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Pokemon Soul Silver Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Pokemon Soul Silver

Pokemon Soul Silver Guide
Pokemon Soul Silver Guide
This is a straight walkthrough for Pokemon Soul Silver. It will guide you on the path through Soul Silver and give you tips and tricks for all the b..
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Getting some of the hard to find Pokemon, team recommendations and more are on our cheats pages

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Unlock Secret Box Wallpapers and Pokemon Eggs
When you go to the Violet City Pokemon Center there will be a man next to the PC. When he asks you for your opinion reply using certain words which are generated by using the site '' and you will unlock special box wallpapers and Pokemon eggs in your game.

Master balls
To get unlimited master balls go to a p.c and select a Pokemon deposit it the Pokemon has to be legendary then save it in the middle of saving turn it off then migrate 2 legendary then go to fuchsia city participate in the cathing show and catch them then go to the p.c and get that Pokemon out and put it with the other Pokemon and hold down all of the buttons for 5 seconds. Then you get unlimited master balls!

How to get a Shuckle
At Cianwood City there is a house which is located right next to the Safari Zone road and before the Pokemon gym. There you will meet a person saying that a red haired kid has stolen his Pokemon and that he only has one left. He will then ask you to take care of it so that his last Pokemon doesn't get stolen. When he gives you the Shuckle make it like you and then return to the house. The person will ask if he can have his Shuckle back. Reply 'yes' and he will then say that the Shuckle really likes you and that you should keep it.

How To Reset The PokeWalker
(Please excuse my spelling mistakes if any are made)So youre playing soulsilver and you have all your data on your pokewalker then you decide to reset your game.You go to use your pokewalker again but it says it is already registered.You check the trainer card and you realize that your pokewalker still has all the data from your old game.If you get as frustrated as me then youve been searching for months trying to figure out ways to reset your data. Well its pretty simple. All you need to do is,from the main menu go to "connect to pokewalker". Answer the questions they ask you then when you get to the screen that says "save and go on a stroll". STOP! Now That youre on this screen hold down the L button, X button and the DOWN button. Hold Them together then release them all at the same ti..

Unlock National Dex
Defeat the Elite Four and then go to the S.S Aqua ship in Olivine City to get the National dex.

! and ? Unown
The ! And ? Unown will appear in the Hall Entrance when you have collected ALL of the other 26 Unown (A through Z).

Unlock Pokewalker Maps
When the indicated task has been completed the corresponding map will become available. Some of the following are event-only so will be unattainable now.

Unlock Beautiful Beach:
Get 200 Watts.

Unlock Beyond the Sea:
Get a foreign Pokemon by using the GTS.

Unlock Big Forest:
Get 40,000 Watts and own the National Dex.

Unlock Blue Lake:
Get 2,000 Watts.

Unlock Dim Cave:
Get 1,000 Watts.

Unlock Hoenn Field:
Get 5,000 Watts and own the National Dex.

Unlock Icy Mountain Rd.:
Get 30,000 Watts and own the National Dex.

Unlock Night Sky's Edge:
Trade a fateful-encounter Jirachi onto Pokemon HeartGold or SoulSilver.

Unlock Noisy Forest:
Available b..

Hidden Ruins of Alph Items
At the rooms where you have to complete a picture puzzle of Aerodactyl, Ho-Oh, Omanyte or Kabuto you will find a plaque that has a word that is spelled using Unowns. To get the hidden items complete the following steps:

Room with the Kabuto Puzzle:
The word is 'Escape'. You must use an Escape Rope while facing the plaque. You can easily get an Escape Rope at the Violet City Pokemart. The four items you receive are Oran Berry, Pecha Berry, Energy Powder, and Heal Powder.

Room with the Aerodactyl Puzzle (accessible by Surfing):
The word is 'Light'. Use Flash while facing the plaque. The four items obtained are Energy Root, Heal Powder, Sitrus Berry, and Moon Stone.

Room with the Omanyte Puzzle:
The word is 'Water'. You will need a Water Sto..

How to get a lot of watts on the pokewalker
If you have a dog, just put the back part with the clip on, and put it on your dogs collar. I did that and then play fetch with it, and got a ton of steps.

Eggs Galore!
Get a Ditto(route34)and any pokemon. Put them in the day care and eventually the day care man will call you. He will say they had an egg. Go to the day care and talk to the day care man. He will give you the egg(Just as long as you have room in your party). You can have up to 5 eggs in your party at once, but don't worry, you can store them in your PC.

