

, O, O, []


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Sep 8th 2020 Lord Tigon
@Guest: Read the novel too
ID #776233
Jul 7th 2011 StEeZy BoY666
The lightning technique for killing the emperor is garbage it only gets me killed quicker
ID #55643
Jul 3rd 2011 Guest
Thanks so much for the help. I got stuck on locking the power rings in the death star firing chamber, but thanks to your walkthrough I easily got through.
ID #54486
Jun 11th 2011 blackhawk368
[i][/i] beat this game like 50 times
ID #48445
Jun 11th 2011 Guest
kill everything like your mom was kidnapped by a storm tropper even though the troppers are weak like a gramma
ID #48441
Mar 20th 2011 Guest
as you get the choice, fight darth sidious. don't kill vader as he is meant to live until episode 6.
ID #33389
Jan 1st 2011 Guest
Read the walk through again. You can either attack Vader or the Emperor.
ID #23649
Sep 18th 2010 kokosko
at the end you die not the master
ID #12880
Aug 21st 2010 Guest
I cant believe you have to kill your master, Darth Vader. I gotta learn more about the game story.
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