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Raxus Prime

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Guide

Raxus Prime

Raxus Prime

Seek out and destroy Kazdan Paratus.

Bonus Objectives:
- Destroy 10 scavenger skiffs
- Attain 1500000 Force Points
- Collect 15 Holocrons

Rodian Ripper, Rodian Heavy Defender, Jawa, Scrap Guardian, Scrap Drone, Junk Titan

Boss: Kazdan Paratus

Recycled Junk

--== Sludge Pool ==--

Welcome to Raxus Prime, the galaxies garbage bin. You have a new Force power: Force Lightning! Take a second to upgrade if you can.

Drop off the ledge and shock the glowing Hyperdrive to make a crack in the wall across the sludge. Hang left. You cant cross the gap as is, you'll have to use Grip arbitrarily facing the gab to grab hold of a piston under the sludge. Pull it up and jump to the other side quick to shock the landing skiff before it flies off.

Holocron 1/15, 10000 Force Points

- Now jump back down to the piston and grab the Holocron under the platform. Jump back up to the platform and continue down. If you're lucky, you'll catch another Skiff at the end. Turn right, facing the sludge again, and lift up another piston. This one doesn't stay up, so you'll have to jump across quickly.

Once on the stable, broken piston, you'll have to get through those wires sticking out of the sludge. You can sometimes push them over with Push, but I normally just jump through them. On the other side, another skiff should fly down. Shock it and jump up the ledge to level ground.

You'll find the second Hyperdrive here. Zap it to open the hole completely. Jump down to the hole and wait for the final skiff in this area to follow you down. Shock it for your next one, and go in the hole.

--== Refinery ==--


Holocron 2/15, Power Sphere

- There are a lot of Jawas in this area, as well as some Rodians up near the top. It's hard to explain this area, so I just made a video. Basically, you want to work your way up to the spinning thing, jump on it, and ride it around to a higher ledge, and use that to reach the Holocron, then jump out of the hole.

--== Acid Rain ==--

This next valley area is crawling with Rodians. There's not much I can do about that, keep your eye out for them, especially on higher ledges on the left and right.

When you reach the bend, there will be acid rain coming down over the path. To get through it, grab the glowing metal on the sides and bend it down till you automatically let go.

Holocron 3/15, 10000 Force Points

- Just past the rain, as the area opens up, there is a Holocron on the left side.

--== Blockade Runner ==--

In this area, you'll find your first Force powered robots. They are HIGHLY susceptible to Lightning. Take out as many of the Rodians as you can, but leave a few Guardians, for as long as there is a Guardian in the area, skiffs will bring in more Rodians via the cliff on the far side. There is a limit, but it's like 3 or 4, which is almost enough for you get your Bonus Objective.

Holocron 4/15, Compressed Red Crystal

- When you're done, look for a cracked escape pod on the side of the Blockade Runner near the cliff. Use Push to break in the wall and grab the Holocron on the other side.

At the back of the area, opposite the cliff, there is a glowing Star Destroyer hull. Use Grip to lift it up till it locks in place. Jump on top and look across at the Blockade Runner. The gun turret is glowing blue. Jump and shock it to blow it out, then jump back up and through the hole.

Inside the Runner, take out the Rodians and look for a hole opposite where you came in. Drop down to enter the other side. More Rodians and Guardians are fighting in this area, which gives you a couple more chances to get some skiffs at the cliffs edge.

Holocron 5/15, 10000 Force Points

- You have to go to the cliff edge anyway, as there's a Holocron hidden in plain sight.

Once you have the Holocron, turn about and go to the right side of the Blockade Runner. There is a ramp that leads into the back of an escape pod. Be sure to knock first. The hall is cramped and flooded with Jawas, perfect for Push or Lightning.

Holocron 6/15, 10000 Force Points

- When you get to the end, you're suppose to jump up to where the Jawa is, but there is a crack in the wall beneath that hides a Holocron.

Keep going till you reach a load point and end up outside the ship.

--== Jedi and Bridges ==--

The have several mounted E-WEB blasters in this area. The best thing you can do is pick up random things and throw them across the bridge. With any luck they should home in and hit the turret.

Once on the other side of the makeshift bridge, you'll be attacked by several waves of Rodians. Use Grip on the large doors in the back and pull them toward you to get through.

--== Base Camp ==--

This is their home base. As such, it is swarming with Rodians and Jawas. Keep focused and don't get lost.

Holocron 7/15, Gold Crystal

- As soon as you enter head left (clockwise) to the cliffs and look for a Holocron on the landing dock. Turn about and face the tower in the center of the area.

Holocron 8/15, Combo Sphere

- Cut straight across till you hit the wall on the other side. There should be a small hole on the right where the junk is flying through. By that hole is a Holocron behind the ramp.


- Going back counterclockwise toward the force field, you should see an elevator on the right.

--== Junk Sorting ==--

Fight past the Rodians to get out of the little tunnel. If you still need skiffs, rush to the cliff at the end of the area and wait. One should come soon.

