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Bonus Objective Guide

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Guide

Bonus Objective Guide

Almost every level has a bonus objective. Just a fun thing you can do that gets you points and otherwise allows some Imperial Engineer to keep his job and try to build a better mousetrap.

I'll list all the objectives and a how-to for every level. Note that the Prologue, Death Star, and Jedi Temple do not have bonus objectives.

--== Tie Fighter Factory ==--


Objective: Destroy 5 Tie Fighters

In the hanger, Ties spawn infinitely on the ceiling. Use grip to grab them off the rack and throw them down. Easy one.

--== Raxus Prime ==--

Objective: Destroy 10 Scavenger Skiffs

The key is knowing that you can destroy the Skiffs with one shot of Lightning. Just make sure you're targeting the Skiff. There are about 12 Skiffs total in the level.
~4 at the start in the landing area. Rush around the area properly and you should run into all of them as you go.
~4 in the area where you first meet the Junk Guardians. They land near the cliff
~2 on the cliff outside the Blockade Runner
~2 on the cliff near the switcher box in their camp. One before you switch the rail, and one after.

--== Felucia ==--

Objective: Kill 4 Rancors

There are four total Rancors in the level. The first in the Battlegrounds, and three more in the Rancor Training Grounds just before the boss fight.

--== The Empirical ==--

Objective: Launch 6 Escape Pods

In the Escape Pod room right after the Research Lab, there are Escape Pods on the left side. Hit them with Lighting to start them up, and they'll explode a second later.

--== Cloud City ==--



Objective: Freeze 10 Imperials in Carbonite

In the bar, there are Carbonite chambers in the center of the chairs. You can pick up Imperials and set them in it. Next are the Carbonite barrels in the open areas that you can throw at the Imperials. Finally, the ace in the hole are the Carbonite hoses that you can pick up and manipulate around to spray the Imperials with it.

--== Imperial Kashyyyk ==--

Lower Generator

Objective: Destroy the Imperial Communications Tower

Just past the AT-KT, there is a series of walkways. At the end is a tower before the door. On the bottom walkway is a grate with a generator behind it. Remove the grate and shock the generator. Do the same with the second generator on the upper walkway.

--== Imperial Felucia ==--

Objective: Release the Sarlacc

On the cable cars that you have to zap the boxes, go out to the edge of the car facing the pit. You should auto-target a chain hanging in the air. Throw your Lightsaber at it to break it. Do this on the other two cars, and presto.

--== Imperial Raxus Prime ==--

Objective: Destroy the Imperial Tractor Beam Tower

Past the lift that takes you to a new area, ride the next lift up and through the doors. On the inside is a large room with a tower in the center. Walk up the ramps on the sides of the room and use this point to jump to the walkway on the tower. Push off the Imperials and use Lightning on the conduits sticking out the sides.

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Comments for Bonus Objective Guide

3 comments, latest first.
Jul 24th 2015 Guest
Those are all dlc related levels, you will need the ultimate sith edition to play those.
ID #588684
Nov 12th 2011 Guest
i have got stars wars the force unleashed greatest hits and i want to know how to get the bonus missions after the cutscenes
ID #86907
Oct 26th 2011 Guest
How do u get to lukes level???
ID #83189