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32: The Elite Four Battle III -- Glacia

Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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32: The Elite Four Battle III -- Glacia

The third member of the Elite Four favors Ice-type Pokemon, which while it can be inconvenient is by no means the magic bullet she thinks it is!   This is another team that has doubles in it, which means you will see the same attacks and strategy in play here.  You know what to do here.

Her team consists of the following Pokemon in alphabetical order (the order they are used varies):

Glalie (Level 50)
Glalie (Level 52)
Sealeo (Level 50)
Sealeo (Level 52)
Walrein (Level 53)

-- Glacia's Pokemon Team --

Level 50 Glalie (Ice)
Moves: Crunch, Ice Beam,  Icy Wind, Light Screen

Strategy: This one is more a pain than a threat, though if she gets off Light Screen that will complicate your takedown.  Burning tends to work well here, as do very strong physical KO's -- like the others adopting a blitz strategy is usually the best tactic to take.

- - - - - - - - - -

Level 52 Glalie (Ice)
Moves: Explosion, Hail, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball

Strategy: Where the other Glalie was more of a pain than a threat, this one is more of a threat than a pain -- mostly because when she feels like you are getting the upper hand, she detonates it with its move Explosion.  Generally speaking if your Pokemon has already taken significant damage, that move will kill it, so you will want to keep it well healed during this battle so you do not lose it.  Other than that she makes efficient use of Shadow Ball, but not so efficient use of the other two moves.

- - - - - - - - - -

Elite Four Battle III - Glacia

- - - - - - - - - -

Level 50 Sealeo (Ice/Water)
Moves: Body Slam, Encore, Hail, Ice Ball

Strategy: Encore makes for some risky chance if you are using set-up moves because you could get stuck using only that move, so be careful and be lucky.  Or just blitz this thing as fast as you can.  Do not bother using Ice moves -- or Water or Fire moves for that matter -- against this.  Your best bet is some nice physical blows that hurt a lot.

- - - - - - - - - -

Level 52 Sealeo (Ice/Water)
Moves: Attract, Blizzard, Double-Edge, Hail

Strategy:  OK this is a nasty set of moves, and in the hands of a human Trainer it could be a very difficult set to surmount - but she is not human, she is an NPC, and thank the Poke Gods for that because she does not use these in combinations that can stop your heart.  Still there are some issues you need to be aware of...

Attract can be a problem -- but that is why you have your Flute set on you, right?  Double-Edge in combination with Blizzard can be fun, but why put Hail and Blizzard on the same Pokemon?  You are about to find out.

- - - - - - - - - -

Level 53 Walrein (Ice/Water)
Moves: Body Slam, Ice Beam, Sheer Cold, Surf

Strategy: This one has a high HP pool to start with, and she uses its moves very well.  That makes sense considering that this is her team sweeper and team captain...  You want to be very very careful not to get this one into the threshold below 24% because she saves her recovery pots for it. 

Considering how much work you have to put in to whittling it down, it will suck to have that all reversed with a Full Restore, right?  So don't let that happen.  Whittle it down and then take it out with a strong KO move.  Mind Sheer Cold -- it seems to be much more effective if your Pokemon is a lot higher level than it.

- - - - - - - - - -

After the battle ends the Trainer will tell you whatever is on their mind or reflect upon their experiences in battling you as they unlock the door in the north wall behind them and open it to allow you to pass.  On the other side of that door is a set of stairs leading to yet another door and the next battle area.

Before walking through the second door and entering the next arena, pause and check your team, healing any members that need to be healed using potions or other kit items.  Then check the PP levels of their moves.  The smallest replacement level is 10 PP and obviously as this particular item is rarer, more valuable, and harder to obtain, you will want to only use them to your best advantage, so if the PP level is marginal -- say less than 8 points gone -- there is no point in using a PP restoring item from your kit unless you absolutely need to have that move topped off.

Obviously you should correct any lingering status issues now, and review your team positions to put the best member in the number one slot for the coming battles (based on types).  Last, you should save ONLY if you are sure you can carry the day and win the battles ahead. 

If there is any doubt in your mind -- any at all -- do NOT save the game.  If you do save the game you are locking yourself into this battle series as there is no way out of here save for winning and becoming the Pokemon League Champion.  As long as you do not save inside the arena areas, you can always reload to your last save point -- which we made in the Lobby of the Pokemon League -- allowing yourself the option of some more leveling, or adding kit items, what have you.  The point is that by not saving inside the arenas you give yourself the ability to learn from your experiences here and tweak both your team and your kit to address any weaknesses you uncover.

Once you have finished taking care of recovering your team's capability for battle -- and save or not save depending -- walk through the second door and begin your next battle!

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Comments for 32: The Elite Four Battle III -- Glacia

2 comments, latest first.
Aug 15th 2013 Guest
For me Outrage with a level 70 Raquaza killed walrein in one hit
ID #304903
Aug 1st 2013 Guest
Sheer Cold and other 1HKO moves don't affect pokemon of a higher level at all for the record
ID #301984