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18: The Road to Lillycove

Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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18: The Road to Lillycove

Back on Route 120 head to the steps down to the Treasure Ball that we were blocked from -- now that we know what it is, we can use the Scope to reveal it!  If you did not capture the one on the bridge with Steven, or this one is the opposite gender, then definitely capture it now as well!  If it is the opposite gender you have a breeding pair!

Captured or killed, head down to the bottom of the stairs and grab the Nest Ball, then drop into the water and Surf to the far end where you will find the entrance to a a cave called "The Scorched Slab."  Inside is a Treasure Ball containing TM11, Sunny Day, that you really should grab now!

Backtrack to the stairs and continue along to the path through the Tall Grass and over the bridge.  There will be a few Trainer Battles, but eventually  you will reach Route 121.

-- Route 121 --

The main route between Fortree City and Lilycove, Route 121 terminates at the juncture of Route 122 and he Safari Zone.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Route 121 Area Pokemon Report

-- #044 Gloom (R)
-- #352 Kecleon (R)
-- #262 Mightyena (C)
-- #043 Oddish (U)
-- #261 Poochyena (C)
-- #353 Shuppet (C)
-- #278 Wingull (U)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

There should be a few Pokemon here that you need, so look to getting those before you continue too far along the Route!

The Safari Zone sits on Routes 121 and 122 like a Beacon

As you approach the Safari Zone you see a group of Team Aqua Grunts heading towards Mt. Pyre -- just ignore them for now, there is no timer running on that quest, and we have other things to do!

Head past the Safari Zone for now -- that is one of the areas you will be returning to later in the game, after you take out the Elite 4!

-- Lilycove City --

Welcome to Lilycove home of oompa music, the Lilycove Department Store, Contest House, Pokemon Trainer Fan Club, the Cove Lily Motel, and the Move Deleters House!

So let us hit the high points since our stay here is mostly utility-minded, and we need to be able to visit the Department Store, which May is blocking!

We have another battle with May, and note that she is up to four team members now!  This battle goes almost exactly the same as the previous one, and once we defeat her she flies off.

Head into the store to buy what you need, and then hit the Center to heal and save.  Now we need to head back to the Safari Zone and then head south on to Route 122, as we need to deal with the Aqua/Magma Question now!

-- Route 122 --

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Route 121 Area Pokemon Report

-- #129 Magikarp (C) Fishing: Old Rod
-- #072 Tentacool (C) Surf & Fishing: Good Rod
-- #278 Wingull (C) Surf
-- #279 Pelipper (R) Surf
-- #320 Wailmer (C) Fishing: Good Rod

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

From the pier below the Safari Zone surf around the Mountain to the far side and then come ashore on the narrow spit of land at the cave entrance.  Enter Mt. Pyre and work your way to the western exit, where you find yourself outside on a ledge.

Follow the ledge to some stairs and go up, then keep going to the Treasure Ball, which has TM48, Skill Swap, in it.  Take that and continue along the path west, up another flight of stairs, then east and up again.  At this point you encounter that odd smoke -- grab the Max Potion from the Treasure Ball then cut back around and up the other stairs, all the way to the top, where you will zone.

Just moments too late to stop Team Aqua!

-- Confronting Team Aqua --

You know you are in the right place because ahead of you are Team Aqua Grunts!

When you reach the top you find Aqua's Leader Archie has what he came for, and they are leaving.  The Caretaker Couple tell you what they can, and give you something that they found after Magma's visit - a Team Magma insignia!

To be clear, it is a good thing that the emblem was left behind because with it we can gain access to the Magma Hideout!  And we need to do that soon -- those two orbs are the only things that keep the world's weather in balance!  The further they are separated the worse the weather will grow, and it could potentially be an Armageddon situation if we do not get those orbs back on top of this Mountain!

No pressure or anything... I am just saying...

-- Onward Through the Fog! --

Okay, unlimber your wings mate, and Fly to Lavaridge Town now.  When you land use the Poke Center to heal and save and then head directly for the Jagged Pass now via the Cable Car Station!

When you reach the upper Station -- isn't the ride in this thing lovely? -- exit and zone to the Jagged Pass, heading straight down the center jumping from ledge to ledge.  When you reach a certain point, sensing the Magma Insignia in your pack, the computer that controls security for the Magma Headquarters will open a secret door in the side of the Pass -- go in it!

