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Zephyr Badge

Pokemon Soul Silver Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Zephyr Badge

New Bark Town

After picking your gender and your name you will start the game in your upstairs bedroom. Head downstairs and your mom will give you the Bag, along with the ability to save. In the options I turn the text speed all the way up.

Head outside to meet your friend. Ethan if you are a girl, Lyra if you are a boy. Then head to the next house on the left and enter the first floor door.

Professor Elm will greet you and give you a task. Then you get to pick your Pokemon.

Totodile - Water
Chikorita - Grass
Cyndaquil - Fire

I choose Cyndaquil so all my battles will be based on that choice. The main thing to remember is your rival will have Pokemon that are strong against your choice. So you need to find Pokemon to shore up your Pokemon's weakness. Since my rival will have Water I get myself a Mareep with Lightning during the game. Since you can only get certain Pokemon at certain times and places in the game be sure to check the Pokedex to plan who to get and when you can get them.

Now that you've made the choice of your Pokemon head back to your house and talk to your mom again to get more supplies from mom. Professor Elm's assistant will stop you on the way out to give you some Potions. Mom will give you the Pokegear so you can make phone calls and check the map.

Now head out of town to the West slash left side of town.

Route 29

As you start to do battle I will let you know that my plan of action for this entire walkthrough is to stay 2 to 3 levels ahead of the competition. By keeping to just 2 or 3 Pokemon and fighting all the battles you'll quickly get to a One Hit Knock Out state that will make random Pokemon battles very quick and you'll still get to level up.

So stick around in the grass of Route 29 heading back to New Bark Town and the healing power of Professor Elm's computer as needed. I leveled up here until I was level 8.

When you are ready to move on head left and then up the small path and right. Then up and to the far right to get a Potion. Now head hard left past the gatehouse and past the apricorn tree to get to Cherrygrove City

Cherrygrove City

An old man will greet you as you enter the city. Follow him to get the runnign shoes. This speeds up your travel. Then stop at the Pokemon Center to heal your Pokemon and also use the PC to store and change Pokemon. To the left of that is the Pokemon Mart. Not much to do in town at this time so head out the North to Route 30. The old man will stop you on the way out of town and give you the map card for your PokeGear.

Route 30

Head hard right as you enter Route 30 to get a Potion.

Head into the first house you see and you'll be given the Apricorn Box. Now when you see Apricorn trees you can harvest them. There is a Green Apricorn right outside the house to harvest. Continue up the right side stopping to get the  Antidote tucked away on the left in the trees. Then continue north to Mr. Pokemon's House. You'll get the Mystery Egg to carry with you. Eggs hatch after you've walked a certain distance. You'll also get a PokeDex from Professor Oak to keep track of the Pokemon you've caught and seen. Then leave the house, take his Pink Apricorn, and head all the way back to New Bark Town. Stop at the Cherrygrove City PokeCenter if you need to heal.


Zephyr Badge - Getting to Mr Pokemon


Cherrygrove City

As you leave Cherrygrove City you'll have your first battle with the so-far unnamed Rival. This first battle is just one on one and his Pokemon level will be 5 so it's not much of a battle at this time. But in the future fighting your Rival will be the hardest battles of the early game. Once you've defeated him you can head back to New Bark Town and Professor Elm's House. You can now harvest the Green Apricorn that we passed in Route 29. Once back at Professor Elms you get to name your Rival. Choose whatever you want. I'll just be using Rival here in the walkthrough.

Head back to talk to your mom yet again. You get to choice whether to have your mom save money for you. If you do there will be delivery people at the Pokemarts and Department stores that give you stuff that your mom has randomly bought for you. It's up to you.

Once done head back to Route 29 and Lyra (since I am playing a boy) will show you how to capture Pokemon. I'm not a catch them all kind of player. If you are, check out this site's Pokedex for locations and info on how to find every Pokemon in the game.

Once that is done head back through to Cherrygrove City and heal at the Center. Then back up Route 30. After the Apricorn tree take a left. If you go right it would take you to Mr. Pokemon's House.

Route 30

First Trainers. There is really nothing different to any of these guys then just fighting a Pokemon in the wild except you can't catch Pokemon from trainers. Simply work your way up taking out the trainers as you go. These trainers will be around level 4, while my Cyndaquil is at 10 so these are all OHKO. After battle a lot of trainers will ask for your number. I say yes, but really all it does it make them call you with lame stories. If they aren't major characters I would just say NO.

