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Rising Badge

Pokemon Soul Silver Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Rising Badge

Goldenrod Radio Tower

As you leave the Gym you'll get a call that the Radio tower in Goldenrod has been taken over. Fly over there, but the Rocket Grunts won't let you in. Head to the underground and at the top right is a Grunt who will give you a uniform. Take this back to the Radio Tower and you can get in now. But as you head up the first flight of stairs your Rival will reveal who you really are. Beat the first Grunt and head up the stairs.

Keep heading up the stairs one floor at a time. There are a lot of Rocket Grunts to fight or just keep going. When you get to the fifth floor you will find Petrel who is impersonating the Radio Tower Manager this time. You need to beat him to find the real Manager.

BATTLE: Petrel
lvl 30 Koffing, lvl 32 Weezing, lvl 30 Koffing, lvl 30 Koffing, & lvl 30 Koffing  vs. lvl 40 Typhlosion & lvl 33 Dragonair

All his Pokemon are Poison so Psychic moves are your best bet. Once you beat him he'll give you the Basement Key.

Rising Badge - Goldenrod Radio

Underground Basement

Right as you enter the one of the Kimono Sisters will talk to you. Then head right and open the sealed door with the key. Then you'll be thrust right into a Rival battle.

lvl 30 Golbat, lvl 32 Feraligator, lvl 30 Haunter, lvl 28 Magnemite, & lvl 32 Sneasel vs. lvl 40 Typhlosion & lvl 32 Ampharos

After continue on fighting trainers until you get to the center switch room. The correct sequence is Red, Green, and then Blue. Continue to the right through the next set of sealed doors. Then keep going until you find the REAL Radio Manager. He'll give you a Key Card to get into the sealed doors on the 3rd Floor of the Radio Tower.


Back to the Radio Tower you go. Open the 3rd Floor doors and and you'll have a battle with Proton. No problem there after clearing out your Rival just a bit ago. Continue your way up and and you'll fight Arianna.

BATTLE: Arianna
lvl 32 Arbok, lvl 32 Murkrow, & lvl 32 Vileplume vs. lvl 42 Typlosion

After that head up the elevator and fight the current Team Rocket leader Archer.

BATTLE: Archer
lvl 35 Houndour, lvl 38 Houndoom, & lvl 35 Koffing vs. lvl 42 Typlosion & lvl 36 Dragonair

Once you beat him the Manager will come in and give you the Silver Wing (since we are playing Soul Silver). There is a woman near the sealed door on 3rd floor and she'll give you TM11 Sunny Day. On the 4th floor you can talk to DJ Mary and she'll give you some BrightPowder and finally the girl in the radio booth on the 2nd floor will give you the Blue Card for the radio show game. Now it's back to Mahogany Town and head East to Route 44.

Rising Badge - Radio Part Two

Route 44 / Ice Route

Lots of Trainers. Keep heading East until you see the stairs to take you to the Ice Path.

Floor 1 - There are two ice puzzles. #1 is up, left, up, left, down, left, up, right. #2, which is for HM07 Waterfall which you will need, is right, down, left, up, left, down, left, up, right. Then up the stairs and to the right for a ladder.

Floor 2 - This is a boulder puzzle. It's very easy and you just need to press the boulders into the holes that are next to them. After all four boulders are down below go down the ladder. Line yourself up with the boulder and go left, down, left, up, right. Then go down the ladder. You then need to push one of the Kimono Sisters and you'll get out of the Ice Route and be at Blackthorn City.

Rising Badge - Ice Route

Blackthorn Gym

This gym has a series of platforms that you need to maneuver to to get to the Trainers and Clair.

