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I see we're all a bit upset

Bulletstorm Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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I see we're all a bit upset


Act 5 - Chapter 3


We start this chapter in an elevator followed by RT LT hand over hand to get into the hotel. Then as you work through the hotel you'll get to a Critical Event and then a DropKit.

On the floor after the Critical Event.

Head into the stairwell for a Critical Event to see some Creepers. Use the center shaft for vertigoes and then then exit down a floor. A few more in the hall and then a scene and Ishi will leave the group. Followed by more walking and then a another fall. You mush have special dropping bones in the future. Anyway more walking and then some crawling and we're finally going to see a single Burnout. Then a Critical Event and some CRAWLING. 10 minutes in and we've seen like 10 enemies.  You'll get easy Voodoo kill on another Burnout and then you'll come out in a big room and get a Critical Event to see another large Burnout come in the room. But he goes and messes up his own entrance and you don't have to do anything. Then Leash the electrical to get a path out. Still no real battles.

You'll finally crawl out of the underground to a few ammo crates and a Nom Juice bottle and.... some enemies. Yeah we get to fight this chapter. Just a few rushers but enemies all the same.

The first Newsbot is to the left in the next room out in the open.

Kick open the doors and here is where the battle is. A large outdoor area. So work on Thump and Airborne Skillshots. This is also the go to place for [HALLOWEEN].  This is for kicking a Nom Parasite and then kicking the enemy into electrical, like the advertising columns in this area. There are a lot of enemies though so clear out the extras and leave one by the left column. Skillshot completed.

In the next open area after clearing some of the enemies you'll get another Critical Event to show you the Bouncer Mini Boss. You have to blast off his backpack first. A Head Hunter guided bullet or a Flail gets rid of the backpack in one shot and then Thump and kill as normal.

There is a DropKit out in the open to reload after your boss battle.

The next bot inside with the DropKit in the hallway. Easy Peezy.

Slide under the door. Critical Event to see the buildings going down and then a few Burnouts in close quarters. Then Leash the bus so you can move on. Then its Burnouts, Critical Event, repeat as we move down the street. Kick the car to make a bridge and then a Critical Event to see a rather large enemy. Then its cutscene time.

ACHIEVEMENT - Red Barrels - 10 GS - Explode all the red barrels on the rooftop while in a helicopter.

Achievement - Red Barrels

You can do this on Very Hard. The key is to destroy the first red barrel that is right by the helicopter before you even get in the helicopter. It just makes it a lot easier. You'll also get the [DINO SORE] Skillshot during this battle.

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