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28B: Victory Road Part II

Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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28B: Victory Road Part II

If your team is damaged and needs a heal, now is a good time to use an Escape Rope -- that will instantly put you back outside the entrance to Victory Road, allowing you to quickly and easily visit the Poke Center, heal and save, and if needed, Fly off to the Department Store to restock your kit.  Check your kit now -- if you are light, go ahead and restock it.

The Ladder to the Second Half

Once you have taken care of that, Fly back to Ever Grande, hit the Poke Center to heal and save, then head back inside Victory Road and retrace the path to the ladder past the second waterfall.  Are you there now?  Excellent!  Well?  Go up the ladder!

Say, one thing you need to know -- we are actually very close to the exit now, so if you get beat on badly, try to muddle through, because it would suck to have to use an Escape Rope and then again retrace to here...  I am just saying, there is not much more to this and you are out at the League and the Poke Center there.

As you can see, our next two Trainer battles are just ahead here!  You can do this as a double battle if you like -- it is one of only a handful in the Road you can do that way, but to make this easier for the Guide I do them as singles.

-- Trainer 11: Cooltrainer Mitchell
T1: Level 43 Lunatone
T2: Level 43 Solrock

-- Trainer 12: Cooltrainer Halle
T1: Level 43 Sableye
T2: Level 43 Absol

After the battle head west to the wall then south for another Trainer battle!

Trainer 13: Cooltrainer Michelle
T1: Level 42 Torkoal
T2: Level 42 Medicham
T3: Level 42 Ludicolo

With that battle finished, turn around and head back to the split where we came in and where we battled the two trainers Mitchelle and Halle.  The reason that we are going back is that the path to the south here only leads to a ladder down and then a path to the river we were on before that got us here, so it would be one big circle and no progress to continue.  Besides, we are now on our way OUT of the Roads mate!  You want to get out, right?  Sure you do!

Once you are back at Mitchelle and Halle, head south and east where you will find a cluster of some rocks and boulders -- break and move them out of the way and use the ladder to the north of here to reach our next Trainer battle!

Trainer 14: Cooltrainer Edgar
T1: Level 43 Cacturne
T2: Level 43 Pelipper

A Pair of Trainers Hidden by the Bridge

Barely visible just above the bridge to the north are the heads of the third doubles battle in the Roads.  So decide if you want to fight them one at a time or both at once, then proceed north to do so!

Trainer 15:  Cooltrainer Quincy
T1: Level 43 Slaking
T2: Level 43 Dusclops

Trainer 16: Cooltrainer Katelynn
T1: Level 43 Gardevoir
T2: Level 43 Slaking

I picked up a full level for one of my team off of these two battles -- very nice XP indeed!  Once you are finished continue north to the bend and then east, and low!  What do we see?  Is that the exit?  Why yes, yes it is!

After you pass through the cave exit you find yourself in a green flower-filled paradise!  This is the gardens outside of the Pokemon League Center Gate!  At long last we have nearly completed our journey from neophyte wannabe to Pokemon Trainer to Master Trainer and now, with any luck at all, Pokemon League Master!

There is no sense in hanging around here -- our team needs to be healed, we need to save, and we need to restock our kit.  Plus we need to get to the point where we flag this place as a Fly destination don't we?  Yes we do!

Passing through the gate we see the tall building ahead -- the headquarters of the Pokemon League here in Hoenn!  Inside is the ever-familiar Nurse Joy and her all too crucial healing machine -- let us avail ourselves of that now, shall we?   On the other side of the room is the desk for the small store operated by the League -- let's see what they have for sale!

Hey!  They have Full Resrores for sale!  Excellent!  A bit pricey at $3000 each, but these little wonders not only fully restore the HP of a Pokemon, they repair any status issues as well, so you can never have too many of those even at these prices!

Sadly the store here does not stock everything that we need -- so we should save our game now, and then Fly to the Department Store in Lillycove City to finish replenishing our kit.

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