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25E: Captain Stern's Special Mission

Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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25E: Captain Stern's Special Mission

First you should understand that there are actually two objectives here -- to fight ALL of the Trainers on the routes we will traverse to gain levels, and of course to reach the

So Fly to Dewford Town and head to the beach to the east, then use Surf to enter Route 107.  You are going to follow Route 107 & 108 east until you reach out first destination, the shipwreck, and on the way you should battle the following Trainers:

(1) Swimmer Denise
(2) Swimmer Tony
(3) Sis and Bro Lisa & Ray
(4) Swimmer Darrin
(5) Swimmer Beth
(6) Triathlete Camron
(7) Swimmer Missy
(8) Swimmer Matthew

Between the Trainers and the wild encounters you should easily pick up a level for one of your team members by the time you arrive at the shipwreck.

A Mission for Good Captain Stern

Abandoned Ship (Shipwreck)

Head up the stairs onto the deck, but be mindful of the rotting deck plates will you?  We are going to complete this part systematically -- so follow along now...

Enter the ship via the open hatch ahead (it is the only way you can go) -- inside enter the first cabin through the broken door on the right.  Step through the adjoining open passage to the cabin next door to fight Beauty Thalia and Youngster Demetrius, then use the passage in the north wall to exit the cabins, go left and enter the next cabin south (down).

Inside this cabin is a treasure ball containing the Harbor Mail, and an empty trash can.  Once you have this exit back into the hall and head east using the stairs down in the corner here.

Shipwreck Level 2

Directly to the south in the center of the hall is Sailor Duncan -- battle him and then  go all the way east and enter the first cabin to the south -- you cannot open the north door (the Storage Room) yet, so ignore that for now.

Inside this cabin is a fat Trained who does not want to fight and an empty trash can.  Now that you know that, exit and then enter the next cabin to the west.  In here is a pool of water that we do not want to enter right now, so exit the cabin and go to the next one, entering to  find a treasure ball with an Escape Rope in it.  Grab that and exit the cabin.

Go through the broken door to the north and grab the Dive Ball from the treasure ball here, then  exit (there is nothing next door you need and the trainer there will not battle).  Use the stairs in the north-west corner and you will battle Tuber Charlie straight away.

Enter the nearby door and battle Ruin Maniac Garrison and Tuber Janni, then grab the Revive from the treasure ball in the center of the room.  Continue south to the next cabin (that trash can is empty) where you will find Young Couple Kira & Dan to battle. Now exit the cabin and use the door in the southwest corner of the area to go outside, then climb the stairs to the east.

Upper Deck Area

Go into the cabin here and talk to the man in the corner -- he is an agent from Captain Stern -- in the corner just past him is a treasure ball with the Storage Room Key in it -- grab that now and then backtrack to the Storage Room door and open it.  Inside is a treasure ball with TM13, Ice Beam.  Grab that and then exit.

Use the middle door below (the room with the pool) as we are now ready to do that one!

Inside you will find a pool of water with a deep water marker -- Surf in and then use Dive to go under the water.  Head west down the hall and through the hole in the wall, move into the light and use Dive again to surface in a blocked off area of the ship.

The Abandoned Ship

Special Area

The third door on the left is Room 3, and it is the first unlocked door -- go in and grab the Water Stone from the treasure ball in the room.  The trash can is empty.  Did you notice the small flashing spot in the upper right corner when you entered?  No?  Leave and enter again and look for it.  Good!  Now go to it and hit the action button to find the key to Room 1.  Excellent!

Exit the room and head to west and open the door to Room 1 -- there should be two pinpoint flashes of light so note their location, then get TM18, Rain Dance, from the treasure ball here.  Now grab the Key to Room 4 on the left -- the flash on the right is just trash but go ahead and grab it anyway!

Now that you have the key to Room 4 run around to the other side opposite this very room and open that door -- the two flashes on the right are trash -- the one in the trash can is the Key to Room 6! 

Room 6 is the last door to the east on this side -- head there now and open the door, going in.  The treasure ball contains a Luxury Ball, and both trash cans are empty.  That is not the important point here -- the important point is that there is a passage in the wall to the west giving access to Room 5.

Before you go in there, exit back to the hall and use the door to Room 5, paying attention to where all of the flashes are.  Now go back to Room 6, go in and then through to Room 5, and clear out all of the flashes.

(1) By the wall as you enter.
(2) By the south wall almost directly south of (1).
(3) Beside the left hand chair of the top table.
(4) One square left of the center of the room.

OK, spot 1 and 2 are trash, spot 4 is the Key to Room 2, and spot 3 is also trash.  Now that we have the Key to Room 2, what do you say we head over there?

In the treasure ball is the Scanner that Captain Stern's Assistant mentioned, and it slides nicely into the Key Items Pocket.  The trash can here is empty.  You now have everything from this section that we came to get, so go into the water and Dive, then swim out to the main area and Dive to surface, making your way out of the ship.  Note that while you *could* use the Escape Rope we obtained here, we do not want to do that as we have something we will do on the way to Slateport City -- our next destination for the completion of this section!

Back on Route 108

Now that we are out of the ship, use Surf to enter the water and begin to Surf east towards Slateport City.  You will encounter and battle trainers on the way but most significantly you will fight:

(1) Cooltrainer Carolina and Sailor Cory, who are guarding a treasure ball with a Star Piece. Beat them and grab that then continue Surfing east.

You will battle:

(1) Swimmer Jerome
(2) Young Couple Mel & Paul
(3) Fisherman Carter
(4) Swimmer David
(5) Swimmer Alice
(6) Tuber Gwen
(7) Tuber Austina

On a sandbar to the far East below Slateport City is a treasure ball with a PP Up in it -- be sure to grab that!

Between the Trainers and the wild encounters from the ship to the city you should have leveled two of your team members one level, and one of that pair an additional level for a total of two easily.  That is why we came this way instead of Flying :)

On the beach at Slateport check all of the Trainers just in case you missed one or two last time you were here -- you can use that XP mate so it is worth the effort, this is partially about preparing for the major battles to come, right?

Now hit the Poke Center quickly to heal and save and then go find Captain Stern and talk to him to trigger a dialogue in which he offers you a reward for the Scanner you found on the Abandoned Ship -- he lets you pick between a Deepseatooth and a Deepseascale.

If you are having difficulty locating the good Captain check the last place we saw him - in the flooded drydock area where the submarine was just before it was stolen.

Which you choose to trade for is purely personal -- I went for the Tooth myself -- it raises the Special Attack of Clamperl and as I have one of those, well, you see my reasoning?

That wraps up this subsection of the "Things Left Undone" Collection -- thanks for playing, see the lady at the door for a ticket good for $12 off a Pizza at Georgio's Famous Pizza and Gyros in Surfside Beach!

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Jul 12th 2013 [email protected]
hi i have got thr deeptooth wt do i need to do now i traded the scanner for the deeptooth
ID #296862
Jun 19th 2013 Guest
Do I need an item to pick up the keys?
ID #291313
May 11th 2020 BlahDanicXDlol
register the itemfinder that Brandon gave you.
ID #775483
Mar 15th 2013 Guest
This was a little to detaild
ID #263739
Apr 2nd 2012 Guest
where can i find flooded drydock?..
ID #128710
Jul 8th 2011 Guest can evolve clamperl to huntail with the deepseatooth. let it hold the item and trade it. you can have gorebyss if you trade clamperl wjile holding the deapseascale
ID #55985
Apr 22nd 2011 Guest
yo dude this helped alot and i'm not even playin emerald i'm playin ruby
thx man
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