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Thunder Badge

Pokemon Soul Silver Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Thunder Badge

This section of the guide now moves onto the Kanto section of the game.

SS Aqua

You'll be back in your Home in New Bark Town. Head over to Elm's and he'll give you the ticket to the SS Aqua. Fly to Olivine and then make your way south to the docks. You'll be let on the boat as the last passenger with your ticket.

Once on the ship head down the stairs straight ahead of you at the back. A Sailor will block the way and ask you to get his friend up. Head back up and go into the cabin on the right side in the lower left. Wake up the sailor and he'll fight you. Then go back downstairs and you can go past the sailor guarding the door. Head to the far right and up the stairs to the Captain's room and talk to the little girl. She'll run off and hide. She is to the far left of the bottom level. After you "find" her you'll be transported to her grandfather's cabin and he'll give you a Metal Coat. An item that powers up Steel type moves. After that the boat will dock and you'll be in Kanto.

You can really do Kanto in any order so just check the Pokegear Map and you need to hit the following cities for badges: Vermillion, Saffron, Celadon, Fushicia, Cerulean, Pewter, Seafoam & Viridian.

Thunder Badge - SS Aqua

Vermillion Gym

This is the town you start in so you might as well take your first badge right away. First stop off at the Pokemon Fan club just above the Gym. If you talk to the leader there and listen to his whole story he'll give you a Rare Candy for your troubles. There is a doubles battle and a singles battle in the open area of the gym. Then you need to find the hidden switch in one of the trash cans. When you find the first switch save the game. The second switch is either to the left, up, down, or right of the previous one. If you get the wrong one load your save game and try again. Otherwise you have to find the first one all over again.

BATTLE: Sgt Surge
lvl 51 Raichu, lvl 47 Electrode, lvl 47 Electrode, lvl 47 Magneton, & lvl 53 Electabuzz  vs lvl 64 Typhlosion

Surge has all Electric Pokemon so Ground will work well. Otherwise if you leveled up at all with the Elite 4 then you should be able to steamroll Surge.

Thunder Badge - Badge Battle

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Comments for Thunder Badge

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Dec 10th 2012 Guest
Naa you can catch them too
ID #218817
Aug 18th 2012 Guest
action replay.
ID #177452
Mar 20th 2011 Guest
how do you get every legendery pokemon
ID #33437
Dec 20th 2010 Guest
have u got DIG if u have teach it to fereligatr
ID #21660
Aug 28th 2010 mario c
I chose feraligator and I have 4 water pokemon one ground that doesnt even know ground type moves an electric and a flying I cant beat him
ID #10572