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Cascade Badge

Pokemon Soul Silver Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Cascade Badge

Power Plant

Fly back to Saffron City and head out of town to the North via Route 5. This leads to Cerulean City. Head East to Route 9. Go to the Northeastern most part and Surf your way down the water until you get to the Power Plant. Talk to everyone inside and as you try to leave they will tell you that a shady character was seen at the Cerulean Gym. Head to Cerulean Gym and there will be a Team Rocket Grunt there. He'll run as you enter. Head to Route 25, the bridge, North of town to see him again and fight him. Then head back to the Gym and go around the right side under the guard tower and check out the pile of floaters on the left side. Once you get the piece head back to the Power Plant and give the piece to the Manager. Power Plant back on-line!

Cascade Badge - Powering The Power Plant

Cerulean Gym

Head back to town and go up Route 25 (Bridge) again and follow it to the right to Route 26 fighting a series of 6 Trainers as you go. Then head to the far right and and you'll scare Misty's boyfriend which will send her back to the Gym. At the Gym you can head up the right side, fight the Sailor and then Surf into the pool and around to the top to fight Misty.

lvl 49 Golduck, lvl 49 Quagsire, lvl 54 Starmie & lvl 52 Lapras vs lvl 55 Ampharos & lvl 66 Typhlosion

Cascade Badge - Badge Battle

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Comments for Cascade Badge

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Mar 5th 2011 Guest
finally i have almost beaten kanto thanks to you
ID #31436
Feb 1st 2011 Guest
LOL READ THE SIGN IN THE PWR PLNT! So funny! I was ROTFLOL! (Wow, I finally found a use for that. Cha-Ching!)
ID #27638
Feb 1st 2011 Guest
THANKS SO MUCH!!! Swags, you rule! I couldn't find the power plat at all! Misty was easy. YAY! Where would I, or for that matter, everyone be without Swaggers? Spoiler:
click to reveal
ID #27634