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Follow the dark path or use the light

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Cheats for PSP

Cheats and Tips for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

The Force Unleashed Guide
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Guide exclusive online guide to SW: The Force Unleashed. Walkthrough, including videos, plus boxx and enemy guides, bonus objective guide ..
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Several cheats for you including unlock codes for ALL Force powers at maximum level, ALL combs at maximum level and unlocking 1,000,000 Force points.

We also have cheats for this game on : Wii : PlayStation 3 : Xbox 360 : Nintendo DS : PlayStation 2 : PC

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All Cheats and Tips - Latest First

Reflect lasers
Remember the hint about how you can send lasers back to the peole who shot itin the DS. It might work for the PSP too. Press R or L to block the laser when it is about to hit you.(write me a positive comment if it those)

Cheats i know
Cortosis:god mode/invincable Grandmoff:all costom costumes.Katan:maxes all froce powers.Vergence:infitne force power.Lightsaber:gives your lightsaber the powers of HULK!!!!. TIP:Wereing costumes such as chopp'a,mara jade,51st legion,darth vader and the empror will stop playing the cut sences. HAVE FUN CHEATING. COBAR.

Helpful Cheats
It's pretty simple. I just put it in to see if anything happened. Put in SITHLORD and you will get the Darth Vader costume.
Other cheats are:
CORTOSIS: Immune to all damage
SPEEDER: 1,000,000 Force Points.
VERGENCE:Infinite Force Power.
GRANDMOFF: Unlock all bonus costumes and Sith Stalker costume. That costume is my personal favorite.
LIGHTSABER: Massive Lightsaber damage
*Note:Using the bonus costumes like Mara Jade, 501st Legion, etc.(except Sith Stalker) the cutscenes will be deleted.

Order 66
An easy way to get far in Order 66 is to kill the troops with rocket launchers and the Imperial Sentinals (guards with the staff). Just use Repulse when a rocket is sent at you and it will go back and hit the troop. The sentinals are harder because they can withstand a LOT more damage than everybody else. Try to force choke them or Push them. If you have Pummel maxed out, that helps too. You shouldn't have too much trouble with the other troops except for Jump Troopers. They can take a beating. Take them down next. The regular troops are easy.

Unlock Codes
When you have completed the first mission go to 'Extras inside the Rogue Shadow and select the 'Cheat Codes' option. Then enter the following codes (without the quotes) to activate the corresponding effect in the game. Remember that the game cannot be saved when non-costume codes have been enabled.

Unlock ALL Force Powers:
Enter the code 'TYRANUS'.

Unlock ALL Force Powers at Maximum Level:
Enter the code 'KATARN'.

Unlock ALL Combos at Maximum Level:
Enter the code 'COUNTDOOKU'.

Unlock 1,000,000 Force points:
Enter the code 'SPEEDER'.

Unlock Amplified Lightsaber Damage:
Enter the code 'LIGHTSABER'.

Unlock Immunity to ALL Damage:
Enter the code 'CORTOSIS'.

Unlock Unlimited Force..

this game is so easy with codes
Enter the following codes at the extras screen

Grandmoff:unlocks all costumes
Cortosis: god mode/ invincable
Katarn: maxes out all force powers
Vergence: unlimited force powers
Tyranus: unlocks all force powers
Lightsaber: gives your lightsaber powers of the hulk!!!!!!
Speeder: gives you 1,000,000 points for force upgrades butu wont need it if you use max all force powers>
Ok now that you are invincable and on you're way to become the most powerful I just want to spoil the game the apprentace dies at the end!!!!
Ok by the way I have beaten the game 3 times in under 12 hours non stop

all outfits and characters for story mode
Enter grandmoff on the cheat code screen

You now have all outfits and can play as any character in story mode

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