#1 Left, Rotate, Rotate, Right
#2 Up, Rotate, Right, Rotate, Rotate, Right
#3 Left, Rotate, Rotate, Right, Rotate, Up, Up, Up, Rotate, Right, Rotate, Up, Up

lvl 38 Gyarados, lvl 38 Dragonair, lvl 41 Kingdra, & lvl 38 Dragonair vs. lvl 36 Ampharos, lvl 45 Typhlosion, & lvl 44 Dragonair

This was probably the first battle that really gave me trouble with my team of Pokemon. Dragon type Pokemon are weak to Ice and other Dragon attacks but not matter what I did my Dragonair was always inferior to my opponents so most of the game was Hyper Potion and wait for Clair's Dragonair to miss. If you find a good Ice type Pokemon you'll want to have it for the end game as the final battles of this half of the game have a LOT of Dragonairs and Dragonites. Dragonairs/Ites also LOVE Thunder Wave so have 10 or so Parlyz Heals on hand to keep your Pokemon from being Paralyzed. The only bonus is that the attack does no damage so as long as you heal right away it doesn't really effect the fight.

Dragons Den

After you beat here she will refuse to give you the badge until you prove yourself at the Dragons Den. You need to Surf off the back of the gym and head into the Den. You will need Whirlpool also. At the end talk to the Dragon Master and answer:


Then Clair will come in and tell you that you obviously failed and the Dragon Master will say you passed and you'll finally get your Rising Badge.

Rising Badge - Badge Battle

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Comments for Rising Badge

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Mar 11th 2014 Guest
Thanks so much! It took me forever to get this until I watched this video! And I have a question. Will a water pokemon work or no?
ID #363175
Dec 31st 2012 Guest
I need help I have fought all the gym leaders and defeated them, then I defeated team Rocket in the radio tower, and prof. Elm didn`t call me yet, and I DO NOT want to restart my game.
ID #232990
Aug 22nd 2012 Guest
To deecg2- If you need the HM for rock smash, the guy to the west(left) of Violet City, on the Route 36, I think, gives you it. The route that has a fork in it?
ID #178798
Jul 12th 2012 Guest
yes indago plateeu
ID #163328
Oct 24th 2011 Guest
Hello Smile I normally don't train my pokemon much... i just stick with my strongest one which has to be my typhlosion lv. 49... Now i'm training my flaafy lv.21, swinub lv.23, and jynx lv.23, for my 8th gym battle with Clair and I need a good place to train... right now I'm training them at the big patch of tall grass in front of the safari zone.
Do you have any suggestions for a better place to train?
ID #82652
Sep 3rd 2011 Guest
How do you catch leagrandry pokemon?
ID #72378
Aug 2nd 2011 Guest
i didnt get the call from professor Elm but i did everything i was supposed too and i went bak to goldenrod city like u said there are 2 more team rocket members but the radio tower hasnt been taking over and i havent heard their broadcast either what should i do? i dont want to restart my game
ID #63559
Aug 1st 2011 deecg2
Please help, I've must have missed something but I have beaten all the gym leaders & gone into the mountain on my way to The Elite Four, I'm not far from Indigo Plateau and I've just realised I haven't got rock smash. Where should I have got it from?
ID #63131
Jul 24th 2011 Guest
to fly go to you pokemon teach one of them fly then click that pokemon and it will say fly beside summary click it and it will show he town map click one of the citys or towns you already been to and you will be there buut remember before you do any of this stuff you must beat leader chuck and the lady outside will give you the HM fly.
ID #60719
May 10th 2011 Guest
I found a lv 15 dratini in the water just outside of where the elder lives!!!
ID #42338
Apr 24th 2011 Guest
Guys in pokemon silver the boards in the basement is all blue. Please tell me the right way to open them. Plz help.
ID #39418
Jan 18th 2011 Guest
How do you fly?
ID #25897
Jan 17th 2011 Guest
whered u get the dratini?
ID #25868
Dec 30th 2010 Guest
get some dragon or ice types
ID #23134
Nov 23rd 2010 Guest
please help me!!! even though i have lv.60 noctowl,lv. 47 meganium, and more pokemon above lv. 40 i cant beat clair
ID #19073