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That thing is leaving without us

Bulletstorm Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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That thing is leaving without us

Act 7 - Chapter 1

You, Ishi, and Trishka get out of the ship pretty quick and then its all kicking over pillars.

Is at the back of the area with the elevator to move on. This one also contains some Skillshots for the end of the game.

Once back outside the three of you walk into a cross fire between the Skulls and the Creeps. A lot of that coming up as everyone is trying to get off world on the same ship. Work around the outside areas getting kills and working on Skillshots.

You'll come to the Deep Space Cafe and there is a reload DropKit inside.

The next Newsbot is inside the cafe.

The second to last swarm is on the right as you leave the cafe.

Work your way down the stairs killing as you go. There is a Mini Boss most of the way down so you can finish up any Boss related Skillshots on this easy open area boss.

This one is the open on the left as you make your way around the level at the bottom of the stairs.

You'll go through a downed subway car and come to a ledge with a battle going on in the other side. There is a boss down there so watch out for that. Then Creeps will stream down both sides of the stairs so bee careful of them and use the center flower planter for cover.

At the top Trishka and Ishi will drop down leaving you on the top. As soon as the two enemies at the bottom are dead the metal door besides you is going to open and there will be enemies there so be prepared with something big and nasty for them.

As you go down the hall killing enemies there will be a room on the left. The next Newsbot is in there.

Then you come around to where Ishi and Trishka are below working on 2 Mini Bosses. Actually pretty easy since they don't seem to care about you. Double Thump and then Leash there heads and it will be over quickly.

Is next to some ammo crates.

This next room can be brutal so I'll break it down for you as best I can. Jump over the couch and you'll get a Critical Event to see a boss in the middle. My suggestion is to just blaze over there and Charged Penetrator him for the instant kill. Then run up the stairs and head right and kick the Screamer into the wire for a Voodoo. Then around the corner and kick the next Skull Screamer off the ledge. You're now have your backside protected. You'll get some rushers but if you can angle towards the wires over the middle stairs then its easy voodoo kills. Now look across the way for a Bouncer. Head Hunt or Flail the backpack ASAP as he'll come right into you. Then another boss in the bottom area and it's just clean up from there.

Final swarm is on the left as you exit the crawl through the luggage area.

ACHIEVEMENT - Pest Control - 20 GS - Destroy all the Electroflies in the Single Player Campaign.

ACHIEVEMENT - I Might Be Late - 20 GS - Kill all enemies during the sprint to the jumpship.

As you come to the next opening you'll get a Critical Event to see Saranno's ship go overhead. Now you have 2 minutes to get to the dropship but also 2 minutes to kill every single enemy between you and the ship. I suggest fully loading the Penetrator with ammo since it's a 1 shot kill and time is of the essence. There really are not too many hard spots just make sure everyone is dead and when you get down the to truck that blows the achievement will pop if you got them all. Watch the level video for every location.

After the truck blows run to the ship and Leash the back side to finish the chapter.

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Comments for That thing is leaving without us

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Oct 19th 2018 ikomrad
I get to the part where Triska says to hitch the ramp, but no matter how early I tried to hitch it with the electric lasso, the ramp always closes. Then I die.

What might I be doing wrong?
ID #766740