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Jedi Temple
(Downloadable Content)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Guide

Jedi Temple (Downloadable Content)

Jedi Temple

This is a totally self-contained section! No new enemies, bosses, or Holocrons from this section appear anywhere else in the guide!

To access this content, you must download it from Xbox Live Marketplace or Playstation Network. After downloading, you must choose New Game and select Jedi Temple instead of Campaign.

You start the game with all the Lightsaber crystals you collected so far in your best playthrough (it actually keeps track of those), most of your Force Powers maxed except Shield and Saber Throw, most of your talents are also maxed except for the last few, and all the combos are bought except for some of the Aerial strikes at the bottom.

Discover the secrets of the Jedi Temple

Bonus Objectives:
- Attain 60000 Force Points
- Collect 10 Holocrons

Shadow EVO Trooper, Stormtrooper, Stormtrooper Commander, Shadow Trooper, Purge Trooper, Jumptrooper, Lightsaber Training Droid, Combat Training Droid, Imperial Interrogation Droid

Boss: Dark Apprentice

Achievement Note:
- Difficulty Achievements are NOT retro-active. Completing the level on Sith Lord will not give you all the Achievements before it. You must complete the level on all difficulties to get them.

Assault on Coruscant

--== Landing ==--

Jump out of the back of the ship. Line yourself up with the platform. As soon as you land, you're attacked by every type of Trooper but Incinerator. Fighting them off is very hard in these tight quarters. Use Repulse for maximum effect.

The door into the temple is locked with a puzzle. Use Grip and lift the two stone Lightsabers up to unlock the door.

--== Entry Hall ==--

This is the main room of the temple. There are Shadow Troopers scattered all over the foyer in front of you, and the chasm in the center is full of Jumptroopers. Again, use Repulse to it's maximum.

Holocron 1/10, Power Sphere

Holocron 2/10, Talent Sphere

- The first two Holocrons are in plain site in this room. One directly on your left as you enter, the other on the right side of the pit straight ahead.

On the left, there is a door blocked by some debris. Use Push to clear the debris and enter the hall. Jump through the broken pillers till you reach another door on the right. Use Grip to lift it up, but it wont stay up so you'll have to dash under.

--== Library ==--

This area is overrun with Shadow and Shadow EVO troopers. There are also 3 Scouts in the ledges on the right side of the room. The best thing to do here is to ignore the people on the ground at first and take out the snipers along the right wall.

Holocron 3/10, Talent Sphere

- Right down the stairs, take a left. In this little nook is the next Holocron.

Holocron 4/10, Power Sphere

- Once they are down, look in the center of the room for a giant globe. Use Grip on it to not only reveal the next Holocron, but it allows you to throw this ball around and get the As The World Turns Achievement.

Holocron 5/10, Combo Sphere

- The next Holocron is at the back of the room. Grip the statue and lift it up till it locks in place. The Holocron is hidden under it.

Holocron 6/10, Power Sphere

- When you're done, enter a destroyed hallway on the right. A little ways down is a gap. Jump across to grab the next Holocron. Fall down the hole and go out onto the ledge below. You are looking at the side of the large statue that blocks the gap across. Use Push several times into the side of it to dislodge it and make it fall. Jump back up into the Library.

Back in the main Library, the Imperials have called in several Purge Troopers to assist. They also have Scouts stationed at the door on the far side. If you want to kill the Purge Troopers, that's fine, though you can just blow past them, at least dash ahead and kill the Scouts first.

Lift open the door and go back to the Entry Hall.

--== Entry Hall ==--

Back in here, across the way is another door. Lift it up and go under.

--== Padawan Training Room ==--

This room infinitely spawns Padawan Training Droids. They are very resilient and great for finishing up some of your Force Mastery Achievements. If you want the Robot Parts Achievement however, lingering here for too long isn't a good idea.

The Force droids are the hardest, they can teleport and use both Push and Lighting. They are easily the most annoying. The Lightsaber droids aren't so bad, but someone turned up the difficulty because their skills are unlike even some bosses you faced in the main campaign. Spamming Lightning and Repulse works against everything though.

To actually complete the room and move on, there are eight statues in the area that spawn the droids. The four on the ground are easily spotted. The ones on the upper platform are the things that look like Gargoyles. You have to destroy all eight to complete the room.

