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17: Fortree City

Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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17: Fortree City

First thing to do is hit the Poke Center, heal and save, then chat up the Trainers in the Center.  Next hit the Mart, replace our kit and, hey!  We can finally buy Ultra Balls and Hyper Potions!  Excellent!

On your way through the town towards the Gym chat up the Trainers and people you see.  In the first treehouse is a Trainer who wants to trade a Plusle for a Volbeat -- both are relatively hard to get, but I think that they are getting the better end of that deal, so I said no.  You can do the trade if you like...

A City in the Sky - Treehouses in Fortree

In the next treehouse is a Trainer who will teach one of your Pokemon the move Sleep Talk if you want - it is not a bad move, but if you do not know for sure which you want to have it, best off saying no and then coming back later.  The woman here will give you TM10, Hidden Power, if you can guess correctly three times the way she has palmed a coin -- Right Right Left worked for me :)

For the moment ignore the ladder that goes down to the Gym - that path is blocked by something invisible so you cannot go there straight away anyway!  Instead go through the rest of town and out the Route on the other side!

-- Route 120 --

Route 120 connects Fortree City to Route 121, which will take you to Lillycove City, Mt. Pyre, and the Safari Zone, so that makes this a pretty important Route, wouldn't you say?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Route 119 Area Pokemon Report

-- #359 Absol (U)
-- #339 Barboach (C) Fishing: Good Rod
-- #118 Goldeen (C) Fishing: Good Rod & Surf
-- #352 Kecleon (R)
-- #129 Magikarp (C) Fishing: Old Rod
-- #183 Marill (U)  Grass & Surf
-- #262 Mightyena (C)
-- #043 Oddish (C)
-- #261 Poochyena (C)
-- #273 Seedot (R)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Right now you don't care about anything except heading along the Route until you run into that invisible object again when you try to get a Treasure Ball -- and then again on but this time Steven is here!  He helps you to see it for what it is, and mate, if you do not have one of these yet, capture it!

Using the Devon Scope Steven reveals that the object that has been tormenting you is in fact a Kacleon!  Now as I say, if you do not have this, capture it now.  Steven gives you the Devon Scope -- and now that we have that, beat feet back to town and hit the Poke Center to heal and save, and then go clear the path to the Gym mate!

-- Fortree City Gym --

As you enter the to be expected Gym Greeter is there, and he tells you about the Gym.  The Leader is Winona, and she is in to Flying-Type Pokemon. 

Before we can take on Winona we need to take care of the AGL's, naturally, so let us do that now!

Bird Keeper Humberto has a Level 30 Skarmory worth 1080XP and $960.

The next battle can be fought as wither a Double or two Single Battled depending upon how you approach them.  This is your call!

Picnicker Ashley has a trio of Level 27 Swablu worth 427XP each, and $432.

Bird Keeper Jared has a Level 27 Doduo worth 555XP, a Level 27 Skarmory worth 972XP, and a Level 27 Tropius worth 976XP and $864.

The next fight is a Double as there is no way around it..

Bird Keeper Edwardo and Camper Flint have Level 29 Swellow and Doduo, worth 502XP each and 297XP each respectively for your two Pokemon, followed by a Level 29 Xatu and Level 29 Pelipper worth 531XP each and 508 XP each respectively for your Pokemon.  They pay a prize of $1392.

Bird Keeper Darius has a Level 30 Tropius worth 1086XP and $960.

After defeating Darius you should return to the Pokemon Center to heal and save, hit the Mart to replace any Kit, and then return to the Gym for the Leader Battle!

The Fortree City Gym Leader Battle

-- Winona Gym Battle --

Your battle with Winona is probably not going to be one of the easiest Gym Leader Battles you have fought, but if you are prepared -- and you have the right Pokemon in your team -- you will do OK.  I chose carefully, and actually used two of my team alternates for this battle, because they were the best fit.  That is what alternates are for after all, to be brought in when they will be a better fit.

In this case they were not fully leveled to the team level, but that was not a problem as it turned out because their Types and move sets were right! 

Winona opened the battle with her Level 29 Swablu that was worth 459 XP.

Her next was her Level 29 Tropius worth 1050XP!

She followed that with her Level 30 Pelipper that was worth 1053XP.

Her Level 31 Skarmory came next, and I switched to the team alternate that was specially chosen specifically for this battle, and earned a nice 1116XP for my efforts!

Her final was her Level 33 Altaria, which was worth 1329XP.  I switched back to the main alternate for this battle.

The reward for this battle was $3300, and the Feather Badge, which in addition to allowing us to command Pokemon up to Level 70 (including traded Pokemon) also allows the use of HM02 -- Fly -- outside of battle.  She gifted us with TM40, Aerial Ace, as is the tradition for Gym Leader Battles.

Obviously raising the control level is important, but having Fly available?  That is just major.

Now that the battle is over and you have earned your 6th Gym Badge go ahead and return to the Pokemon Center to heal and save, then hit the Mart to replace any of your kit that you used in the battles. 

We will be indirectly heading for Lilycove City next, as that is the logical place to base our operations out of as we do the side-quests that are on our plate and the main story -- and hey, if any of the towns is a genuine big city here is it Lilycove!

First though we need to wrap up some odds and ends and take care of the next few Routes, so that is our plan!

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Jul 2nd 2023 Guest
ID #780419
Feb 14th 2016 Guest
What pokémon did you use
ID #635377
Jul 19th 2014 Guest
I think the key for his letters is
C= Common
U= Uncommon
R= Rare
ID #421805
Feb 11th 2014 Guest
Thanks so much!
ID #354114
Feb 9th 2014 Guest
meh not worth catching the pokemon looks dull most of emeralds pokemon do tbf

just not the epic once and the blaziken
ID #353470
Jan 17th 2012 Guest
why dont you guys read the beginning of this walkthrough? U is uncommon, r is rare, c is common. Really guys, be smart. Dont ask stupid questions.
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Nov 4th 2011 Guest
absol is a pokemon and it is genrally hard to catch so it probaly means unusual or something
ID #85092
Oct 30th 2011 Guest
What's Absol(U)? the 'U' what's that
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