Holocron 9/15, Talent Sphere

- From there, you can drop down under the platform and grab a Holocron. Back up on the platform, grab hold of the glowing box lever thing and push/pull it along the rail to shift the garbage flow. This will blow out the force field. It also trigger the LAST skiff to fly in behind you.

Holocron 10/15, Compressed Yellow Crystal

- As you head back to the tunnel to take the elevator up, look up and to the left. High on a ledge in the corner is the next Holocron.

--== Base Camp ==--

Back here, most of the enemies have respawned since last time. Fight them off while working counterclockwise to where the force field used to be. Continue down the valley till it starts to open up.

--== Junk Canyon ==--

You are greeted to this area by two Junk Scavengers. These little drones will suck your Force power right out of you. Well if they want it so much, why don't you give them some? Make it a shocking experience.

As you enter the large area, stay on the left hand ledge till you reach the glowing Hyperdrive unit. Shock it to start a cutscene. When you start to walk back away, a Junk Titan appears in the center.

If you have Force Lighting on level 2, you can easily spam that to finish this fight fast. If not, you'll have to resort to throwing things at it while dodging it's hammer and shockwave attacks. The ending QTE varies.

Holocron 11/15, 10000 Force Points

- With that out of the way, jump up on the ledge opposite the one you were on. There is a Holocron right in front of you. Climb up the ledges, making your way to the metal chunk that was burnt by the engine. Grip it and start pulling it in all directions till a cutscene brings it in for a ten-point landing.

Jump down onto it. Follow it into the next area. This place has several Guardians in it, and as you know they can warp in near you and use their spear to push you around. This is very deadly in this area. Use lightning for the greatest effect and keep your wits about you. If you see one, try to kill it from a distance.


- Once you reach the a dead end cliff, you'll have to pull down a piece of metal from the wall using Grip. It wont stay down permanently, so you'll have to jump across quickly.


Holocron 12/15, Sith Robes

- On the other side, look for some metal bars on the left. Bend them down with Push, then use Grip on the metal petals to make pedestals with which to reach the Holocron. Having Dashing Blast isn't required, but it does help. DO NOT PUT THE COSTUME ON TILL THE NEXT SAVE POINT! See costume section for details.

With that done, you can get back across and continue down the path, fighting Guardians along the way.

--== Junk Palace ==--

When the area opens up again, another Junk Titan will form. Use the same strategy you did last time. Push on the large doors behind it to enter the next area.

Holocron 13/15, 10000 Force Points

Holocron 14/15, Firkrann Power Crystal

Holocron 15/15, 10000 Force Points

- The first Holocron is on the left, cant miss it. The second is floating over the center. Grab an AT-ST head and use it to reach the Holocron. While you're at it, use it to reach the ledge on the right side. There's a Holocron at the end.

The boss fight is ahead. When you're ready, enter the lift at the end.

--== Boss: Kazdan Paratus ==--

Paratus rarely uses Force powers, instead opting for is fast and powerful Lightsaber style. To get a hit in, you'll have to knock him off his feet or stun him. Lightning works well by just using it, as does it infusing it in your Lightsaber. Push will work sometimes, but is better in a combo.

Once his health goes down a bit, he'll jump out of the room and latch onto a pillar. He'll then summon a Junk Titan to the middle of the room. You don't have much room to fight, so I'd quickly shock it to death. The good thing about this is Titans often give you enough health to fully heal up.

Paratus, sill outside the room, will then start throwing things at you. The only way to dodge this is pretty much jumping around and hoping they don't hit.

He'll repeat this a few times before you get to start the QTE:
360: X, B, X, Y, A
PS3: [], O, [], Triangle, X


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Comments for Raxus Prime

5 comments, latest first.
Sep 9th 2015 Guest
Easiest way to defeat kazdan I'd to use lightning a few times, then once he's stunned use force grip, hit him with lightning once more turning him into a lightning grenade and then force push to get the cannonball bonus. Jump around in a circle until your force replenishes and then repeat.
ID #606911
Feb 25th 2011 Guest
i just zap the junk titan soon as it appers
ID #30367
Nov 10th 2010 Guest
This was great, thanks alot dude. I love to get all the achievements but hate spending a long time on the game. Hate to disagree with the above, but on sith lord difficulty kazdan isnt that bad.
ID #17806
Aug 21st 2010 Guest
It was very hard with the Scrap Guardians. when i got to Kazdan Paratus, he was hard. still, the level was good, and paratus wasn't the hardest, though.
ID #9831
Jul 26th 2010 Guest
hey i hate to ruin your work here but i have to point out an error in what you said with Kazdan Paratus

when i went up against him he used his force push quite frequently spamming a chain of 2-7 force pushs between combos, also it seemed like lightening infused lightsaber combos weren't very effect but you were dead on about force lightening hurting him, it only kinda hurts him if you charge it though
ID #6081