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Cloud City

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Guide

Cloud City

Cloud City

Escape Cloud City with General Kota

Bonus Objectives:
- Freeze 10 Imperials in Carbonite
- Attain 200000 Force Points
- Collect 5 Holocrons

Imperial Senate Guard, Ugnaught, Imperial Stormtrooper, Imperial Jumptrooper, Scout Trooper, Uggernaught

Boss: Shadow Guard

Cloud 9

--== Bar Fight ==--

This is your first and only escort mission. I've only every actually had Kota die once, and that was because I kept accidently targeting him. In general, he can take care of himself.

The problem a lot of people have the Bonus Objective. If you know how to do it, it's not that hard. But there are tricks to it I'll highlight as we go through.

This is an excellent place to get the Bully achievement, with all the Ugnaughts running around. The first stormtroopers come at you down the ramp, from the bar. Follow their bodies up the ramp. You'll find your first Senate Guard here. There guys look harder then they are. Unlike the higher-level guards, these cant block or use Force powers, so they're basically a Militia Trooper with more health.

Holocron 1/5, Ruusan Power Crystal

- Overtop of the bar is your first Holocron. You can reach it simply by jumping. Keep heading up.

Carbonite Freezer

- On the second seating platform, there is a Carbonite freezer in the center. This is the first trick to getting your Bonus Objective. You can lift troopers into it and watch them freeze. There are even more Imperials down the hall, including a Senate Guard, that you can lure into here and lift them in as well. Makes you wonder why they have something like this in the middle of a bar....

Holocron 2/5, Unstable Gold Crystal

- In the same freezer, there is the second Holocron. Just don't stick around too long.

--== Landing Platform 1 ==--


- Continuing outside, the ramp is full of Senate Guards with more on the way. This is a perfect time to get more frozen Imperials. Those barrels on the side? They contain Carbonite. Throw them at any Imperial you see to freeze them.

Holocron 3/5, 10000 Force Points

- If you jump off the side of the ramp, there is a Holocron in the corner of the platform.


- There are a lot of Carbonite barrels in this area, and a lot of Imperials to throw them at. Make best use of this. If you run out of barrels, there are feeder tubes here as well. Use Grip to pull them out of the ground and direct them around at the nearest enemy. Take care in killing the Scout Troopers in the area first, however. They'll make you lose your grip.

Find the ramp (pictured in the video above) and use that to start on the way to the next platform.

--== Walkway ==--

Holocron 4/5, Combo Sphere

- A lot happens on this walkway. You'll have to fight past some Stormtroopers and Scouts before making it to the first pillar. Take the left path and look over the edge, looking toward the platform below. There is a Holocron floating in mid-air. You'll have to time your jumps perfectly to get it.

(you're suppose to zap the fan things below on the platform, and ride the current up, but that DOES NOT work, you don't have enough momentum or reach to get to the Holocron).

Get back up on the walkway and continue to the auto-save point under the rail overhead.

You'll be faced with Jumptroopers for the first time here. Grip and Lightning go a long way, as does Impale and Lightning Bomb if you have the skills. There will also be Scouts on the other side near the second pillar that you should also take care off.

Holocron 5/5, Unstable Yellow Crystal

- Return to the save point by the rail overhead. Jump up onto behind the train and wait for the train to move back on the rail. It is hiding a Holocron.

Finally, finish your stroll down the walkway, to the next platform. You will probably run across some Senate Guards if you take too long.

--== Landing Platform 2 ==--

You will fight Stormtroopers, Scouts, Jumptroopers, and Senate Guards here, all at once. There are also 2 Uggernaughts here. They act much like AT-CTs, throwing boxes is pretty much their only weapon. They do have this laser thing they use when they get close however. Since they are mechanical, they are very susceptible to Lightning. Besides them, the Jumptroopers should be a priority for now.

Once you clear most of the platform out and approach the final landing pad at the back of the area, an Imperial Shuttle lands and releases some Stromtroopers and a Shadow Guard.

--== Boss: Shadow Guard ==--

Shadow Guards are much more fearsome then the Senate Guards you've been facing. For one, they have mastery of the Force, unlike even some of the Jedi you've faced so far. They can use Push, Lightning, and even Grip.

The lightning isn't so much painful as it just slows you down. When they pick you up with Grip, rapidly press B [O] to escape. Push is just Push, but you get close to him is almost acts like Repulse.

Put him aside for a moment. Your focus now should be on the Jumptroopers that came out of nowhere. Quickly lightning them to death so they don't interrupt your combos.

With only the Shadow Guard remaining, this fight isn't TOO bad. Lightning, Push, and Grip have almost no effect on him unless you can catch him off guard. The best thing you can do is start a saber combo WITHOUT touching him, then use Saber Slam or another Force-based combo and hit him with that swing. It usually works.

His health isn't much, so if you can just knock him down you can rush over and stab him on the ground a couple times. It's usually enough to kill him.

If you really get pressed, there is a Sith Holocron (Unlimited Energy) in one of the bays the Uggernaughts spawned from.

A QTE ends it:
360: X, Y
PS3: [], Triangle


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Comments for Cloud City

5 comments, latest first.
Mar 30th 2015 Guest
In the book, Starkiller had misgivings because he had not in fact witnessed Kota's lifeless body, but knew better than to report anything but success to Vader.
ID #535450
Aug 22nd 2011 Guest
to first comment: no you only killed his eyes
ID #69163
Mar 11th 2011 Guest
Kota can survive carbonite freezing! I threw him in and he came out as drunk as ever.
ID #32148
Sep 30th 2010 Guest
I've only ever seen Kota die once too. Because I picked him up and threw him over the edge =D
ID #14042
Aug 21st 2010 Guest
Odd. I killed General Kota in the first level (Besides the Prologue). Why is he back? It was fun murdering all the random ugnaughts in the level! The shadow guard could of been easy if i killed the other enemies first, considering that the shadow guard was new.
ID #9827