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I don't hold you accountable

Bulletstorm Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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I don't hold you accountable

Act 7 - Chapter 2

ACHIEVEMENT - Stowaway - 15 GS - Catch a ride.

This will pop at the start of the chapter.

The final Skillshots will unlock at this first DropKit.

Trishka will open the door and you'll be introduced to Final Echo the elite of the elite. Too bad for them you have fully upgraded and loaded weaponry so they are just as easy as if they where level 1 Skulls. The one thing is they have Charged Carbines so if you see one charging up, duck. There is also a Skillshot for getting a Carbine Charge shot off to one before they are able to fire theirs called [DISCHARGED]. There is also a damaged robotic arm in the ceiling for some easy Shockers.

As you work through the halls there is a TON of rebar sticking out of the walls for easy voodoos. Really a fully loaded Penetrator takes care of everyone in just one shot and it's pretty easy to line up a couple in one shoot. Work slow and progress forward.

When you get to the Loading Bay pull the lever and as the forcefield comes up Leash an enemy into it for [FORCED] then as they are sucked out to space you'll get [EJACULATED].

Trishka will head off on her own and you and Ishi can go for a nice elevator ride together to get to another Loading Bay. Again pull the lever and abuse the center exposed electrical.

When the far door opens there will be a turret gunner. So take him out and grab his mini gun and work through the hallway. You have plenty of ammo. Then next room has 2 turrets gunners so take them out quickly. As soon as the room clears the side door will open and several more enemies will come out.

Head upstairs and Ishi will crack the door. This is not timed, it's simply over when you kill everyone. Use the 2 minis up top and once everyone is dead again Ishi will open the door.


Now its time to take care of Saranno. This whole battle plays out as a custcene with Critical Event button sequences to advance the story. Afterwards you and Trishka are back on the surface and it's time to find a way out of here.

You'll get a Critical Event where you watch the Echo troops trying to get to the escape pods before you. You'll have a climb up a wide open series of ramps.

ACHIEVEMENT - Total Malfunction - 20 GS - Destroy all Newsbots in the Single Player Campaign.

Final Newsbot is in a small room to the right as you rise up the ramps.

ACHIEVEMENT - Just One Last Thing - 20 GS - Kill all enemies before you reach the escape capsule.
Another kill everyone while you run for your life. A fully loaded Penetrator makes this easy. Make sure to get the guy trying to get into another escape pod and you win the game.

Wait until the credits play to hear an after action sound bite.

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