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15: Return to Petalburg

Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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15: Return to Petalburg

Well mate, it is time to go home.  It is time to visit with your Mum, have a look at the old room, sleep in your bed, and then pay a visit to Dad in Petalburg and kick his butt!  He may have known you were not ready before, but now?  Now he is going to find out just how well you have taught yourself the arts of Pokemon Training and being a Trainer!

As with all of the other Gyms, when we enter there is a Gym Greeter waiting for you to offer some helpful information -- in this case he explains about the different rooms and what they mean.  What we need to do is clear out the AGL's in order to clear the way for our battle with Dad!

* Speed Room

Cooltrainer Randall has a Level 26 Swellow worth 901XP and $1248.

* Accuracy Room

Cooltrainer Mary has a Level 26 Delcatty, worth 768XP and $1248.

* Confusion Room

Cooltrainer Parker has a Level 26 Spinda, worth 472XP and $1248.

* Defense Room

Cooltrainer Alexia has a Level 26 Wigglytuff, worth 606XP and $1248.

* Recovery Room

Cooltrainer George has a Level 26 Slakoth, worth 462XP and $1248.
* Strength Room

Cooltrainer Jody has a Level 26 Zangoose, worth 918XP and $1248.

* One-Hit KO Room

Cooltrainer Berke has a Level 26 Vigoroth, worth 702XP and $1248.

After you finish off the last of the AGL's return to the Poke Center to heal and save, then hit the Mart to replace any kit you used during the battles before returning to the Gym to finally face-off against your Dad, and show him your stuff!

Our Battle with the Petalburg Gym Leader

-- Battle with Gym Leader Dad --

Norman begins the battle with a Level 27 Spinda worth 490XP, and then brings out his Level 27 Vigoroth, which is worth 729XP. 

His next Pokemon is his Level 29 Linoone, worth 784XP, followed by the main event, his Level 31 Slaking, which is worth 1395XP.

After you beat him your dad hands over $3100 as well as the Balance Badge, which increases the base defense of your Pokemon and allows you to use the HM Surf outside of battle.  He also gives you TM42, Facade.

Just as you are wrapping up receiving your rewards and your Dad's praise Wally's father comes running in, grabs you, and drags you off to his house!  He tells you how happy he is that his son's health has finally firmed up, and tells you that he credits it in part to you helping Wally to capture his own Pokemon!

As a gesture of thanks, Wally's Dad gives you HM03, Surf, which as you know is one of the most important HM's in the game!  With this we can now reach areas that were blocked to us, make full use of all of the Routes, and even more important, capture Pokemon that were just out of our reach before!  Thank you Wally's Dad!

-- Exploring the Towns  --

If you will remember the first and last times we came through here we really did not have the time to stop and smell the roses, or even take a look around.  Well, we have the time now so what do you say we pay closer attention to this new city we live near and that our Dad works in, shall we?

First talk to the people in the Poke Center to learn some things and share your profile with a collector.  Chat up the folks in the Mart while you are shopping, and then say hello to the old fellow out behind the Poke Center.

See that pond there?  Here is a great opportunity for us to use Surf for the first time!  Surf to the other side and you will find a Treasure Ball with a Max Revive in it -- a Max Revive will awaken an incapacitated Pokemon and restore all of its HP!  Very cool item, too bad you cannot buy these or I would stock up on them!

Surf back and look to the south side of town, where there are a few houses you can visit and gossip with the people who live in them. 

If you surf the pond on the south side there is a Treasure Ball with an Ether in it on the left, and on the right an open area that has a hidden Rare Candy on the ground!  Now that is truly an awesome hidden treasure!

Spending some time Surfing the pond here can get you a Marill if you do not already have one.  Once you are done head for shore and then for Oldale Town, then turn south for home!

-- The Other Family Reunion --

Now that we have said hello to Dad, oh, and kicked his butt! Oh yeah!  Uh HUH!  Err.. Calm down mate... Easy there...

With that done though, it is only right that we drop in on Mum, as after all this victory we have had over Da was partly her doing.  She nurtured us, she encouraged us, and she gave us that bitchin' pair of Running Shoes!

So briefly hit the Poke Center to heal and save, the Mart to stock anything from our kit we used in the Gym Battle, and then head east to Oldale Town and immediately south to Littleroot, where we will pop in to visit with Mum!

When we get there Mum has a surprise for us -- a pressie to celebrate our victory and the progress that we have made as a Pokemon Trainer!  Mum is sure that we have what it takes to be a Pokemon Master, and maybe even the Pokemon League Champion -- but she knows that to get there we are going to need loads of money and XP. 

Ever the practical old girl, she chooses a pressie that can actually help us to achieve those goals: an Amulet Coin!

If you do not know, the Amulet Coin is a hold item for Pokemon that doubles the amount of money you receive as your prize.  Now that really is a gift that keeps on giving!

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May 8th 2014 Guest
The only haRD part is that he uses hyperpotions all he time. Also, slaking is the 3rd ine not last. Took al my pokemonout, and there all in the 30s
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Jan 22nd 2014 Guest
The first move used by my opponent in the accuracy room... Missed...
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