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Fog Badge

Pokemon Soul Silver Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Fog Badge

Route 35

Head North to Route 35. You can continue North to the National Park but the game continues to the East. Cut down the tree and to reach Route 36.

Route 36

You will come to a tree blocking your way. You need to use the Squirt Bottle on it and it will transform into a lvl 20 Sudowoodo. This is your one and ONLY chance to get him so if you are a collector work it down and then Poke Ball for the win. After beating it a girl will come and give you a Berry Pot to grow up to 4 Berries at a time. After that is West and North to Route 37.

Route 37

This is just a short Route filled with Trainers on your way to Ecruteak City. You can get some good Fire Pokemon then on to town.

Ecruteak City

Head into the house that is to the left of the Center. The guy in there will give you the Dowsing MCNH. It assists you in finding hidden items. Then into the Theater above the center, fight the guy on stage and afterwards the man in the audience will give you Surf. You can't use it yet, but you'll need it soon enough. You can't hit the gym yet so head to the Burnt Tower.

Burnt Tower

Eusine will greet you as you enter the Tower and talk about his quest for Legendary Pokemon.

lvl 20 Gastly,  lvl 22 Croconaw, lvl 20 Zubat, and lvl 18 Magnemite vs. lvl 28 Quilava and lvl 20 Flaaffy

As you head to the ladder your Rival will challenge you yet again. This is not as hard a battle as some of the previous. Just make sure to switch out your main with something that is powerful against his main.

When you head downstairs the 3 legendary Pokemon with run away and Eusine will come down and talk about how awesome they are some more.

Fog Badge - Burnt Tower

Burnt Tower

You have to fight all the trainers. As soon as you beat them their light goes out making it hard to navigate. If you fall off though there is no penalty and their lights go back on. So no real problems getting to Morty.

lvl 21 Gastly, lvl 25 Gengar, lvl 21 Haunter, and lvl 23 Haunter vs. lvl 31 Quilava, lvl 19 Dratini, lvl 21 Flaaffy and lvl 21 Sudowoodo

Be prepared to be put to sleep A LOT. All of Morty's Pokemon like to throw Hypnosis your way so be prepared. Afterwards you'll get the Fog Badge and you can now use Surf to go across water.

Fog Badge - Badge Battle

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Comments for Fog Badge

9 comments, latest first.
May 31st 2014 Guest
thanks for all the help
ID #391758
Aug 21st 2013 Guest
Although this guide is useful, I've found that a party of 6 strong evenly leveled pokemon has worked better for me than when i used just a couple. I have not yet beaten Morty and haven't attempted quite yet because I wish for my pokemon to be at a higher level before advancing further. My current party is a lvl 29 Quilava a lvl 29 Jumpluff, a level 29 Flaaffy, a level 21 Togetic, a level 22 Bellsprout, and a level 27 Sentret. A few people have told me sentret and bellsprout are weak pokemon but they are very useful. I tend to use my flaafy and jumpluff the most and my bellsprout the least.
ID #306106
Nov 12th 2011 Guest
Putting a pokemon to sleep by Yawn, will put them unconcious for an approximate two turns.
ID #87022
Aug 19th 2011 Guest
About sudowoodoo, you get another chance after you beat the elite four, so if you run out of pokeballs, no need to worry.
ID #68436
Jan 30th 2011 Guest
When battling Morty, if you have Togepi, USE HIM. The constant shadow ball that is being thrown doesn't affect him at all!
ID #27422
Jan 6th 2011 Guest
Also, if you go to the pokemon center and talk to Bill, then go back to Goldenrod city and find him at his sister's house, you can get an eevee.
ID #24282
Nov 7th 2010 Guest
Rock smash is from a guy on rough 36 from the big guy looking at sudowoodo and the lights go out bye beating the trainers
ID #17622
Sep 26th 2010 Guest
i cant find how to get the lights to go out
ID #13625
Sep 4th 2010 Guest
Were do I get rock smash and at the flower shop next to the gym
ID #11323