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Hive Badge

Pokemon Soul Silver Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Hive Badge

We are going to need to use Rock Smash to carry on so we are going to head to the south of town and wander the first section of Route 32 grass until you get a Bellsprout. Then take the Bellsprout to the kid we met earlier in town and trade him for an Oynx. The house is at the bottom of the right side of town. Then go into the Pokemon menu and select Oynx and teach him HM06 - Rock Smash.

Now exit town via the top left gate house, where we went to get Rock Smash from the old man.

Route 36

Head south through the gate house in Route 36.

Ruins of Alph

This is where the Unown are. Head south and enter the building on the right with the two patches of grass on the roof. Come out through a hidden door on the right and then enter the building to the north and exit that building from the left side and enter the final domed roof building.

Inside the building head to the back of the room and check the wall plaque. It will give you a simple message of ESCAPE. So use the Escape Rope right on this spot. That will open the secret back door. Inside is a Pecha Berry, Oran Berry, Heal Power, and a EnergyPowder. Now exit back to the room and examine the center post.

Move the piece in the upper left to the open spot one down from the top in the middle. Then rotate it 3 times.
Move the piece on the left to the top and rotate it once.
Move the piece on the bottom to the left and rotate it 3 times.
Move the final piece to the final spot and rotate it twice.

You'll fall down into the ruins and a man will come up to you and give you the Unown Report. You can now capture Unown in the ruins area. Exit the ruins to the south via the ladder.

Use Rock Smash on all the rocks in the Ruins to find items and wild pokemon and then head back to the north through the gate house to Route 36 and then through the right side gate house to Violet City. Buy anything you need at the Mart and heal at the Center. Then head out of town via the south exit on the left to get to Route 32.

Route 32

You'll be stopped by a man who will give you a Miracle Seed. It helps grass type moves. If you have a grass type pokemon equip it to them to give them more power. Continue south past the low level trainer and get a Repel on the left side. Continue under the rail tracks grabbing the Great Ball from the right, then before going down the stairs, get TM09 - Bullet Seed from the left.  Then get attacked by a trainer with his lvl 10 Wooper.

Head into the PokeMart when you get to it on your southerly path. Heal your Pokemon and then talk to the guy on the left facing south. He'll give you the Old Rod. You can now catch Pokemon in the water. If you want to try it out head back northeast to the docks. You can fight the trainers there and use the Old Rod on the water.

When you are ready to move on head south from the Mart, use Rock Smash on the bottom right rock and grab the Shell Bell, then enter the Cave.

Union Cave

Head left in Union Cave and then go down. Trainer battle with a lvl 11 Oynx. Continue right and down for another Trainer battle. Down the right side and yet another low level trainer. Grab the Great Ball in the lower right corner. Then south south south through more trainers until you get to the exit grabbing the Awakening as you go.

Route 33

Couple of Apricorn in the lower right corner. This is the area I use to level up my Mareep. Route 33 is under constant rain which makes Lightning Pokemon 100% accurate. Then continue left to Azalea Town

Azalea Town

Watch the scene at the well and then talk to the kid in front. He won't let you in so head left to the actual town. Stop at the Mark and Center to heal and get any supplies you need then enter the top left house grabbing his Apricorn as you go in. Talk to the old man and you'll have a short conversation before he runs off to the well. Now head back to the well and now you can get inside.

Hive Badge - Azalea Town

Slowpoke Well

Talk to Kurt and he's too injured to help you so enter the cave on your own. Head straight up the ladder and take on the first Team Rocket Trainer. Very easy low level battle against lvl 9s. Grab the Super Potion and then work your way around the area trainer by trainer until you get to the boss.

BATTLE: Executive Proton
Lvl 8 Zubat, & lvl 12 Koffing vs my lvl 21 Quilava
Not a battle at all with everything going down in OHKO style.
After the battle Kurt will come and talk to you some more. Afterward you will warp directly back to Kurt's house and he'll give you a Fast Ball. He'll let you know he will now turn Apricorns into Pokeballs. Go to the Center and heal and then head to the gym in the middle of the town.

1) Take the Left platform, battle the Trainer and then take the middle platform which is the only option.
2) Battle the twins and then flip the switch and ride the platform back.
3) Flip this switch and then prepare for a Leader battle.

lvl 17 Scyther, lvl 15 Metapod, & lvl 15 Kakuna vs. lvl 22 Quilava
No worries if you've leveled up as you went. You get the Hive Badge and the ability to use Cut outside of combat. This allows you to cut down all the small trees you've past up to now. You'll also get TM89 - U-Tturn.

Hive Badge - Badge Battle

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Comments for Hive Badge

7 comments, latest first.
Apr 17th 2013 Guest
Could you explain it more
ID #275009
Aug 18th 2011 Guest
Thanks about Fridas location, Sunny of Sunday I in the route right above the riun of aplh.
ID #68321
Jul 26th 2011 pokemonknight
i keep on getting spearow when i use headbutt
ID #61432
Jan 28th 2011 Guest
dont forget on fridays, just above the pokemon center, that frieda of friday or something will give you a poison barb, boosting any poison type attack
ID #27069
Jan 12th 2011 Guest
When inside the Ruin of Alph, just below the northern gate there are 3 rocks that can be broken. Behind the western most rock is a Rare Candy. simply break the rock and check the stone behind it
ID #25152
Nov 7th 2010 Guest
when you get headbut in Azalea Town use headbut and you will find heracross and aipom.
Heracross:Males are level 5 females are level 4-3
Aipom:Males are level 4-3 females are level 5

ID #17618
Nov 4th 2010 Guest
its onix not oyix
ID #17218