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Plain Badge

Pokemon Soul Silver Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Plain Badge

Flip the switch and take the platform back. Then take the middle platform back to the start of the gym. Professor Elm will give you a call but you can ignore this request for now. Then the typical MarT and Center. Heal and buy stuff.

Now its leveling time. You are about to have your first real test with your Rival and you want several Pokemon who are at least lvl 16ish. As I've said before since I am Fire with Quilava I want to get a Pokemon that is a good Pokemon to shore up your weaknesses. I choose Flaaffy to evolve into Mareep. So now is the time to level up in Route 33. I stopped at Quilava 23, and Flaaffy 16. Then head towards the left side gate house in Azalea Town after stopped to heal of course.

lvl 14 Gastly, lvl 18 Croconaw, lvl 16 Zubat vs. lvl 23 Quilava & lvl 16 Flaaffy
First is a lvl 14 Gastly. This is a OHKO for my Quilava. When he brings out his Croconaw (or other weakess Pokemon) then switch to your opposite Pokemon (Flaaffy for me). Then Flaaffy will easily take care of him. Then you can switch back to your main to mop up.

Once the battle is done head through the gate house and into the Ilex Forest.

Ilex Forest

You'll talk to the first guy and he needs you to catch all the Farfetch'd that he lost. You need to sneak up behind them to catch them.

1) Head to the right and you'll automatically step on a branch alerting the nearby Farfetch'd. Now sneak up and around the middle trees making sure not to step on the braches and you'll end up right behind him for the capture.
2) Now head to the far right side grabbing the Revive as you go by. Go up the left side and try to catch it. The Farfetch'd will run away, which we need since there is no angle where he was. Now hit the twigs on his far right to make him face right and then work your way back around to catch him from behind.

Then you are back talking to the guy who lost them. The owner will then walk up and thank you by giving you HM01 - Cut. I had to teach it to Quilava replacing his Quick Attack.

Plain Badge - Ilex Forest

Then head back through the gate house to town and go to the bottom right house. Talk to the guy on the right and he will give you Charcoal. It makes fire-type attacks more powerful. Since I have Quilava I give it to him. Now head back to the forest and use cut on the first small tree to the north. Head up and to the right. You can't get to the guy on the right just yet so continue up. You'll come to the Kimono Girl again. After talking to her grab the Ether on the right and then go right just below the tree line. That will allow you to get all the way around. Then man there can teach any of your Pokemon Headbutt. Then continue on past where the Kimono Girl was to the gate house. Talk to the girl on the right behind the counter and she will give you TM12 - Taunt.

Route 34

As you head north to Goldenrod City you'll face quite a few trainers that are much worse then the Rival battle you just had. So just work your way through them as you continue north. As you round the bend you'll meet Lyra's grandparents. They own the Day-Care. As Lyra leaves she will give you her number. You can give them two Pokemon and they level up, 1 exp per step you take in game. it's a great way to get some exp on Pokemon without having to switch them out all the time. Leave 1 or 2 Pokemon and then continue on north.

Grab TM86 - Embargo from the tall grass to the right as you head towards Goldenrod City.

Plain Badge - Getting To The City

Goldenrod City

Lots to do here. First head into the Center on the left to heal up, then go into the Game Corner. It's the building one north of the Center with the giant Diamond on it. You need to talk to Mr. Game first behind the game to get the Coin Case. The game is like Minesweeper. It's doesn't cost money to play and you can win some really neat things. I played until I had 2,100 coins to get a Dratini. This is very early to get a good Dragon type Pokemon so you should think about do that also.

Next head left and down and to the right to get to the Underground. Lyra will give you the Fashion Case. You can do down and dress up your Pokemon and take pictures if you really want to.

Now head up and to the right. Take a right at the street intersection and work all the way down to the show. The owner here will give you a bicycle.

Go north under the rails and to the right to the Gym. They won't let you in because everyone is at the Radio Tower. So head there next. It's the far left building under the train tracks.

Talk to the far right girl that is behind the counter.
1) Yes
2) Yes
3) No
4) Yes
5) No
You'll get the Radio Card and also Whitney will go back to her gym. So let's follow her there and get that badge.

Take the stairs to the high area and then down the bottom stairs. Through the archway and fight a trainer. Then up and around to the next archway and into the center section. Now it's two trainers in a row before the actual leader battle.

BATTLE: Whitney
lvl 17 Clefairy & lvl 19 Miltank vs. lvl 25 Quilava, lvl 18 Flaaffy, & lvl 15 Dratini

Miltank is the only real problem. Miltank will constantly heal and use Attract. I mean constantly, every other move will be Milk Drink or Super Poition. If you can get a Paralyze or Sleep or other Status on Miltank it will make your life a LOT easier. If your Pokemon is of the opposite gender they won't attack Miltank. I would of liked my other 2 Pokemon to be higher level knowing that now but we got through it ok simply switching Pokemon out and using a few potions.

Afterward Whitney won't give you anything. Simply walk south and one of her students will tell you to go back and check again. On the second talk you'll get the Plain Badge and TM45 - Attract.

Leave the way you came in and go next door to the Flowershop. The lady there will give you the Squirt Bottle. You'll need it soon. Now heal at the Center and then go across the street to the Department Store. The delivery man is there with several items from your Mom if you had her hold some of your money. Just keep talking to him until he says you've got everything.

Plain Badge - Badge Battle

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Comments for Plain Badge

6 comments, latest first.
Jul 24th 2015 Guest
Lol it took me one try to beat it, but I went on here cuz she didn't give me my badge. Wth
ID #588523
Jun 22nd 2012 Guest
Lol i'm at 16 badges now, but when i was here where u guys were, i won on the first or second try XD
ID #155544
Jun 19th 2012 Guest
Beat it in first try with my last pokemon having 1 hp left I am ssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy thank you super cheats!!!!!
ID #154541
Jun 26th 2011 sexybabe8223
This was the hardest battle I ever fought.I didnt train anyone but quilava so miltank was ssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooo hard.I hated every move except stomp.But i won after 5 tries.Now I completed the game but I ain't rematching Whitney.
ID #52374
Jan 5th 2011 Guest
Thanks alot. The idea of using a status imparment on the leaders pokemon helped me win. It took me 4 tries to beat her and that was before i reaqd this guide
ID #24132
Oct 16th 2010 Guest
this is my first time playing soul silver but alreading in my pokedex is cyndaquil elkid furret ratattata and lediba
ID #15376