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27: Unlocking Victory Road

Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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27: Unlocking Victory Road

The path to Victory Road begins in Ever Grande City, so now that you are ready, it is time to pay our very first visit to that mysterious city at the top of the waterfall.  And we can do that now, because we have all 8 Gym Badges as well as the Waterfall HM!

Pick your flying Pokemon and Fly to either Mossdeep or Sootopolis to begin the journey to Ever Grande -- once you are at one or the other, head out to sea and Surf towards your destination -- east from Sootopolis, south from Mossdeep.  Check your map if you think you are getting close just to be sure, but once you arrive there will be no doubts in your mind.

As you travel on the water you will get a lot of encounters -- most trainers eventually begin to view wild encounters as an annoyance, using Repel or running when they have one -- I do not see them that way at all.  In fact I see them as an opportunity for easy XP and you should too!  I still had a few team members who were in the upper 40's so it was the wild encounters and Trainer battles I found along the way that got my team all to at least Level 50 before I reached Ever Grande City, and that is why I consider them a good thing.

From Sootopolis:  Follow Route 126 east to Route 127, turning south until you reach Route 128, where you will turn east again.  You'll know you have reaced the turning point because you will encounter Cooltrainer Ruben on a small sandbar.  Jump down to his section below now!

From Mossdeep City follow Route 127 south past the narrow inlet with the island (that is just a trap and there is no reason to go in there).  As soon as you hit Route 128 look for a tiny sandbar with a Trainer on it -- this is Cooltrainer Ruben, and he marks the entrance to the last stretch of Route to the City!

-- Cooltrainer Ruben --

This is likely the first Shiftry you have encountered -- his is Level 34 which is not much of a challenge for you at this point.  The second member of his team is a Level 34 Nosepass -- again not much trouble for you...  But hey he pays you $1632 for kicking his butt so bonus!

After your battle with Ruben continue east along the deep channel in Route 128 -- to the south on a sandbar island is Fisherman Wayne, to the east in the water is Triathlete Katelyn, and a bit further in the water is a doubles battle with Swimmer Carlee and Swimmer Harrison that is worth a chunk of free XP!

That is your last Trainer battle on the way to the city - shortly past them you get the notice that you have entered the city area, and then you arrive at the waterfall that blocks access to the city.  Ah, but now we have all 8 badges and the move Waterfall so this is not a problem for us!  Up the falls we go, and we step into the most exclusive city in the region -- Ever Grande!

The paradise of flowers, the sea, and Pokemon

-- Ever Grande City --

Now that we have arrived the city is unlocked on our map and we can fly here -- that is a good thing because we need to leave for a bit to top off our kit and get ready for the trial ahead -- but before we do that let us explore this new city!

The first thing you will notice is all the flowers - nice - and then that the Poke Center is the first building on the right as you enter the city.  A quick stop to heal and save, and then further in you see that there is nothing else to do -- nothing to explore -- save for the entrance to Victory Road.

So now that you have taken time to smell the flowers Fly to Lillycove now!

-- Lillycove City --

It is time.  Finally!   You are tanned, you are rested, and you are ready...  So pay your last visit to Lilycove Department Store to top off your kit to prepare for Victory Road.  I have taken the liberty of preparing some suggested minimums for your kit, just to help you out here...

Suggested Kit Minimums

Below is a list of the minimum number of kit items that I recommend -- you can have more of any of these, but less would not be good.
XX=As many of the item as you can scrounge up.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Quantity -- Item Name
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
05 -- Full Flute Set
20 -- Fresh Water or Super Potion (restores 50 HP)
10 -- Soda Pop (restores 60 HP)
25 -- Lemonade (restores 80 HP)
25 -- Hyper Potion (restores 200 HP)
25 -- Max Potion (restores full HP)
15 -- Full Heal (cures all status ailments)
XX -- Full Restore (fully restores HP and cures all status ailments)
10 -- Antidote/Burn Heal etc. (You should have a minimum of 10 of each)
XX -- Ether
XX -- Max Ether
XX -- Elixer
XX -- Max Elixer
10 -- Revive
XX -- Max Revive
XX -- Rare Candy

The roof of the Lillycove Department Store

If you do not remember you obtain Fresh Water, Soda Pop, and Lemonade from the vending machines on the roof -- a cheap source of excellent healing potential!   Once you have those, check the levels of the other items in your kit to see what else needs to be topped-off.

The Lillycove Department Store has everything you will need -- use the following list to determine where you should shop!

Ground Floor -- Reception and Lottery Desk
2nd Floor -- Poke Balls, Stat Potions, Potions and Utility Items
3rd Floor -- Battle Enhancers, Stat Raising Items
4th Floor -- TM Counter
5th Floor -- Hideout Decorations
Roof -- Vending Machines

Now that you have restocked your kit it is time to Fly back to Ever Grande, do one last heal and save at the Poke Center, and then step through the entrance to Victory Road!

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i just got rayquaza and he is really strong
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teach manectric shock wave
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