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25A: Sootopolis Exploration

Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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25A: Sootopolis Exploration

When you step outside of the Center you will notice that the town residents who were previously blocking access to the east are now gone, and you have full access to the town area to the east!  Now is an excellent time to check out what is there...

-- To the right is a house with an old man who likes to watch young trainers.  There is a door in the rear that is blocked by potted trees so you cannot access it now.  Note for future reference and exit the house.

-- In the house to the north is a girl who will gift you with a Wialmer Doll just for visiting her and making her day a little brighter.  Accept the doll and then leave the house.

Lotad or Seedot -- they want to measure both

-- In the next house to the north are two fishermen who are arguing about the relative sizes of Lotad.  If you have one in your party, the left-side fisherman will ask you to show it to him. The bloke on the right claims that Seedot is the bigger Pokemon relative to Lotad, and asks you to show him a Seedot if you have one.

Depending upon the size, the two blokes will award you prizes that range from Ether to Elixer, both of which are desirable and useful for the challenges you will face on Victory Road and as you battle the Elite Four and Pokemon Champion.

The Elixer restores the PP of ALL of the moves of a Pokemon by 10 PP.

The Ether restores the PP of a specific move you select by 10 PP.

Collecting as many of these as you can prior to taking on the Elite Four is a good idea, so taking the time to grab these Pokemon from your boxes to show them is a no-brainer!

-- The house to the north has a couple in it that tells you about treasures and the Ancient Ruins.

-- The house all the way to the north has an old woman who will ask you about the two orbs that Archie and Max had.

That pretty much covers all of the things you can see and do here other than chatting up the two residents who can be found on the path as you move from house to house.  We are finished with Sootopolis -- for now.

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Comments for 25A: Sootopolis Exploration

6 comments, latest first.
Apr 4th 2015 Guest
The sky pillar is in the east of Pacifidolg town
ID #537933
Apr 14th 2014 Guest
The sky pillar is in the route 131 near pacifidlog town.
you will find wallace and wake up rayquaza to stop the battle of groudon and kyogre.
go to the route 126 and use dive.
If you are there already there beat the gym to use waterfall.
Next go to the pacifidlog and surf to ever grande city and use waterfall to climb up and go to the victory road you need to get out of victory road to battle the pokemon league.
If you finish the pokemon league go to the lilycove or slateport then go to the harbor to go to battle frontier.
ID #375038
Jun 20th 2013 Guest
actually it is east of pacifidlog you surf and there is sort of a spiral made of rocks with an opening where you can enter
ID #291526
Jan 12th 2013 Guest
I think sky pillar is just a short surf east of lilycove.
ID #241669
Dec 4th 2012 Guest
Where are the ruins ther talking about
ID #214981
Nov 12th 2011 Guest
where is ..the sky pilar
ID #87037