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Worst family fun vacation ever

Bulletstorm Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Worst family fun vacation ever

Act 2 - Chapter 2

Move forward in the tunnel and the first DropKit will be on the right. This one contains the re-arm access for the Boneduster and we definitely want that.

Continue forward kicking in the gate of the amusement ride and once clear of the line there will be a Critical Event.

The next NewsBot is to the right behind the last caged MechaTon.

Kick out the barricade and then jump over the ledge. You'll come up looking right at an enemy. Time for a special Skillshot. Kick him into the miniature building behind for the [KILL-O-WATT]. This area is all close quarters fighting so it's a great time to work through the Boneduster Skillshots. All of the normal Boneduster Skillshots are pretty straight forward so check the list and work on them here.

After clearing all the various baddies from the mini city you'll have a lever to pull followed right by a Critical Event. Jump down below to get away from the MechaTon for now. Leash open the gate and then climb the ladder.

A DropKit is right to the left as you come off the ladder. Nothing new, just a place to reload.

A few more enemies hide around the boxes and then you'll get to another ledge to jump over. The MechaTon will be back and Ishi will tell you to fire at him, but don't bother, he's not coming after you and you can't damage him so just wait for the chance to leave to come up. Then you're going to get gang rushed by the bad guys. It's a good chance to get [SLUGFEST] for killing 2 people with a single shotgun shot.  Then kick down the gate and the MechaTon will show up with a small buddy. A Critical Event firing takes out the owner and then you're in charge.

Let's get this guy under control. RB to smash down the first door. Then RT to fire at the two bridge controls. Then head up the left side yourself before having the MechaTon RB smash the next door.

There is another Skillshot in this area that is NOT hard to come by. [MASS EXTINCTION] is for getting the MechaTon to crush a man by walking over it. This next area has a lot of enemies on the ground for you to casually walk over. So make sure you do. Stay under cover on the left as you direct the MechaTon to shoot and crush everyone in the area. Continue blasting people in both building and the ground until you get a Critical Event to look at the bus. The MechaTon will smash it in the drink and both you and it can now move on.

Make sure to stay on cover as there will now be Vultures added to the mix and they can take you down fast if you are not careful. Target them first and then the men on the balconies. Once the MechaTon blows the left hand buildings up it will be time to move up.

Head hard across the open field to the right side of the street. Again you will have to shoot both the left and right side of the street's balconies. Then you'll have 2 guys sneaking up behind you to on the opposite side of the street so twist the MechaTon around and blast them. Lots more Vultures to blow up after that. Then a Critical Event whipping you around as the final group of bad guys are coming back from the start of the area. The distance between you and the enemies can make it hard to get the MechaTon aiming spot on the enemies so work both sides of the streets to get the angles you need. Yet more guys on the other end of the street until you finally get a RB to bash down the final gate.

ACHIEVEMENT - Size Matters - 15 GS - Use your biggest weapon.
This unlocks after you finish the section.

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