Holocron 7/10, Talent Sphere

- This Holocron is on the upper walkway. It's really hard to miss. Grab it and enter the door that opened when you destroyed the last spawner. You'll be back in the chasm on the other side. The bridge is hanging down and glowing. Use Grip and lift it up into place. Watch out for the Jumptroopers.

Holocron 8/10, Power Sphere

- On your way back into the training room, the floor will open up. Under it is the next Holocron. Jump out and continue through the door into the Entry Hall.

--== Entry Hall ==--

Holocron 9/10, Combo Sphere

- Here we go. Jump and do a Dashing Blast to get over the gap. Be sure to grab the Holocron on your way.

--== Sanctuary ==--

This is the inner room of the Temple. Walk down the hall to start a cutscene with the Holocron.

... curses, I reminded myself of the KHII theme song. So catchy >_<

--== Jedi Trials ==--

For this first trial, you have to grab the glowing sphere and guide it across the glowing track. This is harder then it sounds, especially on the last one with that one part of disappearing track.

To get the Get A Grip Achievement, you have to have to guide it across without the orb turning red for even a millisecond. This takes a lot of practice and patients, but it cant be done. SAVE before you start the trial, and if you mess up, pause and change your costume. This will set you back at the start of the trial.


Holocron 10/10, Combo Sphere

- At the end, a platform comes up to you, and you start the second trial. Here, you have to Grip and lift the platforms overtop of the glowing path to make them solid. They will slowly fall down, however, so you have to jump across at least slightly fast. For the Holocron, lift the platform under it a little higher then you normally would.

You have to do this for the next path as well. There aren't quite enough platform in plain sight to make it across, but remember you can use Dashing Blast, so you can set the platform a fair distance apart.

Falling down to the final round platform, you start the final fight.

--== Boss: Dark Apprentice ==--

This fight symbolizes the dark side of the Padawans heart (remember, these are Jedi Trials). The strength of your opponent is the strength of the dark side in your heart... so Galen has a lot to fear from this fight.

Your dark double will sometimes transform into Jedi robes. DO NOT attack him when he is wearing these, or you'll damage yourself.

Stage 1:
The first stage is pretty straight forward. He likes to use Repulse a lot, he'll also use basic Lightsaber attacks and Lightning from time to time. He does have one attack where the screen gets a little blurry and all the controls are messed up for a short time. During this time, just run away. Other then that, use standard Sith Saber Smashes to beat him.

360: X, X, A
PS3: [], [], X


Stage 2:
Stage 2 starts, you're on a more breakable platform. He will float off platform and throw giant rocks at you. If they hit you, they hurt. If they hit the platform, it breaks a piece off. After he throws four, he'll teleport down beside you and use Repulse to try and push you off.

The only way to “win” this stage is to Grip the rock he's going to throw next, and throw it at him first. He will eventually break most of the platform, however, and you'll be sent to the next stage.

Stage 3:
This is exactly the same as Stage 1, only he is more aggressive.

Ending QTE:
360: X, X, A
PS3: [], [], X


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(Downloadable Content)

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i [size=17][/size] love it this has realy helped me but when i'm battling the dark apprentice on the last bit he cut of the part of the platform i was standing on
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John is SO adorable!!! I just wanna hug him! The person who told him to get a life is a douche.
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May 21st 2011 Guest
Actually to get the acievement on Sith Master you only need to make it to the boss fight while playing on Sith Master difficutly. After the boss fight starts you can switch to the lowest level, beat him, and it gives you the achievement for Sith Master. Works on xbox, not sure about ps3.
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Mar 24th 2011 Guest
cool thanks a lot but is the psp version the same for the ps3 boss battle combo endings?
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Feb 10th 2011 Guest
cool thanks this helped me alot
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Jan 5th 2011 Guest
Wow this guide helped a lot and cudos on the stuff about the dark apprentice although i will say that on the 360 the A button is the jump button so im not sure if you have the right button sequence for the saber smash thanks.
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thank you for the info and video it was very helpful thanks!!!
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Wow. the dark apprentice is dangerous. I battled him before. It was the complete opposite of easy.
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