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Pokemon Soul Silver Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Groudon in our Pokedex:


First off you need to beat Red. Then head to Professor Oak's lab in Pallet Town. Make sure you have an open space and you'll get a new Starter Pokemon. Then head to Cherrygrove and North to Mr. Pokemon's house and he'll give you the Red Orb [Blue Orb in HG]. Now we need to fly to Cianwood and Groudon is on Route 47. Head West out of Cianwood and Chuck will stop you and talk about the Embedded Tower. Head all the way up the left side ignoring the Rock Climb and head outside. Go around and into the cave after battling the Trainer and then take the ladder DOWN. Surf and go to the far left. At the bridge there is a tricky rock split that allows you to go through. Rock Climb up to the top and enter to fight Groudon in SS and Kyorge in HG.  Groudon can be a real PAIN because of Rest. It does put him to sleep but it also heals him 100% and he LOVES to Rest. If I didn't really want to save the Master Ball for Lati[a/o]s this would be a great choice to use it on.

Legendary Pokemon - Groudon

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Comments for Groudon

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Aug 4th 2013 Guest
how the heck you Arceus in SS? I do not want cheats because i have parental controls set up so ima need something that will work without cheats-------- Anyway White Version name-Cassum If you traded with from me i would like to trade again and if you have Arceus I will give you my shiny Ho-Oh and my Lv. 100 Mewtwo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No lie if you trade with me I'll show then if possible show me Arceus Plus shiny Dialga and a Zapdos both 100 but give me some legeneds for those four.
ID #302598
Jan 15th 2013 Guest
Ok someone said its Latiahs but it is NOT it is Latias Swags was right to spell it like that Lati[a/o]s Just to confirm if anyone is wondering
ID #242860
Jun 17th 2012 Guest
I like how he pronounced Kyogre as Ky-orgy.
ID #153769
May 26th 2012 Guest
I agree with the guy abouve me
ID #145635
May 26th 2012 Guest
I don't get this stupid cheat i mean if I ran this site I would give the full walk though not just 2-4 little undetailed paragraghs. but ovcourse not to detailed. this comment is not done so don't read the next one cuze what i'm about to say is so, so, so important that you MUST hear this" do you want real answers folks and foes world wide the game is hard the cheat codes are harder than doing it yourself and, and...... please tell us how to get a F.... new starter for goodness sakes."Please". Make your cheats helpful and detailed not confusing and undetailed. PLEASE!!!!!
ID #145632
May 12th 2012 Guest
ok first i need to know how to cathch mew then tell me were to cathch a azlef
ID #141602
Apr 7th 2012 Guest
red is at the end of mt.silver
ID #130487
Mar 14th 2012 matomoto
to see groudon you got to complete the Johto dex first.
ID #123004
Jan 28th 2012 Guest
who is red because i beat the pokemon leauge twice but professor oak dosent give me a new stearter pokemon.
ID #110074
Dec 15th 2011 chillypicblox
Hey thanks Swags but can you make a video showing how to catch Kyogre?
ID #95307
Oct 29th 2011 Guest
its VERY harder than u explained it
ID #83743
Aug 5th 2011 Guest
after defeating red go to proffeser Oak with an open space in your party and he will give you a starter. then go to mr pokemon and he will give you the blue orb (HG) or the red orb (SS). then go to cianwood town and start along the route to the safari zone but6 instead of going up the ladder go down. surf left until you get to a wall you have to use rock climb on. use rock climb to go up then use it to go up again and go through the cave until you find groudon or kyorge. after getting groudon down to red health use 1 or 2 heavy balls. hope i helped
ID #64172
Aug 5th 2011 Guest
in hg and ss you do the same thing to get groudon or kyorge its just a different pokemon. I caught groudon with 1 heavy ball :D and ho oh with 1 ultra ball ;D
ID #64169
Jun 26th 2011 sexybabe8223
ID #52380
Apr 8th 2011 Guest
[u][b]What are the directions for Kyogre? Are they the same or different?[/u][/b]
ID #36377