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35: After the Champion Battle

Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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35: After the Champion Battle

Immediately after you defeat Wallace and you shift back to the room view from battle view, May comes bursting into the room with the Professor close on her heals.  She has some advice that she wants to share with you before you battle for the title of Hoenn League Champion, but she realizes that she arrived too late -- the battle is over, you are the new League Champion, and now she has to salute you and call you sir and...  Just kidding.

May offers her heartfelt congratulations, as does the Professor and so does Wallace.  You receive these with just the right amount of grace and humility, of course.

Finally Wallace invites you to follow him into the next room -- a special place where new champions are taken after the battle to register their team so that it is permanently entered in to the Hall of Fame. 

As the Credits Roll enjoy your Accomplishments!

The Hall of Fame in this case is a localized (your game cartridge only) record of your journey to victory that includes the record of your team, and your own stats.  In addition to this, each of the Pokemon in your team are awarded a Ribbon to commemorate this accomplishment.  If you are not familiar with the Ribbons please review the section on Ribbons in the Appendixes -- if you plan on bringing any of your current team forward into the newer generation of games, knowing about the Ribbon system is a good idea as there are certainly Ribbons you will want to get prior to transferring your Pokemon out of the game as there are some that are game-specific!

This pretty much completes the series of events that encompass Victory Road, the Pokemon League, the Elite Four, and the Hoenn Pokemon League Champion.  But this is not the end of the game!  Oh no!  There is a LOT more left to do, from things left unfinished from earlier in the game to all new events you can only tackle now that you are the League Champion in Hoenn!

This Guide was created to address the story line of the game, and get you to this point.  It is not a full all-inclusive guide.  Covering everything that there is to do and see in this game is way beyond the scope of this -- or for that matter any -- single guide to Pokemon Emerald. 

Having said that, we are still not really finished, as there is a bit more left to cover here before we are properly done with the story line. . .  So go grab a soda or tea -- or your preferred beverage of choice -- and watch the credits roll. 

When they are done and you are past the screen that misleadingly reads "The End" the game will cycle back to the Start Screen.  At that point, hit Start mate, and we will get started with the rest of Everything Else!

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Comments for 35: After the Champion Battle

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Jun 20th 2015 Guest
after you catch rayquaza then the elite four and the champion are a little too easy
ID #573052
Jun 12th 2015 Guest
ID #569089
Jun 2nd 2015 Guest
poos an wees leader to eazy
ID #564691
May 16th 2015 Guest
Can i win if i fight steven with raiquaza and groudon kyogre
ID #556785
Apr 28th 2015 Guest
ID #549095
Apr 2nd 2015 Guest
ID #536498
Mar 18th 2015 Guest
Go to Stevens house and get a free beldum (:
ID #530338
Feb 24th 2015 Guest
After you beat the elite four you open the game again and open the saved game in your pokemon emerald (the thing with raiquaza's picture)
ID #520822
Oct 22nd 2014 Guest
I'm not able to get to the battle frontier. Even when I beat the
elite four, the credits come and my game is the end . Someone
help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :(
ID #461834
Jun 13th 2015 Guest
Slateport harbor, get on the ship
ID #569838
Oct 19th 2014 garen
how do we not end the game when we beat elite 4?

ID #460666
Oct 19th 2014 garen
me too it keeps on going to the end and i wonder how people still get to play it but me :(

ID #460621
Oct 19th 2014 Guest
me too my game also get erased and i wonder how people still get to play but me :(

ID #460619
Aug 16th 2014 Guest
defeat the battle frontier and win

ID #437354
Jul 29th 2014 Guest
how do I get the 2nd masterball? I need one badly...
ID #427220
Jul 11th 2014 Guest
My game doesn't go back to the start page!!! It just keeps saying, "THE END".
ID #416705