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Glacier Badge

Pokemon Soul Silver Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Glacier Badge

Route 42

Fly back to Ecruteak City and head out of the city to the East to Route 42. Swim out to the East stopping at the first island. There are Apricorns and also Suicune. Suicine will run off yet again and so Eustine will show up YET AGAIN. No battle this time, just more talking. Then keep working your way East to Mahogany Town

Mahogany Town

Not much to do in Town at this time since the Gym is closed. Head to the East to buy a RageCandyBar for 300. It's a Key Item you are going to need later. Then head out the North to Route 43.

Route 43

You can either pay the toll at the Gatehouse of a 1000 or head through the Grass. It's your call but the grass means Pokemon which means EXP. This is a rather long area that contains a lot of Trainers. Continue North to the Lake or Rage.

Lake of Rage

Surf out into the Lake of Rage to find the Red Gyarados. This is a Unique Shiny Red lvl 30 Gyarados so if you want to catch it make sure you save right before hand and have a GreatBall ready. I'm not the collector type so I just took him down. After the battle you'll get the Red Scale. Then head to shore and talk to Lance. The Red Scale can be traded for the EXP Share with Mr. Pokemon above Cherrygrove and I suggest you go there now to do that. It gives one of Pokemon half the EXP for not being in the battle. A great way to level up lower level Pokemon. Then fly back to Mahogany Town.

Mineral Badge - Lake of Rage

Mahogany Town / Rocket Hidden HQ

Head to the small store and Lance will already be there. He finds the secret stairs and you follow him down. As you head left past the first statue it sounds the alarm and brings two Rocket Grunts at you one after the other. Don't worry though you can turn these off. (Alternately leave them on for extra battles and extra EXP.) Head left and down and then follow the path to a Scientist. Beat his 3 lvl 20 Magnemites and then use the computer to turn the security system off. Then head back to the main path. A Grunt will be up ahead for you to battle. Then continue on and head down the stairs to the next level.

On the second floor Lance will heal you up. Then continue to the right get to third floor.

Lance is just always one step ahead of you. He's already gotten the first part of the door code. Head to the giant room on the center and fight the female there to get thepart of the door code and then a grunt to the bottom left. Now go to the upper right to get to back to the second floor.

As you go around to the door your Rival will show up to talk. Just talk. Then use your new found codes on the door and go in and fight Petrel.

BATTLE: Petrel
lvl 22 Zubat, lvl 22 Koffing and lvl 24 Raticate vs. lvl 38 Typhlosion

My 38 Typhlosion destroyed his entire team OHKO style. As always if you are having any problems with battles look up the Pokemon on the Pokedex. After that follow the Murkrow back to the first floor door and it will unlock it for you.

BATTLE: Arianna & Grunt vs You & Lance

The Murkrow will get you in so you can fight Arianna and a Grunt. Lance will show up to make it 2 v 2. Lance has some very high level Pokemon so no matter what you have if you can just survive he'll take them all out but my lvl 30s stood their own.

After that battle you need to head up the left side and take out 3 lvl 23 Electrodes one by one. Then the system will shut down. Then head to the Center to heal and go to the Gym to get your next badge.

Mineral Badge - Rocket HQ

Mahogany Gym

Entrance - As you enter push the ice block straight up and then head left, up, right and then up and out.

Room 1 - Head left and fight the Trainer. Then go up to the left side and slide right into the ice block. Then slide right again into the ice and go up and out of the room.

Room 2 - Head left and fight the Trainer again. And then again head up the left side and slide right to move the ice. This time go up immediately and fight the next Trainer. Then right, down, left, up, right, up, right, up and fight the last Trainer. Then left, up and you are at Pryce.

lvl 30 Seel, lvl 34 Piloswine, and lvl 32 Dewgong vs. lvl 30 Ampharos and lvl 39 Thyplosion

Thunder is the way to go for the 2 Water Pokemon. Then use Fire on Piloswine. After that you'll get your Glacier Badge and be able use Whirlpool outside of combat.

Mineral Badge - Badge Battle

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Comments for Glacier Badge

13 comments, latest first.
Dec 22nd 2012 Guest
lance never came after i fought red gyarados
.. maybe cus i ran away, idk i need help
ID #226467
Nov 21st 2011 Guest
You may also use Electric type Pokemon against Water type Pokemon.
ID #89050
Aug 19th 2011 Guest
After you beat the game, talk to professor Oak in pallet town.
ID #68442
Jul 23rd 2011 Guest
It helped alot thanks.
ID #60539
Apr 16th 2011 Guest
how do you get rock climb
ID #37725
Feb 2nd 2011 Guest
Google it. That is all.
ID #27760
Dec 20th 2010 Guest
Ok, so i didn;t get a phone call when i beat the gym leader.also, all of my stations have the same message!what do i do?please help!
ID #21705
Nov 13th 2010 Guest
i was surfing in the water then a raikou appeared no kidding
ID #18126
Nov 7th 2010 Guest
u know what im will be level 30 when i fight pryce

ps why do u have the vids when i see a little and then it skips abit so not fair
ID #17545
Oct 9th 2010 Traxcerius
All my station have difrent sound coming out of them :( Don't know what to do :(

Pls Help

ID #14759
Oct 3rd 2010 Guest
Hey, Swags, if you don't mind, can you make a walkthrough explaining how to get through Mt. Mortar? While beating Trainers there for EXP and getting all the items?
ID #14302
Sep 30th 2010 Guest
ID #13206 (since there was no name to call you by), in your message above, you said the man would not let you through to go to Blackthorn City. If you can read this right now, then I'm going to tell you what to do. If you can't, then I guess anyone else who has the same problem can read this.

After you beat Pryce and leave the gym, you should receive a call from Prof. Elm stating something has been acting up with the Radio function on PokeGears. If you check yours, all the stations should be broadcasting the same Team Rocket announcement. Fly to Goldenrod City and you'll see Team Rocket Grunts scattered around the area. If you head into the Radio Tower, you'll be unable to go up the stairs. You have to get a Team Rocket uniform (from the underground tunnel thing in Goldenrod) to deceive him. Then you'll have to fight your way through Team Rocket Grunts, blah blah blah, and eventually face the executives.

After you beat Team Rocket in Goldenrod City, I'm fairly certain the old man in Mahogany Town will let you pass through.

Hope this helped!
ID #14020
Sep 20th 2010 Guest
Yah, Yah, so what I did all that and I can't get to Blackthorn City to get my 8th badge(the Rising Badge) due to a dumb old-timer on the east side of
town(Mahogany Town) not letting me get by no matter how many times I try.
First I have to pay 300 dollars for a dumb candy bar, then he still wont
let me through. What a stupid game, I wonder if they actually win these
poke`mon games themselfs(the creators). All poke`mon games that I've played
have been this way! But not others!
ID #13206