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07: Bound for Dewford Town

Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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07: Bound for Dewford Town

Now that you have healed your Pokemon and saved the game, go ahead and take off after the Team Aqua Thief -- the tunnel is closed, so he is not going anywhere!

You corner the Grunt inside the unfinished tunnel, where he has effectively trapped himself, and of course he tries to fight.  He has a Level 11 Poochyena worth 129XP and $220, and the Package containing the Devon Goods.  You also rescue the Pokemon he had taken hostage, so good on ya mate!

When her owner turns up to claim her you learn that he is the famous Mr. Briney!  Well how about that?!

On your way back out be sure to grab the Poke Ball that is in that Treasure Ball above, and then head back to the Devon Researcher to return the package - but on the way you remember that area we could not get to because of the tree?  Yeah! Let's cut that sucker down!

Above is a Treasure Ball, but to get it we have to do a Double Battle first.

Lady Sarah and Rich Boy Dawson have a Level 8 Lotad and Zigzagoon worth 126 XP and 103 XP respectively, and a Level 8 Zigzagoon and Poochyena worth 103XP and 93 XP respectively, plus $3200!

The Treasure Ball contains a Potion -- so bonus!  Now cut the next tree for the next battle!

School Kid Jerry has a Level 9 Ralts worth 135XP and $180.

Lass Janice has a Level 9 Marill worth 111XP and $144.

The Treasure Ball past the next tree has an Ether - which is always a good thing to find - and of course you can get berries from the trees here!  When you are done getting the berries hook up with the Researcher.

Saving the Devon Corporation

-- Devon Corporation Redux --

Our reward is another Great Ball from him, but this time he decides we should meet his boss!

We are teleported to his bosses office, and then he asks you to deliver the package for him - of course you say yes!  When you meet the President he asks you to deliver a letter to Stephen in Dewford Town on your way to Slateport City -- and as payment for the favor he gives you a device called the PokeNav!

In addition to giving you a map to use, this thing has other uses, though at the moment you only know about two, the map and the condition assessor that allows you to check the contest condition of your team.

GO ahead and leave the building now that you are rested and rewarded, and as you leave another Researcher stops you -- he wants to upgrade your PokeNav!  The upgrades are a Match Call that allows you to ring up people you have met, and a utility that allows you to view any Ribbons that your Pokemon have won!  Now how cool is that?!

-- To Dewford Town --

Right, so you remember where Mr. Briney lives?  Well, go there now, as you are going to get him to sail you to Dewford on his boat!

As you are leaving the city May stops you and, after trading Match Call numbers, challenges you to a battle that you win easily!  Now, on the way out, remember that spot near the other side of the bridge with the Treasure Ball behind a tree?  Well cut it down to grab the X-Accuracy, then head to the cutable trees just inside the woods and cut them next!

Follow that path east to find a trainer who will give you the Hold Item Miracle Seed, and then grab teh Great Ball from the Treasure Ball farther east.  Head south on the path, jumping down ledges to get an X-Attack from another Ball, then south to exit the woods on the ledge above Mr. Briney's Cottage!  How convenient!

Jump down and then go inside to say hello, whereupon he agrees to take you on his boat to where you need to go!  First stop, Dewford!

-- Dewford Town --

At this point you have leveled enough so that you no longer need to be told the stats for each of the trainers, as the only reason we were noting that information was so that you would be prepared to battle them with the right level gap.  Provided that you follow the leveling advice in this guide from here on it will no longer be an issue for you!

Along the way your Dad gives you a ring on your PokeNav, and then you arrive! 

Talk to the people wandering around -- one is a Fisherman who gives you his Old Rod, which means you can now capture a Magikarp!  In the house by the dock a trainer gives you a silk scarf, and in the house above that you can take part in the Top Conversation craze.

-- Dewford Gym --

As you enter you will notice two things -- it is very dark in here, and you are standing in a small circle of light.  Talk to the Gym Greeter to learn that the Leader here is into Fighting Types and to learn how to increase the size of your circle of lighe -- by defeating the AGL's!

