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In-Game Trades

Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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In-Game Trades

The Pokemon games were build from day one with trading as a focal point for the games, and this is why every generation starts with a pair of complimentary color-based games.  It is a tradition since the very first generation to have the two color-based games followed by a game version that, while it combines elements of the first two games, still requires the Trainer to trade with one or both to complete their Poke Dex regardless.

The reason for that is simple -- trading encourages Trainers to battle each other, and battles between real life Trainers is part and parcel the backbone of this game series.  Though trades between games are an important aspect of the process made famous by that tag line "Gotta Catch 'Em All!" there are always, in each game, a handful of NPC Trainers who will trade one type of Pokemon for another.

These NPC Trainers are there as a sort of mini-tutorial on how trading works, and of course to expose the new Trainer to the concept of trading and hopefully make them want to do it.  Just like Pokemon obtained from trading with another real life Trainer the Pokemon you obtain in trades in the game have the same basic structure to them -- they level much faster due to the bonus they receive for being traded, and they are harder to control, requiring -- some might even say encouraging -- the Trainer to seek out Gym Leaders early to obtain the badge that will make controlling them easier.

In Pokemon Emerald the following In-Game Trades exist:

Trade 1 -- Trainer Isis of Battle Frontier
Location: Inside a house in the corner of the Battle Frontier Zone.
Your Pokemon: Skitty
Their Pokemon: Meowth (holding a Retro Mail)

Trade 2 -- Trainer Roman of Fortree City
Location: Inside a treehouse in Fortree City.
Your Pokemon: Volbeat
Their Pokemon: Plusle (Holding a Wood Mail)

Trade 3 -- Trainer Skylar of Pacifidlog Town
Location: Inside a floating house in Pacifidlog Town.
Your Pokemon: Bagon
Their Pokemon: Horsea (Holding a Wave Mail)

Trade 4 -- Trainer Kobe of Rustboro City
Location: Inside Kobe's House in Rustboro City.
Your Pokemon: Ralts
Their Pokemon: Seedot (holding a Chesto Berry)

To complete a trade the Trainer must appear at the location with the desired Pokemon in their party and speak with the NPC, who will formally request the trade.  When the Trainer agrees to the trade they are asked to select the Pokemon that they are trading, which engages the same graphical cut-scene that the Trainer would experience if this were a trade between two original games linked either by cable or wireless connection.

When the trade is completed the Trainer now has the new Pokemon. Trades are one way and cannot be undone so be certain that you are trading the Pokemon that you mean to trade.

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