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25F: Pacifidlog Town

Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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25F: Pacifidlog Town

We are down to the very last unfinished task on our list before we head for Victory Road!  Explporing Pacifidlog Town.  Now, to be clear here, we are not going to be talking to the old man and waiting around for Mirage Island to appear -- you can do that later when you are wrapping up all of the many minor things that we never touched upon in the guide since they are not really part of the story quest. 

So, grab your favorite Flying Pokemon and Fly to Pacifidlog Town now!

When you land you are standing in front of the Poke Center - you may as well head inside now to heal and save.  Check your Incoming Box on Lanette's PC if you have been capturing Pokemon as it may be near to full -- you should sort out your new captures into their proper type boxes.

There are four people on the ground floor of the Center in addition to Nurse Joy.  At the table on the right is an old man who tells you about the ancestors of the town, and a young man who will teach one of your Pokemon the move Explosion if you like.  Near the counter is a girl who tells you that the town is build on top of a colony of a Pokemon called Corsola -- but she might be kidding...  In the north-west corner by the book shelf is a girl who asks you what color your Trainer Card is -- hers is Copper.

The Significance of your Trainer Card's Color

If you are new to the game you may not be aware that the color of your Trainer Card actually has a significance.  There are five colors in all, Green, Bronze, Copper, Silver, and Gold.

- All Trainers begin with a bright green card, which is the standard card color and indicates that you are a properly licensed and trained Trainer who has not completed any major career milestones yet.

- The first color upgrade is awarded after a Trainer becomes the Pokemon League Champion by fighting their way through Victory Road, then taking on the Elite Four, and finally, the Champion himself.

- The second color upgrade is awarded after a Trainer completes their Hoenn Pokedex.

- The third color upgrade is awarded after a Trainer earns all of the Gold Symbols from the Battle Frontier.

- The fourth color upgrade is awarded after a Trainer wins one ribbon from each of the 5 Master Ranks in the Pokemon Contests.

There is no particular color assigned to any specific task -- you simply receive the next upgrade when you complete one of the outstanding tasks, and the upgrades come in the order of Bronze, Copper, Silver, and then Gold.

The bloke looking out the window will say when Mirage Island appears to him

The Rest of the Town

The house immediately to the north-west of the Center belongs to a very odd family -- the Mom saw Rayquaza earlier and was startled by it, and their little girl is just repeating what the Mom says.  The Dad has been hitting the Crack Pipe really hard lately, so he asks you a very strange question that does not have a Yes or No answer...  On the plus side, they have a TV so you can see your most recent TV appearance here.

The house to the southwest of the Center is the home of the Pokemon Fan Club's younger brother, and he believes he is a VIP...  If the Pokemon in slot one of your team likes you a lot he will give you TM27, Return.  You can return here every seven (7) real life days for a chance to obtain another TM from him.

The house to the south belongs to a young couple who are Trainers...  The wife is envious of your Pokedex and the husband wants to trade you a Horsea for a Bagon -- a trade that is not exactly fair to you mate.  You can do it if you want to, but I would not.

The house to the southeast of the Center is the one with the bloke who can tell you if Mirage Island is present -- just come there each day and ask the bloke looking out of the window if he sees the island -- if he does he will say so, but mostly he says not.

The house east of the Center has a couple who knows some old lore about some Legendary Pokemon in Hoenn -- while the information that they have is not deep or clear, you should go ahead and talk to both og them anyway because what they know qualifies as useful hints.  It will come in handy later.

And that is it for Pacifidlog Town! That is also the end of our odds and ends wrap up!  All of the rest of the stuff in the game is optional and beyond the scope of this guide save for Victory Road and the Elite Four, and that, mate, is where we are headed now -- after we finish training up our team that is!

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Mar 7th 2014 Guest
How to go in mirage island ? Please :'( so haard !

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Jan 7th 2013 Guest
I can't fly there because you have to visit the town on foot or surf or dive to get there beffor using fly on pasifalog emrald!!!
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