That is pretty much everything that we need to know!  Now let us locate the first AGL and pound them into the dirt, shall we? Head up and right and then down to find your first battle...

Battle Girl Laura haas a Level 13 Meditite worth 253 XP and $312.  True to the word, after you defeat her the circle of light grows a little bigger.  From here head up and right then up to find the next battle, which is a Double!

Battle Girl Lilith and Sailor Brenden are waiting for you, and they spring their trap with a Level 13 Meditite and Level 13 Machop!  They recieve 121XP each from the Machop, 126XP each from the Meditite, and $728 as their reward!

The circle grows a lot bigger thanks to beating a pair of trainers at once time, but as we can now see that this was a dead-end passage in the maze anyway, it is clear that we need to backtrack and then go up!  If you stay towards the right once you are heading up the hall to the left of the pair you will encounter your next trainer!

Battle Girl Jocelyn has a Level 13 Meditite worth 253 XP and $312.

Down a short way and left is the next opponent.

Black Belt Cristian has a Level 13 Makuhita worth 241 XP and $416.

Now our circle of light is very large, so we can easily see to head down and left to the next opponent!

Black Belt Takao has a Level 13 Machop worth 244 XP and $416.

As that is the final AGL, and as we used a fair bit of PP here, it is time to leave the Gym and head back to the Poke Center to heal and save!  If you need to replace any kit items before you face the Leader do that as well, but you should quickly head back to the Gym to take down our second Leader and, naturally, win our second Gym Badge!

Note: I was able to do the entire set of battles save for the Double on with just my Wingull, whose Wing Attack is deadly to Fighting Types.  YMMV, but doing it that way quickly leveled them to Level 19, making Wingull the perfect team member to take on the Leader!

Dewford Gym - The Second Gym Badge is Ours!

-- Brawly: Dewford's Gym Leader --

Standing on his platform is Brawly, a Leader who believes in the Fighting Type.  It has been my experience for whatever that is worth that sticking to a single Type is folly, because a well-spread team can eviscerate you.  Which we are about to prove here!

He leads with his Level 16 Machop worth 301XP, and follows with his Level 16 Meditite worth 312XP.  His final Pokemon is his Level 19 Makuhits, which does require a bit of care in handling.  You can do it though - and the 354XP this guy is worth should get you another level! 

Your reward is $1900 and the Knuckle Badge.  With this badge Pokemon up to Level 30 -- including those you acquire in trade -- will fully obey you!  You can use Flash outside of battle, and he gifts you with TM08, Bulk Up, as well.

Good on ya mate!  That is another Gym down and an important badge as it now allows you to raise your Team Level beyond 20 without any risk! 

Head to the Poke Center to heal and save now, and replace any kit you used up in the battle, and then head for the beach mate!

-- Dewford Beach --

Known as a resort destination, Dewford's pristine beaches are famous for their excellent fishing and topless sunbathing.   Serious Pokemon Trainers however are only interested in the Beach for its proximity to the entrance to Granite Cave, the go-to destination for trainers everywhere looking to expand their Dex!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dewford Beach - Route 106 Area Pokemon Report

-- #129 Magikarp (C) Fishing: Old/Good Rod
-- #072 Tentacool (C) Fishing: Good/Super Rod
-- #320 Wailmer (U) Fishing: Good/Super Rod

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As we only have the Old Rod at the moment we can grab a Magikarp - and we should!  When we collect the other Rods we can manage the rest of these.

As you leave town you will notice that there are trainers on the beach ahead -- battle the trainers above to reach the cave on the beach -- Granite Cave -- and head inside. 

-- Granite Cave --

Talk to the Hiker here, who will give you HM05 -- Flash - which as you know we can now use outside of battle.  Yay us!  He tells you that Stephen came this way, which is good to know as we need to deliver that letter!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Granite Cave Area Pokemon Report

-- #063 Abra (U) All Floors
-- #304 Aron (C) 2nd/3rd & 4th Floor
-- #074 Geodude (U) 1st Floor & Rock Smash
-- #296 Makuhita (C) 1st/2nd & 4th Floors
-- #299 Nosepass (C) Rock Smash
-- #302 Sableye (U) 2nd & 3rd Floors
-- #041 Zubat (C) All Floors

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As you can see there is a mix of generations present here, but a lot of Pokemon that we need both for our Dex and because there are some awesome Pokemon here!  Not only can we use this place to fill up some Dex entries, we can also level here, and this is a really good time and place to take our team to Level 25, so do that now.

