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14: The Mid-Point Check

Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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14: The Mid-Point Check

At this point in the game you are halfway to battling the Elite 4, which means you are pretty much half of the way through the game!  That being the case there are some things you should have accomplished in getting here, and it is a good idea for us to examine that now, so you can fix anything that did not get done, right?

At this point in the game the following should be true:

You have acquired all of the following Pokemon:

-- #063 Abra
-- #304 Aron
-- #343 Baltoy
-- #267 Beautifly
-- #268 Cascoon
-- #269 Dustox
-- #309 Electrike
-- #074 Geodude
-- #118 Goldeen
-- #088 Grimer
-- #316 Gulpin
-- #314 Illumise
-- #039 Jiggleypuff
-- #352 Kacleon
-- #109 Koffing
-- #264 Linoone
-- #271 Lombre
-- #270 Lotad
-- #066 Machop
-- #129 Magikarp
-- #296 Makuhita
-- #310 Manectric
-- #183 Marill
-- #312 Minun
-- #290 Nincada
-- #299 Nosepass
-- #322 Numel
-- #274 Nuzleaf
-- #043 Oddish
-- #279 Pelipper
-- #311 Plusle
-- #261 Poochyena
-- #280 Ralts
-- #302 Sableye
-- #027 Sandshrew
-- #273 Seedot
-- #336 Seviper
-- #285 Shroomish
-- #266 Silcoon
-- #227 Skarmory
-- #300 Skitty
-- #287 Slakoth
-- #218 Slugma
-- #338 Solrock
-- #327 Spinda
-- #325 Spoink
-- #333 Swablu
-- #277 Swellow
-- #276 Taillow
-- #324 Torkoal
-- #328 Trapinch
-- #313 Volbeat
-- #293 Whismur
-- #278 Wingull
-- #265 Wurmple
-- #263 Zigzagoon
-- #041 Zubat

That is a total of 57 Pokemon mate.  If you open your Dex and its summary does not say at least 57, then you did something wrong.  Check the entries in your Dex and compare them to this list -- if any of these guys are missing, backtrack in the guide to their section, then go there and capture them if you want your play to stay in parity to this guide.  You do not have to do this, but as I say, if you want everything to match between your game and the guide, well, you need to do it.

You should have obtained the Experience Share hold item from the President of the Devon Corp as your reward for delivering the letter to Stephen. 

You should have Four (4) Gym Badges.

You should have in our bag:

-- HM01 Cut
-- HM04 Strength
-- HM05 Flash
-- HM06 Rock Smash

Your PokeNav should have the following options:

-- Hoenn Map
-- Condition
-- Match Call
-- Ribbons

And there should be 34 Registered Numbers in it.

If all of that is true than you are in great shape mate!  If any of it is not true, you need to backtrack and get it fixed.

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Comments for 14: The Mid-Point Check

8 comments, latest first.
Jul 2nd 2023 Guest
1[video][b][/b] [/video]
ID #780429
Aug 10th 2020 Chryz Kean Manuel
missing jigglypuff and kacleon in my dex as well as nosepass in my pc.... but other than that im all good...
ID #776104
Dec 23rd 2013 Guest
yeah, how to get
1. the jiglypuff?
2. the ribbon in pokenav?

plus, there a few pokemon that i'd catch doesn't showed here and vice versa! T_T
ID #333064
Aug 10th 2020 Chryz Kean Manuel
just buy stat ups (x10 each) in the market at the slateport and give it to all to one pokemon until has no more affects (atleast 52 or 54 times overall stat up i think ) then talk to the girl next to it to unlock the ribbons in pokenav
ID #776105
Oct 6th 2013 Guest
Where do you get the HM cut???
ID #313077
Aug 4th 2013 MoobyNooby
So, I've only been checking in with the guide every so often, but it seems as though no mention is made as to how to get jigglypuff, only that he shows up on route 115, and my research indicates that the only area to spawn him is up on the coast where you can't reach without Surf, which I don't have at this point. So yeah, did I miss something?
ID #302650
Jan 14th 2013 dennismoe
OMG! I don't have Ribbons Option in my PokeNav!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how to do? how to do? how to do?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #242481
Aug 30th 2012 Guest
where the mid
point check?

ID #181636