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Whatever it is, it's pissed

Bulletstorm Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Whatever it is, it's pissed


Act 1 - Chapter 3


Start off by grabbing the high wire with X. Then its an LT, RT sequence. If you do it on key you get 25 SP per trigger press. Then X to grab the wire and slid down.

Another DropKit with a Skillshot upgrade but no new weapons yet.

Up and around the corner you'll get your first action with the Screamer. These guys are too fast for the Leash so get up close and dodge the flares. Aim in and when the flare goes off shoot and kill them for the [BLIND FIRE] Skillshot.

As you work your way down you'll get a Critical Event to take a look at a down Vulture. Just the ticket out of here you need. There is also a single Vulture firing on you, if you can get the aim right it's a good time to get the [SKYJACKER] Skillshot for killing the pilot while the Vulture is still in the air.

Then move down to the bottom and head right into the cave. There is another Critical Event as you enter right after kicking over some board. This shows you that there is a way out of the cave besides the way you came in. Head down and there is another LT, RT sequence to climb over a gap. Then a Critical Event to see a corpse. The important part is the 2 ammo crates though. Grab those and move on.

You'll fall down and see some strange eggs. Start Leashing them to break them up. The right side is a dead-end. Either way you're going to start a timed sequence to get out of there alive. Head to the left side and start running and breaking eggs as fast as you can. When you get the last egg jump over the fallen rocks and it's a straight shoot to the exit. Once on the Vulture it's a simple RT no aim fire shot to take down the baddy and end this short Chapter.

ACHIEVEMENT - All Bow To Heavy Metal  - 15 GS - Big head, Big Headache
You'll unlock this achievement for taking out the creature with the train.

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Comments for Whatever it is, it's pissed

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Nov 1st 2011 Guest
Thanks. Just got to the caves and was struggling to find a way out so cheers for the info :-)
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