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29: The Pokemon League and the Elite Four

Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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29: The Pokemon League and the Elite Four

After a quick side-trip to Lillycove to restock our kit we then Fly back to the League, and find ourselves sitting outside in the sunshine on the steps, deciding what we will do next.

Working our way through Victory Road really helped with leveling our team, but even though the plan was to get them to Level 55 before reaching the League, we may not have fully succeeded there.  In fact chances are good that only four of the team is actually at the target level -- maybe five but likely not -- which means we still need to top-off two or so of our team's levels.

A Pair of Bouncers Guard the Door

The simple way to do that is to head back down the path to the entrance to Victory Road and troll for wild encounters.  Several of the Pokemon at this end of the Road give over 1K in XP per battle, so getting the remaining team members to 55 should not take long at all.

If you are asking the question -- does it really matter?  The answer is yes, it really does matter.  Getting your entire team to at least 55 means you have an excellent chance to get the bulk of it through alive as you work your way through the League part of this.  The closer to 60 you are the better you will feel, because some of these battles are hard mate, especially  the last two, and once you commit to this part you cannot go back to heal, or restock your kit...

Understand something: IF you fail, you lose.  There is no option to fail here.  When you step through the door and begin your battle with the Elite Four you need to have your team at the level you want, you need to have ALL of the supplies you will need for the ENTIRE run through, and you need to be ready in mind and spirit for this marathon series of battles.

If ANY of the above is not true, do not step through those doors. 

Going in unprepared is the surest way to frustration and pain.  If there is any question in your mind that you may not be ready, whatever you do, do NOT save inside the League battles.  Because if you do, you will not be able to reload your game to a safe recoverable place outside of the battles. 

That is all the warning that you need, right?  Right!

So head off and do your leveling and when you have your team to the point you are comfortable and happy at, come back here.  Level 55 is the minimum, more is better, but it is your call mate!

-- After You Complete Leveling Your Team --

Welcome back mate!  It looks like you have your team ready -- and you have restocked your kit -- so really all that is left is to step into the League and begin the battle.  At the risk of repeating myself, if you are in ANY WAY unsure that you are ready, save outside of the League before you enter and then DO NOT save after that until you have beaten them.

As far as moves go, you want to make sure that you have the following on at least one of your team members -- Aerial Ace, Ice Beam, and Thunderbolt.  Those three moves will make your life so much easier at various points in the coming battles that it is worth the effort of getting them if you do not have them already.

If you are going to run into trouble it will be at the last of the Elite Four, or with the Champion.  The first three you should be able to handle easily.  So, without any more delay, step on in, let us get this furball started!

Complete one final check of your kit to be sure you have everthing you will need -- if you do not, get it.  If you don't have the money, use the Match Call on your PokeNav to find some battles to pick up both XP and extra money.

When you are ready approach the bouncers at the door to the League Battle Area, save your game one last time, then talk to them.  Unless you are absolutely certain you can win through the next massive chain of battles do NOT save inside so that you always have the ability to restart here.

Good luck mate!

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Comments for 29: The Pokemon League and the Elite Four

22 comments, latest first.
Feb 8th 2016 Guest
How do I get reyquaza.
ID #633787
Mar 19th 2016 Guest
why can pass the to guard?
ID #641367
Oct 15th 2016 Guest
Same probs the gaurd
ID #687463
Nov 10th 2015 Guest
Where can I find the eliet four
ID #623883
Oct 6th 2015 Guest
Where can I find the elite four
ID #614474
Oct 6th 2015 Guest
Hello! I was to enter the pokemon league and battle the elite four but the guards blocking the way and i don't know how to go inside. Can somebody tell me what to do?
ID #614354
Aug 9th 2016 Guest
Just talk to them
ID #673589
Apr 15th 2016 Guest
same :(
ID #647388
Nov 24th 2015 Guest
Same problem
ID #628208
Oct 2nd 2016 Guest
same problem
ID #685263
Sep 12th 2015 Guest
how do i get into the elite 4??
ID #607803
Jul 21st 2015 Guest
Would blizzard work instead of icebeam
ID #587613
Aug 18th 2014 Guest
I beat them all. Have Mew at lvl 70, Lugia at lvl 75, ho-oh at 70, kyogre at 75, deoxy at 65 and chimecko at 70
ID #437868
Sep 9th 2016 Guest
How did you get rid of the guards they are always at the door my pokemons are level 60
ID #680837
Oct 5th 2016 Guest
How to get past the guards????
ID #685625
May 20th 2014 Guest
i beat with blaziken 76 sharpedo 42 graveller 43 dodrio 46 electrode 42 and another sharpedo 48
ID #385930
Sep 12th 2013 Guest
I beat the Elite Four with my highest level being a level 50 salamence at the beginning.
ID #309356
Jun 22nd 2013 Guest
I passed with a 43 shrifty, 43 blaziken, 71 rayquaza, 43 aggron, 43 kadabara, and a 43 mightyena.
ID #291982
Nov 18th 2012 Guest
I had lb 46 starmie, 46 dodrio, 49 gardevoir, 53 salamence" and 52 blaziken and it was easy for me
ID #209799
Oct 27th 2012 Guest
i passed with blaziken lvl.73 and rayquaza lvl.71 and sharpedo at lvl.49
ID #201730
Jul 7th 2012 Guest
i have lvl 70 raquaza lvl 60 blaziken lvl45 wailord lvl 40 registeel, regerock, and regice
ID #161247
Jun 13th 2011 Guest
i already have Rayquaza and i used a pokeball and havent beaten the league
ID #48958