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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Guide and Walkthrough

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

The Force Unleashed

The galaxy is on the brink of total darkness. The evil Galactic Empire has overthrown the Old Republic and now holds countless worlds in the grip of fear.

The Jedi Knights have been all but destroyed. Only a handful have escaped Imperial forces, disappearing into hiding across the galaxy.

The Emperor’s spies have located a lone Jedi Knight on the Wookiee homeword of Kashyyyk. The Sith Lord Darth Vader has been sent to destroy him...

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Jan 4th 2015 Guest
Who do you get anakin Skywalker
ID #495708
Nov 15th 2014 Guest
This might be ridiculous but how do I pass the very first gate? I'm vader and I've done the force push by holding down B but nothing is happening
ID #471869
Mar 28th 2016 Guest
What console is this on?
ID #643281
Sep 28th 2014 Guest
is there a true black cristal
ID #452762
Jun 15th 2013 Guest
How do i get through level 11?
ID #290490
Apr 22nd 2013 Guest
Where do i get the costumes of Anakin-C3PO?
ID #276643
Apr 16th 2013 Guest
any level cheats
ID #274667
Dec 1st 2012 Guest
Can you give me some cheats
ID #214220
Aug 11th 2012 Guest
How do I put multiplayer on? TIA
ID #174901
Aug 1st 2012 Guest
Where do i type in the cheat ??????????????
ID #170893
Jun 28th 2012 Guest
i only know a few cheats at the moment.....only twqo but i hope they help all needs but in order to save on most cheats that disable manual save you have to get to a check point, intentionally die, then go to the main menu, after you've done this continue your game and your are able to save again: HURRIKANE: unlocks all light saber crystals, SNOWMAN: unlocks snow trooper costume. these are the only two i can give to you people at this time :/
ID #157983
Jun 10th 2012 Guest
To beat any of the the the large rancors bull rancors atst's robots walkers when you have struck alot of powerful blows on what ever you are fighting follow the symbol pattern that appears on the screen telling you which button to press next to complete your final move or death blow always try to jump alot and attack from behind with lightning and force pushes aswell as force throwing objects at what you are fighting helps
ID #151020
May 10th 2012 Guest
how do you access star wars force unleashed add on missions?
ID #141060
Apr 21st 2012 Guest
ID #135616
Apr 10th 2012 Guest
i need 2 crystals and 23 holocrons
ID #131687
Apr 9th 2012 Guest
on the DS how do i get invincibleity on star wars force unleashed
ID #131222