Where to find Legendary Pokemon
Lugia: Leval 45 Where: Whirl Islands
Ho-Oh: Level 70 Where: Bell Tower
Raikou: Leval 40 Where: Roams after meeting it in the burned tower.
Entei: Leval 40 Where: Roams after meeting it in the burned tower.
Suicune: Route 25
Mewtwo: Level 70 Where: Cerulean Cave
Articuno: Level 50 Where: Seafoam Island
Zaptos: Level 50 Where: Route 10
Moltres: Level 50 Where: Mt Silver Cave
Groudon: Level 50 Embedded Tower
Latios: Starts roaming after you have talked to Steven in Vermillon City
Rayquaza: Level 50 Where: After obtaining Groundon and Kyogre, obtain Jade orb from Professor Oak and go to Embedded tower.

Legendary Pokemon of Pokemon SoulSilver
Lugia - Can be found deep inside Whirl Islands. You need the Silver Wing and Tidal Bell in order for Lugia to appear. It will be at Level 45. It is a Psychic / Flying Type Pokemon.

Ho-Oh - Can be found at the top of Bell Tower. You need the Rainbow Wing in order for Ho-Oh to appear. It will be at Level 70. It is a Fire / Flying Type Pokemon. It is one of the two strongest Pokemon that can be found within the game (The other being Mewtwo).

Raikou - Can be found roaming the Johto Region after your first encounter with it. It is a part of the Legendary Beasts Trio. It will be at Level 40. It is aa Electric-Type Pokemon.

Entei - Can be found roaming the Johto Region after your first encounter with it. It is a part of the Legendary Beasts Trio. It will be at L..

How to get from Johto to Kanto (Kanto to Johto) without using th
In order to use this you mast have unlocked Kanto in the game first fly to victory road entrance and Mt. Silver entrance but don't go in to the building and then you can fly to Johto or Kanto

MEGA awesome team... no one will expect this team to do anything
L+R to activate.
Gives you all stats except hp 999 so it looks 100% legit

LVL 100 yanmega: swords dance, baton pass, double team & bug buzz.

LVL 100 gallade: close combat, ice punch, psycho cut, & night slash.

LVL 100 shaymin: seed flare, earth power, air slash, & hidden power

LVL 100 tyranitar: stone edge, payback, earthquake, & stealth rock

LVL 100 metagross: meteor mash, earthquake, explosion, & thunder punch

LVL 100 ampharos: zap cannon, thunder punch, spacial rend, & dark void

now for the code. tested and works(pokesave generated)
& b4 i forget. put garbage pokemon in your party cuz it will replace all 6 pokemon.

94000130 FCFF0000
B2111880 00000000
E00000A8 000000EC

Finding the day of the week siblings in Johto
Monica(Monday) is on the the beach near the entrance to route 40, west of Olivine city. She is right next to the battle frontier. The first time you meet her she will give you a Sharp Beak and after meeting all of the siblings she will give you the Alert Ribbon.

Tuscany(Tuesday) is almost in the middle of route 29, on the first ledge you reach after heading west from New Bark Town. The first time you meet her she will give you a TwistedSpoon and after you meet all of the siblings she will give you the Shock Ribbon.

Wesley (Wednesday) is at the Lake of Rage. You will find him in a dead end among the maze of trees. The first time you meet him he will give you the Black Belt and after meeting all of the siblings he will give you the Downcast Ribbon.


Gym Leader Rematches
In this game,you are able to rebattle the sixteen Gym Leaders.
Here are their conditions,when they are missing from their Gyms,and when you are able to rebattle them.

Missing from the Gym on;Monday (during the day).
Location;Celadon City department store (fourth floor).
Rematch window;Saturday mornings.

Missing from the Gym on;Thursday (during the day).
Location;Viridian Forest (South Entrance)
Rematch Window;Thursday afternoons.

Missing from the Gym on;Afternoons (noon through four P.M.).
Location;Goldenrod City Department Store (Sixth floor)
Rematch Window;Saturday afternoons

Missing from the Gym on; Monday (during the day)
Location;Near the entrance..

get past snorlax infront of digglets cave
go to lavender town and go to the radio tower. go in and talk to one of the guys on the bottom floor. he will give you more radio stations. after you get that go to the snorlax and go to your radio stations in the pokegear and slide the dot at the top and it will say poke flute. put it at the top and exit out of the pokegear and talk to the snorlax. it will say!!! and it will wake up and you have to battle or flee. and after that the snorlax wont be there

My GR8 Cheats (EU) Made By Damen Hughes
Max Money (Select)
94000130 FFFB0000
62111880 00000000
B2111880 00000000
00000088 000F423F
D2000000 00000000

::Max Mom Savings (Select)
94000130 FFFB0000
62111880 00000000
B2111880 00000000
0000C0E8 000F423F
D2000000 00000000

::Collected 50000 Coins (Select)
94000130 FFFB0000
62111880 00000000
B2111880 00000000
10000094 0000C350
D2000000 00000000

::Blue Card Point Max (Select)
:::It's for the points in Buena's Password Game at the Radio Tower in Goldenrod.
94000130 FFFB0000
62111880 00000000
B2111880 00000000
10001068 0000270F
D2000000 00000000

::Repel (255 Steps L+R)
94000130 FCFF0000
62111880 0..

