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Pokemon Soul Silver Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Zapdos in our Pokedex:

REQUIREMENTS: Get all 16 Badges.

Once you have all 16 Badges Zapdos will be to the left of the Power Plant.

Legendary Pokemon - Zapdos

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Comments for Zapdos

14 comments, latest first.
May 19th 2012 sirrobot
Where is Red? I know he's on a mountain but which one?
ID #143357
Apr 3rd 2012 Guest
How do I get an Infernape in Pokèmon SoulSilver?
ID #128853
Jan 3rd 2012 Guest
In order to get the missing machine, you need to go to the cerulean city gym, when you go in a rocket grunt will meet you at the door, then leave,follow him ... he will go to the bridge north of the city. battle him, he will tell you he hid it under an inflatable in the gym, it is one of the inflatables on the back left side of the pool.
ID #102592
Dec 19th 2011 chillypicblox
Help I need to know the arceus code!!!
ID #96379
Dec 16th 2011 chillypicblox
And don't use one on Entei because he's SLOW. (If you know what I mean) I used a fast ball on Latios and caught him first ball after mean look, and damaging moves from my level 52 Golbat. By the way how to get happiness for my Golbat to evolve leave me a messageon my profile thanks.
ID #95526
Dec 16th 2011 chillypicblox
I would reccomend getting a Fast Ball or 5...or 25 to catch him because he's fast Just as well as rikou.
ID #95525
Dec 10th 2011 ghostfox
how do you get master balls w/out action replay?
i ask this cuz im too poor to buy it.
ID #94008
Oct 13th 2011 Guest
i got mine from my action replay. you could get them from trade. i traded a pokemon holding a masterball and when he got it he was still holding it.
ID #80046
May 5th 2011 Guest
How do I get more masterballs
ID #41543
Mar 7th 2011 Guest
how do i get zapdos when i have a him down all the way to one and put him to sleep and through a ultra ball.
ID #31781
Jan 10th 2011 Guest
what level pokemon do you need to beat Red
ID #24858
Nov 20th 2010 graustin
get it in cerulean city gym
ID #18782
Nov 13th 2010 Guest
you get it in a town sorry thats all i know
ID #18042
Aug 13th 2010 Guest
how do I find the missing machine to fix the power plant
ID #8761