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Ponderin' them bodies

Bulletstorm Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Ponderin' them bodies

Act 6 - Chapter 3

Right at the top of the stairs at the start.

Run along working the story and your legs. Kick down a few doors and Ishi will take the lead on a crouching section. You'll get a Critical Event and then attacked by some Burnouts. Close quarters but there is a lot of rebar in the walls just voodoo doll these guys for the win.

Is out in the open as you climb a large ramp.

Afterwards kick down the doors to continue. Lots of Burnouts. If you have the Penetrator Charged then it's easy to just Charge that up and run through the Burnouts. Don't fire, just drill into them.

You'll get to the ship and after Sarrano lets you in pull the lever and then Leash then box to pull it into the door to keep it open.

After going down the ramp in the middle of the room the DropKit is on the left.

The next area is full of flammable gas so a Charged up Penetrator is exactly what you need.

Then you'll be in the reactor room. Real easy, just Leash the center reactor which will stop the electricity so you can jump over. Continue around, leashing the reactor and jumping over ledges until you get to the top where a few Burnouts will kill themselves trying to get at you.

Once at the top Sarrano will open the door and the Kit is right inside.

ACHIEVEMENT - Grilled Meat - 15 GS - Prepare a big meal using an improvised electric stove.
Right after this is the last Burnout Boss. Get in close and to keep him near the electrical and then same as before. Shoot till hes down, then kick him into the wires. Once he's on the wires Leash the top unit to finish him. You'll also get the unique Skillshot [GRILLED MEAT].

After that is a few burnouts and you'll be in the bomb room. Sarrano will go into the main control area and you'll man the control unit by the bomb. It's a response time event to hit X as soon as it pops up for the most points.

ACHIEVEMENT - Armed and Dangerous - 15 GS - Grow as a person, experience betrayal. Again.

Then you need to try to get out of there ASAP. Work your way through the doors and tunnels and you'll find yourself..... back in the bomb room. Fortunately Trishka shows back up and you 3 can all get out of there.

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Comments for Ponderin' them bodies

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Aug 18th 2014 Guest
After im in the room with the 6 escape capsules, the gate doesnt open, so im stuck forever
ID #437750