Legendary Pokemon Introduced Sofar
Yeah, I have no idea why I'm posting this. I'm very bored, and I have a feelign some people will be glad to know some of the legendary exclusives. Here they are:

Available in BOTH hg and ss:
Lugia- found at lv 45 in ss, lv 70 in hg
Ho-oh- found at lv 45 in hg, lv 70 in ss
Suicune- roaming Pokemon, found at lv 40
Entei- roaming Pokemon, found at lv 40
Raikou- roaming Pokemon, found at lv 40
Articuno- lv 50, found in Seafoam Islands
Zapdos- lv 50, found in the Power Plant
Moltres- lv 50, found in the Silver Cave
Mewtwo- lv 70, found in Cerulean Cave
Raquaza- lv 50, gained through a certain procedure
Dialga/Palkia/Giritina- any ONE of them is gained at lv 1. You can only obtain one of them per game.
Latias- roaming Pokem..

I have seen some questions about the pokewalker. Somebody don't know what Pokemon to get where so here is some hints:

Refreshing Field: how to get: the begining.

Sentret: 0+ steps
Pidgey: 0+ steps
Nidoran ♂: 500+ steps
Nidoran ♀: 500+ steps
Kangaskhan: 3000+ steps
Doduo: 2000+ steps

Noisy Forest: how to get: the begining

Oddish: 0+ steps
Spearow: 0+ steps
Venonat: 700+ steps
Paras: 700+ steps
Wobbuffet: 4000+ steps
Bellsprout: 3000+ steps

Rugged Road: how to get: 50 watt

Hoothoot: 0+ steps
Geodude: 0+ steps
Ponyta: 1000+ steps
Machop: 1000+ steps
Magby: 5000+ steps
Onix: 4000+..

Trainer Card Colours
When you complete tasks you will receive Stars on your Trainer card. The tasks are defeating the Elite Four, defeat Red, win 100 consecutive battles in Battle Tower, show Hibiki 5 Gold Leaf Pokemon, capture ALL 493 Pokemon (excluding event-only Pokemon). These tasks can be done in any order.

Blue Card:
Earn 1 star.

Bronze Card:
Earn 2 stars.

Silver Card:
Earn 3 stars.

Gold Card:
Earn 4 stars.

Black Card:
Earn 5 stars.

Free Spearow and TM44
To get a free spearow go to Goldenrod City and go to the top area an go through the brown/tan/green building. Then talk to the man in red behind the counter. He will ask you to deliver a message to his friend. Say yes and he will give you a Spearow with the message attached. Just remove the mail (it will go to your PC when you remove it) and attach it to another Pokemon (that you don't want). Go to Route 31 with the Pokemon with the mail in your party. Talk to the man in a pink shirt with overalls. He will be somewhat asleep. Give him the message. In return he will give you TM44(Rest). Also if you go back to the man that you got the Spearow from and talk to him you will get an HP up.

Secret radio broadcast
If you go into the ruins of alph when you can listen to the radio on the pokegear, open the radio and you can't hear any stations. But if you drag the dot right into the middle of the circle and you will hear a strange tune playing. It will also say "Mysterious Broadcast" on the channel display. I think it makes the unknown appear more often or something when you have it on.

pichu with volt tackle!
Put a female pikachu holding a light ball (sometimes held by wild pikachu) and any evolution of hoppip (has to be male) in the daycare. walk... . You get a call from the daycre man your pokemon had an egg now pick up the egg, hatch it. if you followed these guidlines you should have gotten a pichu that knows volt tackle.

P.S. this is the only way to get a pokemon that knows volt tackle except for trading/migrating (or take a smeargle to the battle with red holding focus sash and use sketch).
Please rae this -cursemarked1

Secret room in thojo falls
To get to the secret room you will need the moves surf and waterfall. You need to surf to thojo falls go inside and use surf. Next use waterfall up and down both falls ( do not take literaly) there is a patch of land beside the waterfall ( right) go to it and up the stairs go to the second waterfall go in the middle of it and go behind it and your there. ( reminder: use repels)

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