At the Trainer Tip there is a hidden Potion in the small plants to the right. Then continue up fighting as you go.

Route 31

Not really anything important in the Dark Cave so grab the Potion that is out in the open and continue West. Grab the Black Apricorn and then head down and fight the trainer and grab the Poke Ball before continuing West.

Head through the Gate House for a conversation with Lytra. She gives you the Vs. Recorder.

Violet City

Heal at the the Pokecenter and then enter the house in the bottom left. This kid will trade you a Oynx for your Bellsprout. if you've caught one it's a good trade because you are going to need to train a Pokemon in Rock Smash here pretty quick. You can get Bellsprout in the surrounding grass just South of Violet City.

Go North and then West. Go through the Gate House to Route 36.A man there will give you HM06 - Rock Smash. You can't use it yet. But you will be able to soon enough. Head back through the Gate House to Violet City.

Head into the Gym which is the dome shaped building next to the PokeMart. It's not currently open for business beacuse the leader is in Sprout Tower. So we need to head there to the North across the bridge.


Zephyr Badge - Violet City


Sprout Tower

Take the one ladder to the left up. You'll have a Trainer battle. Level 4ish vs my 12. No contest. Then down the next ladder. Head straight South after coming off the ladder to get a Parlyz Heal. Then West to another trainer and another ladder up. Grab the X Accuracy and then, yep, trainer. Up the ladder then Potion and 3 Trainers in a ROW! All easy though. The last of the three had a couple level 7s. I got to level 14 during these and evolved into Quilava.

When you get to the Elder you'll see your Rival has gotten there first.

Before challenging the Elder head to the right and get the Escape Rope. Then save.

Elder Li has a lvl 7 Bellsprout, lvl 10 Hoothoot, and a lvl 7 Bellsprout. I had my lvl 14 Quilava on it's own and destroyed this match. You'll be rewarded with TM70 - Flash for winning. Then use the Escape Rope to get out of there the quick and easy way.

Violet City

Head back to the PokeCenter to heal your Pokemon and then it's time to get your first badge. Head back up and to the left to enter the gym. Walk forward and get propelled up to the top level. Time for some Trainer battles. You can bypass them by using the clear path to either side but it's better exp wise to just head on in and do battle. Lvl 9 Spearow, OHKO. Then next trainer has a lvl 7 Pidgey, OHKO, followed by a another lvl 7 Pidgey, OHKO. Too easy.

My Quilava is now lvl 16 going into this battle. First up is lvl 9 Pidgey, OHKO. Then lvl 13 Pidgeotto. It did take 3 Embers to take down Pidgeotto. But again, no real problems. You'll get the Zephyr Badge and also the ability to use the Rock Smash we got earlier outside of battle! He'll also give you TM51 - Roost.

Head back the way you came and exit the gym. Professor Elm will call and tell you to meet someone at the PokeMart to get the egg. You're going to be in charge of holding on to it to help it hatch. So head to the Mark just to the left of the gym and talk to the right in the lab coat. Also talk to the guy on the left in the red hat. This is the guy who will deliver you items from your Mom around the world. While you are here buy an Escape Rope. We will need it shortly.


Zephyr Badge - Getting The Badge


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Dec 10th 2011 Guest
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Sep 5th 2011 Guest
how is it the guy at the top had ice beam and ice fang at the first badge?
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Aug 18th 2011 Guest
This was very helpful! Thanks so much Smile
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[size=12][color=red][strike][center][/center] [/strike] [/color] [/size] you know what ok well how do you get the lenges!? i onley have one ledgend its lugia but how do you get the restSmile
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pc dude pc.
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Jul 1st 2011 Guest
How do u get the egg from the guy with. Glass if ur party is full? Is there a way to get ride of some pokemon?
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Jun 18th 2011 Guest
[video][/video] yea where do you get the fishing rod
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Apr 19th 2011 Guest
I'm playing this on the computer and in the beginning I can get pass Ethan who showed me how to catch pokemon....but now I can't...same for heartgold.....-sigh-
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where do I get the fishing rod
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they should add a page number system when i come back to this i dont have the right page
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but not bu
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Aug 4th 2010 Guest
when I first was trying to get the zephyr badge, I used todidle(it knew Ice fang and ice beam.)onix,(its rock) and i used pikachu(electric) I suggest to you fellow trainers, i suggest you use rock,electric, and ice pokemon. Bad match ups include grass,bug,ground,and fighting. good luck!Smile
ID #7470