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The Empirical

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Guide

The Empirical

The Empirical

Escape the ISS Empirical

Bonus Objectives:
- Destroy all 6 escape pods
- Attain 150000 Force Points
- Collect 5 Holocrons

Imperial Stormtrooper, Imperial Officer, Imperial EVO Trooper, Imperial Interrogation Droid, Stormtrooper Commander, Shadow Trooper, Imperial Purge Trooper

Darth Traya Strikes Again

--== Medical Room ==--

Kind of sucks being betrayed by your master. But come on, don't tell me you didn't see it coming.


- Well, break down the chamber with a Push or Repulse. The room will start to fill with gas. Look for a piston in one of the alcoves along that wall that you can grip. Pull it up till it stops to release the gas from the room.

The door will unlock and allow you out into the hall.

--== Hallway 1 ==--

Holocron 1/5, Blue Crystal

- Right between the two doors as you exit is the first Holocron. They do this to ENSURE that you have the Blue Crystal before the next level. Lots of Stormtroopers, so few windows. Get creative while walking down the hall.

--== Research Room ==--

Follow the ledge around to take out the Officer and Troopers in the room, then jump off. Watch out for the Interrogation Droids, as they come out of nowhere and are hard to hit with most attacks. The EVO Troopers don't have shields at this point, so you don't have to worry about them so much now.

Holocron 2/5, Combo Sphere

- Back under the entrance door is a lower door. The room contains the second Holocron.

Holocron 3/5, Talent Sphere

- The next is inside one of the specimen tanks. Look for it on the left side. Break the glass with Push.

The door to the next area requires quite a Push to get started.

--== Hall 2 ==--

This corridor is again filled with Stromtroopers.

--== Escape Pod Bay ==--

Before you do anything in this room, hunt down anyone that has a shield up with a blue shoulder. These are the Commanders, and they'll call in Shadow Troopers if you don't take them out fast. They also have a type of electro gun that paralyzes you, it gets very annoying. You have to use standard attacks to kill them.

Holocron 4/5, Power Sphere

- Once they are taken care of, look for a Holocron in the back of the room under the last escape pod. For your Bonus Objective, use Lightning on all the escape pods in this room. They'll rocket forward and explode. Once the last one blows, you get your objective complete.

The door is sealed pretty tight again.

--== Hall 3 ==--

Holocron 5/5, Lorrdian Power Crystal

- The final hall. Rush in and use Repulse if you want. There's not much to get creative with here. At the end, past the door out, are some barrels surrounding the last Holocron. Break down the door before it with SEVERAL Pushes.

--== Power Conduit ==--

Purge Trooper

- Breaking through lands you face to face with a Purge Trooper. These things are tough. Don't even try to get close, it's armor is made of Cortosis, a Lightsaber-resistant metal. It has a large cannon mounted on it's shoulder, a wrist blaster, and can both pound the ground and pick you up and slam you down. Pretty much the only way to kill these is to throw things at them from a distance, or, they being robots, shock them to death.

After the fight, you'll have to break down the door.

--== Holding Room ==--

Alright, the final room. There are Commanders, Troopers, EVOs and Officers on the walkway. You'll have to kill them all to start with. You cant save Juno till you deactivate the force field around her though. To do that, drop under the walkway and lift the two pistons.

But, there are even more enemies down here. By more, I mean better. Two Troopers and TWO Purge Troopers. Hopefully your Lightning is up to par. If it gets to much, retreat up to the walkway that you should have cleared to recharge.

Upon Gripping and lifting the two pistons, go back up to Juno. The level ends on a happy note.

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Comments for The Empirical

4 comments, latest first.
Mar 26th 2013 Guest
Tip for purge troopers: use lighning , dash to avoid and use lightning again.
ID #267418
Feb 18th 2012 Guest
I HATE that level. It SUCKS!! I hate the purge troopers cause They have ROCKETS!!! But even thouth I hate them I beat the game. It was REAL HARD. But I got past the Iss Empirical. I almost wrecked into the systems SUN!!
ID #116115
Oct 14th 2011 Guest
you can change your suit to heavy armour thats what i did
ID #80231
Aug 21st 2010 Guest
This level sucked because of the purge troopers and my weak armor. Well, take back what i said. It's not THAT bad.
ID #9829