The path you need to follow is really obvious, but there are some extras you can pick up along the way!  Use Strength to move the boulders and continue north.  You will have the opportunity to capture a Graveler here -- I suggest you do that!

Follow the path around -- it only goes one way -- fighting as needed until you reach the area with the stairs and an exit.  Take the exit to the next area and head east, going down and then west to fight the Grunts there.

Continue down the stairs once you have beaten the pair of Grunts on this level, head to the level below where there are patrolling Grunts and kill them!  Just kidding -- you cannot kill them, but you can defeat them and you should!

Continue down the stairs and you will reach a point where you can go into a cave or further down -- further down is where we will go in a bit, but for now enter that cave to double back to a different part of the previous area.

Head all the way to the right, ignoring the ladders here, and go up and up again, then zone out on to a narrow ledge.  Follow that around to where you battle a Grunt, then keep going to the end and grab the Rare Candy from the Treasure Ball we saw when we first entered the HQ!

Now double back and zone to the previous area, and take the next set of stairs on the way back to fight some Grunts and grab a Max Elixir from a Treasure Ball.

Continue west to the next ladder and a Double Grunt Battle, then grab the Full Restore from the Treasure Ball ahead before backtracking and zoning to the main area and heading down the stairs south and zoning to the next area.

Follow the ledge and battle the Grunt before you go down the ladder here; when you get to the bottom head east then south instead of zoning immediately.  Battle the Grunt in the corner and then west to grab the Treasure Ball with its Nugget.  Zone out the door that is south of you and follow the path, battling the grunt at the turn.

This grunt will accidentally reveal that the Legendary Pokemon Groudon is the subject of their efforts -- thank him then defeat him!  Now continue north for another Double Battle, and a single battle a little further on.

This Grunt tells you that Groudon will awaken soon -- clearly when that happens Team Magma has something planned, but what?

In the far corner is a Treasure Ball with a Max Revive in it so grab that before turning south and reaching the Magma Leader, who is standing at the Lava Pool watching the sleeping Groudon!

Before you can stop him he triggers the Blue Orb, waking Groudon!  But what he is expecting to happen does not happen, instead Groudon flees!  Maxie blames you, and attacks!

After the battle zone and grab the Escape Rope from the Treasure Ball and use it!  As soon as you are out, Fly to Slateport City!

-- Slateport City --

Hit the Poke Center to heal and save then run to Captain Stern's drydock above and right of the Center, where you will find a crowd hanging about for Stern's press conference about the new exploration submarine they have just completed.

As the camera crew departs and you think everything is winding down, Team Aqua swipes the sub!  As they are escaping the leader gives you a clue as to where they are going -- arrogant SOB isn't he?

Run outside and immediately Fly to Lilycove City, then run to the beach and out into the water, then Surf north to the entrance to the Aqua HQ!

-- Aqua Hideout --

This is pretty straight forward -- just fight your way along the linear path using the warp panels.  Basically there are two main paths, one leads to the confrontation, the other to a lot of fights.  It really does not matter which you follow first as you will want to clear all the battles for both!  Have fun with this!

When you reach the room that is separated by a narrow water channel defeat the Grunt and then take the bottom left teleport pad to a room full of teleport pads.  Work your way through those to the office of the Team Aqua Leader and grab the Master Ball that is on the floor there along with a Nugget, a Voltorb, and an Electrode.  If you need one or both, capture them instead of KO'ing them, right?

Backtracking to the room divided by the water channel, head east for a Double Battle then use the pad there to go along another linear path that includes pads.  There will be a single and then Double Battle, and finally you reach the sub pen, where you have a battle with Aqua Admin Matt!

It seems that this battle was intended only to delay you while the boss departed in the sub... 

Use the bottom warp panel on the right - then go south and you are in the room where you entered this place from.  Surf south and out, and then

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Thanks for the guide. The video was funny!
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Very useful though
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for some reason there isnt a swarm of people at the dock. how do i fix this
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I just got the orb from those old people but nothing else a magma insignia nd I don't know what to do next pls help I'm playing Pokemon sapphire
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Oh my god!!! such a lifesaver this part... in the game you cant really tell what to do next.
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Mar 23rd 2012 **whizz**
This is great! But can you please list down all the pokemon that can be captured? Thanks!
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thanks dude i needed that guideSmile
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