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End Game

Pokemon Soul Silver Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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End Game

A good strategy for these last few battles is to sacrifice weaker Pokemon on your team and have them be the Healers so to speak. Like when I fight Red's Charizard I need my Ampharos for Electric type moves. But he's already injured. I instead bring in someone like Onix and use his turn to Full Recover Ampharos so when he comes in he's at full strength and can get it done. Do not be afraid to use Full Recovers like they are going out of style. You can win this battle through attrition if you have more recovery items then your opponents. You should have at least one SacredAsh, if not two. This is a good time to have a weak Pokemon hold onto it so if it's get bad you have a free 'Get Out of Jail' card at the ready. Just bring a lot of Full Recoverys and Revives and hopefully you've saved up a Max Revive or two from your travels.

Head to Professor Elm's Lab in Pallet Town and he'll give you TM 08 which is Rock Climb. It will allow you to get to some previously unreachable areas in the game. He'll also unlock Mt. Silver for the Final Showdown. Another option is to go to the Pokemon League where everyone has been upgraded and this is a good move to make a lot of EXP for end game stuff. The last battle will include Pokemon in the 80s so you're going to need to level up quite a bit. You can also go to Mt. Moon to for a final showdown with your Rival.

Mt. Moon

Head East from Pewter City on Route 3 to Mt. Moon.

lvl 46 Sneasel, lvl 50 Feraligatr, lvl 48 Alakazam, lvl 46 Magneton, lvl 48 Gengar & lvl 47 Golbat vs lvl 69 Typhlosion, lvl 61 Ampharos & lvl 58 Lugia

End Game - Mt Moon

Elite 4 Take Two

You can redo the Final 4 now with much higher levels and 6 Pokemon each. This is great for the money and experience but has no further game advancing need. Once you beat them it will go to the credits yet again.

lvl 58 Bronzong, lvl 59 Grumpig, lvl 60 Jynx, lvl 60 Slowbro, lvl 61 Gardevoir & lvl 62 Xatu

lvl 61 Skuntank, lvl 60 Toxicroak, lvl 64 Crobat, lvl 62 Swalot, lvl 63 Venomoth & lvl 62 Muk

lvl 62 Hitmontop, lvl 62 Hariyama, lvl 64 Machamp, lvl 64 Lucario, lvl 61 Hitmonlee & lvl 61 Hitmonchan

lvl 62 Weavile, lvl 62 Spirtomb, lvl 64 Honchkrow, lvl 64 Umbreon, lvl 63 Houndoom & lvl 62 Absol

lvl 72 Salamence, lvl 68 Gyrados, lvl 72 Garchomp, lvl 75 Dragonite, lvl 68 Charizard, lvl 73 Altaria

Lvl 80 Typhlosion, lvl 71 Ampharos, lvl 64 Dragonite, lvl 73 Lugia & lvl 58 Articuno

End Game - Elite 4 Part 2

End Game - Lance

Mt. Silver

When you feel you are ready, (IE Pokemon that are around lvl 80), you can head left out of Victory Road to get to Mt. Silver. You will need Surf, Rock Climb, and Waterfall to get to the final showdown. From the Mt. Silver entrance take the right Rock Climb path. Head outside and work your way up and around to the back bottom cave. Back inside simply continue on the path taking the wide stairs up and going back outside. Keep going up stairs as you come to them, if you make a wrong turn it's only going to take you to an item so it's up to you how long you want this area to last. There are a LOT of turns. When you are back out in the snow head around the right side and enter the last of the 2 caves. Once back on the snow again head inside the cave INSTEAD of up the Rock Climb. Then back outside and take the middle of the 3 Rock Climbs and then it's on the to the final battle!

lvl 88 Pikachu, lvl 84 Blastoise, lvl 84 Venusaur, lvl 84 Charizard, lvl 80 Lapras & lvl 82 Snorlax

End Game - Mt Silver Showdown

More Starters

After beating Red you can go to Professor Oak's lab in Pallet town to get a new starter and also the large building in Saffron City. Getting the one from Oak is needed if you want to catch Groudon.

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Comments for End Game

55 comments, latest first.
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Jun 1st 2013 Chalkohead10
i beat the game in a day. plus i just got an action replay and i'm cathing the elite 4's and champions pokemonSmile
ID #287141
Apr 2nd 2013 Guest
How do I beat the elite 4 with a level 54 Lugia, a 54 level Typhlosion, and weaker pokemon like Pidgeotto, and Dragonair and Amphoros and Ninetails and they are about level 45? Please help me~ I'VE BEEN WORKIN ON THIS GAME FOREVER. XD
ID #269900
Feb 18th 2013 Guest
I havent faced red yet but my pokemon are powerful with entei lv 100 ho-oh lv 100 lugia lv100 i have a lv100 beedrill raikou suicune and mewtwo and nindoking
ID #255812
Oct 26th 2012 Guest
5 months really dude ? Im halfway through after day 2.. Not a hard game at all, just fun to win with different teams each time. Not sure what Ill play next, possibly fire red, although I do like how this is a lot longer and a bit tougher than generations 1-3.. for those who were playing and watching during first gen know what I mean by the original will always be the best ! the new stuff is garbage !
ID #201150
Oct 22nd 2012 Guest
You can get any Pokemon with Pokemon Slector[spoiler][/spoiler]
ID #199760
Aug 31st 2012 Guest
i saw rival at indigo plateau after looking at the yellow ranking computer. after dragons den battle
ID #181899
Aug 31st 2012 Guest
he said professor elm's lab but its actually proffesor oak's
ID #181879
May 21st 2012 Guest
You guys don't need to level your Pokemon a lot. Super effective moves will still work. I beat red with level 40-50 level Pokemon. I used a couple revives and I managed to beat red. Remember if you cant beat his Pokemon you can either trinh and beat him or trade your Pokemon or fight him with legendarys. Just remember to keep trying to beat him.
ID #144259
Apr 26th 2012 arsenalfan1
I beat the elite 4 so many times i got a random trophy
ID #137106
Apr 22nd 2012 Guest
I beat red with a level lv100 raquaza and lv100 dialga and I am about to choose the new starter from oak should I pick bulbasaur or squirtle?
ID #136076
Apr 20th 2012 Guest
beat him lvl. 93 charizard and 95 tyranitar
ID #135301
Dec 16th 2011 chillypicblox
How do you get Ampharos??? please tell me on my profile.
ID #95538
Nov 6th 2011 Amir1205
where is red if jou beat him??
ID #85511
Nov 6th 2011 Amir1205
i have a groudon lv 100
ID #85508
Nov 6th 2011 Amir1205
i beat the game in a day
ID #85506