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25D: Finishing Route 115

Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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25D: Finishing Route 115

Note: You need the Mach Bike for this section -- if you do not have it, go to the Bike Shop in Mauville City and exchange the Accro Bike for it now.

Ninja's are behind every fake tree!

After exiting the south entrance of Meteor Falls Cave head south and west to the beach then Surf north to the beach above and climb out of the water.  To the north are some paths through a wood with patrolling Trainers -- be aware though that it is possible to accidentally block the paths by engaging the trainers when they are in the wrong places so be careful how you do it (watch the video for the easy way).

Battle the two patrolling trainers first, and then walk into the vision line for the Ninja trainer (he is hiding behind that fake tree) and battle him, then finally the one to the west down that offshoot path.  Once you have completed those battles,  and grabbed the Health Powder form the treasure ball here, go up the north path for a doubles battle, and then grab the berries off of the trees here, planting new ones before you leave.

Head down and east up the stairs to grab the treasure ball above with its TM01, Focus Punch, and then using the Mach Bike ride very fast up the sandy slope here.  Hop off of the bike and go all the way to the south to get an Iron from the treasure ball here.

That wraps up Route 115 -- either run or Fly to town, heal and save.

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Comments for 25D: Finishing Route 115

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Dec 21st 2014 Guest
you put the wrong section for 25c
ID #487950
Oct 21st 2013 Guest
The most simple is that we just capture raquaza lv70 with master ball
ID #315647