As you head along the first floor there is an Escape Rope in a Treasure Ball -- be sure to grab that -- and then you take the ladder to the next floor, where you need to use Flash.

As you head along take the path that branches down to grab the Treasure Ball that has a Poke Ball in it.    Work your way east to the ladder to the 3rd floor and you will pass a raised area with a rock on it.  Go up the stairs here, face the rock, and press the action button to obtain the Held Item Everstone!

The Everstone is an item that, when held by a Pokemon, automatically prevents them from evolving!  So if you wanted, for instance, to keep your Torchic a Torchic simply have it hold this item, and it will always BE a Torchic!

Delivering the Letter to Steven

Take the next double-set of ladders and you will reach an area that is well lit -- this is the 4th floor and the last stretch to reach Steven!  Just fight your way along and through the exit at the end and you will  find him standing in the middle of a narrow canyon-like area.

Walk over and chat him up to learn that he is also in to rare stones.  As a reward for delivering the letter he gifts you TM47, Steel Wing!  Excellent move!

You exchange PokeNav numbers and then Steven takes off.

Now at this point you are free to do some batch-leveling, so go ahead and run your team up to Level 25 now if you have not already done so.  Be sure that you have captured at least one of all of the Pokemon from here, and come see me when you are finished leveling, right?

Wow!  That was fast!

Excellent!  Now go ahead and leave the cave -- or you can use an Escape Rope to instantly exit if you like, as that is a bit faster.  Walking out or using the Escape Rope will get you to the entrance to the cave.  As we have done all that we needed to do here for now, it is time to return to the docks and Mr. Briney to finish our mission and deliver that package to Slateport City!

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Aug 8th 2023 Guest
ID #780601
Oct 23rd 2015 Guest
in pokemon sapphire there is no one in the briney's cottage
ID #618936
May 4th 2015 Guest
I've already been there but I got farther in the game and I forgot to get the rod how do I get back?
ID #552040
Jul 19th 2014 Guest
I love pokemon[size=12][/size]
ID #421299
Dec 12th 2013 Guest
What about the pokemon in route 116, on the way to take the Devon Goods from Team Aqua? I caught a whismur, which is not previously noted. The final evolve form for whismur seems to be quite impressive. Pokemon details for this route?
ID #328521
Sep 26th 2013 Guest
I cannot find a Geodude in the caves for my life
ID #311311
Feb 23rd 2013 Guest
I caught multiple tentacools with the first rod (old), but thanks for the nifty guide in other areas.
ID #257958
Jan 14th 2013 dennismoe
I'm sorry but the researcher didn't give me ribbion feature in my pokemon nav. :( why? why? why?
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Nov 4th 2012 Guest
how do i find the 3rd staircase to the forth storey?
ID #205436
Aug 21st 2012 Guest
It would be helpful if the guide stated that you can't smash the rocks in 'granite cave' before obtaining the 'HM06: Rock Smash' in 'Mauville City'.
ID #178390
Mar 9th 2012 Guest
The Best Way to Level Up Your Pokemon is-

1. First give the letter to Steven.
2. Head back to Rustboro City.
3. Meet the Devon Corp. President, he'll give you Exp. Share which is indeed the best way to level up your pokemon'.
4. Now you can give this Exp. Share to any of your pokemon which will give half EXP. to the pokemon holding it without its participation in the battle.
ID #121574
Feb 9th 2012 Guest
These batch leveling sessions take hours for me. Some of my team for example have attacks that are rother unaffective towards certain pokemon or nor very affective which slows the process down immensely. Is all of this batch leveling completely necessary or is there maybe an easier way of leveling?
ID #113501