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Easter Eggs

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Guide - Appendix

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

Ah easter eggs, if it wasn't for these, what would people with WAY to much time on their hands do? Most game programmers still like to hide little things around the game that serve no purpose and have no meaning other then being there.


Republic Commando Helmet


- Location: Tie Fighter Factory, inside the first Final Assembly area.
- How-to:
Build up at least 5 boxes using Grip to reach the overhang.

- Notes:
This helmet is very clearly a Commando helmet from another LucasArts game, Republic Commando.

Bridge of a Start Destroyer


- Location: Raxus Prime
- How-to:
As soon as the level starts, turn about and go to the edge of the platform and look down. You can see the shield generators of the Destroyer, which are completely disproportionate in size when compared to you.



- Location: Raxus Prime, in the sludge at the start
- How-to:
Near the crack you're forming in the wall, look in the sludge for something to target. Grip and pull up.

It is NOT a Z-95 Headhunter! The wings and cockpit are totally different! This most likely represents Yoda pulling Luke's X-wing out of the swamp.

Subject 1138


- Location: The Emperical, as you enter the Research Room
- How-to:
Walk in the room and have your speakers on.

- Notes:
The hidden number 1138 is in many of George Lucas's movies and games, it's nod to the first film he ever made, THX-1138. The letters THX also appear in many of his films as well, but aren't as prolific as the numbers.

Jar-Jar Binks Frozen in Carbonite

- Location: Imperial Kashyyyk, Trophy Room
- How-to:
Look on the wall beside the door.

- Notes:
George Lucas does have a heart! For those of you who actually LIKED Jar-Jar, I suppose you can make the case of “it's just a generic Gungan”


- Location: Imperial Kashyyyk, Trophy Room
- How-to:
Look on a high pedestal near the Krayt Dragon head. You can barely see it, you'll have to use Grip to get it in better light.

- Notes:
Gorax make their home on Endor (though it may not be their homeworld) and are a living terror that hunt Ewoks. They made their first appearance in the kids show Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure, where he plays the main antagonist.

The Millenium Falcon


- Location: Imperial Raxus Prime, after crossing the small broken bridge, but before the bridge made out of a piece of steel girder
- How-to:
Go over to the edge of the area, past the girder bridge, and look in the junk pile.

- Notes:
Unlike the X-wing before it, this one you can argue is a YT-1300 Corellian Freighter, the original model of the Falcon before all of it's customizations.

Wilhelm Scream


- Location: Imperial Raxus Prime, when you steal the Dropship
- How-to:
Activate the cutscene and turn on your speakers

- Notes:
The Wilhelm Scream is one of the most recognizable clichéd sound effects in the film industry. It got it's start in 1951 in the movie Distant Drums. It was first put into Star Wars by the sound designer Ben Burtt, who found the original reel (labled “man getting eaten by alligator”). It's named after the person who emitted the scream in the movie The Charge at Feather River. It has made an appearance in almost every Star Wars media since.

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Apr 8th 2015 Guest
yo moma is fat!
ID #539426
Feb 20th 2015 Guest
Also, in Raxus Prime on the way to the temple, look left after getting off the bridge, and you'll see a clear AT-AT head and neck, as well as some of the body.
ID #518824
Jan 25th 2015 Guest
Well I found the trade federation ship on the junk planet in the level were you had to destroy that shield generator when I was playing on my Xbox 360
ID #506903
Nov 27th 2014 Guest
I found an easter egg and when you are done jumping through the rings ij the deathstar you will spot a little cleaning/mouse droid and if you force push it then four random gonk droids appear
ID #477291
Jul 10th 2014 Guest
I got the black saber the first time through it took a while though
ID #415795
Mar 27th 2014 Guest
The black lightsaber is in the playstation version too.
ID #368726
Jul 23rd 2013 Guest
These aren't easter eggs their refrences.
ID #299718
May 9th 2013 Guest
In Raxus Prime, when you have to overload the shield generator by sliding the power block to the left, theres an unexplainable man-shaped figure hovering over the area the platform overlooks. Can't target him or make out any details.
ID #281323
Dec 15th 2012 Guest
black light saber holocron is on the last level in the death star laser room with 8 laser tubes. Its on top of one of them in the middle at the top of the room
ID #221877
Mar 4th 2012 Guest
is this the force unleashed 2 or 1?
ID #120364
Aug 12th 2011 Guest
i got the black saber its easy
ID #66559
Jul 11th 2011 Guest
I Didnt see the Millenium Falcon in the video. can you remake the video with better quality and maybe highlight it?
ID #56970
Jul 3rd 2011 Guest
ID #54465
Jun 20th 2011 Guest
Looks like someone left behind their commando helmet...
ID #50734
May 21st 2011 Guest
i beat the and didnt even get the black lightsaber
ID #44213