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Damsel in distress

Bulletstorm Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Damsel in distress


Act 2 - Chapter 1


After the scene head up and get the DropKit

First off buy the right to use the Screamer for 960 SP. This opens up the first set of Skillshots for the Screamer and gives us something to work towards.

Slide down the back side of the mountain and then Leash the top of the subway car to pull it down. After passing through you'll have a Critical Event to see some skulls. The locals are not nice folks. There are a few enemies at the top of the next hill before making your way into town.

Once you get to town Leash an enemy towards you and kick him into the pond for the [FISH FOOD] Skillshot. Also try to Leash an enemy into the Electroflies for [FLY GUY]. There is really only 2 spots in the entire game to get this so best get it now and out of the way.

The DropKit is in the water of the pond. Use it and buy the Screamer's Charge ability if you have the money. If you really have some money upgrade the Charge ammo and load up on Charges also. This will unlock all of the Screamer's Skillshots.

Then shoot all the little Electroflies to not only get [EXTERMINATOR] but also destroying 1 of the 21 Swarms in the game. There is also a Skillshot for flinging an enemy into the Flies but I wasn't able to do it here. With 20 more chances I wasn't worried.

Continue around to see the first of 28 Newsbots. There is also a Skillshot for killing someone with the Newsbot explosion, but there are no enemies around now so just fire and destroy it.

As you come to the next courtyard you'll see your first 2 Hot Dog Carts. Shoot them both to get them to explode and kill some enemies. This gets you [SAUSAGE FEST]. There is also some cacti here if you missed that Skillshot before.

Is high in a tree in the upper right as you face the door. This one contains new Skillshots.

ACHIEVEMENT - Space Pirate - 10 GS - Drink at least 20 bottles of Nom Juice in the Single Player Campaign

ACHIEVEMENT - Straight Edge  - 10 GS - Destroy at least 20 bottles of Nom Juice in the Single Player Campaign.
Inside the building are the first 2 bottles of Nom Juice. A little cheaty secret is that as soon as you drink or shoot these two you can reload the checkpoint and do it again. Slightly boring but you can get both achievements out of the way right here and now with a little patience and reloading skills. I'll keep pointing them out to you in the game if you want to go the legit route.

For the sake of the guide I'm going to shoot 1 for the 200 SP and drink the other. Then jump over the table and kill an enemy for the [INTOXICATED] Skillshot. Mini Boss up on the stage so pull back and take pop shots at him.

ACHIEVEMENT - Disco Inferno - 10 GS - Kill all enemies without leaving the dance floor in the city outskirts
After the mini boss is dead stay on the disco floor to kill all the enemies in the bar. Don't leave the dance floor until the achievement pops. These enemies like to be in, and shot from, cover so it's a good chance to start on the Screamer Skillshots if you haven't already. Line up a Headshot to get [ONE HIT WONDER]. If you can do it very fast then you'll also get [FAST DRAW]. Do two fast draws in a row and it's [GUNSLINGER]. They are also very bunched up so it's a good time to get [FIREBALL]. Where hitting one with a Charged Shot kills another enemy.

After everyone is dead there are 2 more bottles of Nom Juice in the back along with a Ammo Box. Then head outside where there are multiple enemies on the ridge above. Great time to go for [SURGEON] by killing an enemy by hitting him in the same limb. Go for a leg, 3 shots will do it. Then it's another Hot Dog Stand. Kill the first two however you want, then keep kicking the Hot Dog Stand until it runs the last enemy over for [FASTFOOD].

ACHIEVEMENT - Somebody - 20 GS - Perform 25% of the Single Player Skillshots
If you'be been following along then during the bar fight or right after you should of completed over 25% of the total Skillshots in the game.

As you leave the Hot Dog Cart area go under the arch and then look left for the 2nd Swarm of Electroflies. Continue forward and kick down the door.

This one is embedded in the stairway of the next area you need to go to. It contains one new Skillshot.

Stand aside after you try to kick in the next door because it's going to kick back. You need launch a Charged Screamer shot in there getting at least 3 on fire. Then blaze in guns going strong and take them down before the fire wears off. There is another bottle of Dom Juice in the table on the right.

Pull the lever to open the door and you'll be greeted by 4 enemies being airlifted in by crate. After that you will be hit by 3 waves of Flailgun wielding lunatics that will just run at you full speed. Go for the heads and the explosions of their guns will take out those around them for some [BOMBSHELL] action. 

As you make your way forward you'll come to the second Newsbot wondering the inside of this building all alone. There is also some Nom Juice on the small table.

Head up the stairs and the next DropKit is high to the right embedded into a building. Make sure to spend the money to open the Flailgun fully.

Head forward and you'll come to a small room followed by a roof area. [MISFIRE] is for hitting an enemy with a Charged Screamer and then killing him before it blows up. Well the roof area has these large fans. Hit an enemy and then kick them into the fans to get both Misfire and also [SUCKER] for killing someone with a fan.  There are a couple enemies on a balcony across the roof to the right. A single Flailgun shot will get both for your first [GANGBANG]. Then at the far end of the roof is a Mini Boss in a building.

Head down the stairs and some enemies will rush up. There are some conveniently placed electrical wire to shock some enemies to death.

Head through the building and then jump over the small fence. The DropKit and it's precious Skillshots are located to the top right on the small balcony. You can also unlock the Thumper for the Leash.

The Electroflies are just above the DropKit.

Continue to the courtyard where you'll have a Crtical Event to see the downed pod. Follow the blood trail up the stairs until you get back outside. You'll come up behind some enemies who are shooting at a girl. Take them out and then a Critical Event to focus on the girl.

Move onto into the next building and climb the ladder. Shoot the enemy off the vine and then make your way over yourself.

The third bot is right outside the far building all alone.

The next group of Flies is right above the last Newsbot flying around a tree.

Then head over to the left and kick in the door. Move through this building until you get another Hot Dog Cart. Use it to get some more Skillshot kills and then hit the button to drop the bridge. A few more enemies and then a Critical Event to see how the chick is progressing.

Is on the right is the side wall as you continue.

Then a Critical Event to see the large ball. Leash it down so you can get into the domed area.

Inside the pre-dome area is a good place to get a few Flailgun Skillshots out of the way. Easy place for a headshot for [GRENADE GAG] and also to place a Flail shoot on the wall and explode it for [MINE FIELD]. Also Flail someone and just kick them to death before it explodes for [SADIST]. Then one more MiniBoss.

Before heading inside the main dome look to the right and get the Electroflies.

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