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One sniper means a dozen

Bulletstorm Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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One sniper means a dozen

Act 3 - Chapter 1

Walk through the underground area and you'll get a Critical Event to get a glimpse of the enemies that are coming up. Then the underground area will start crashing down around you so run yourself out of there. Leash the engine and then slide yourself out of the underground.

A few new Special Skillshots for this Act and a chance to reload are on the right as you work your way around the lake.

The first set of Electroflies for the Act are right around the bend to the right over the lake.

Then hop in the elevator and you'll see this new enemy's handiwork. Right around the corner and up the stairs you'll come face to face with the Creepers. These guys are too fast to leash but no one is too fast to Thump. If you haven't managed to get the [FLY SWATTER] the low ceilings here make it easy.

As you head outside you'll get an auto kill for Sliding into a enemy right at the start. This outdoor area can be tough. There are a lot of enemies and not a lot of cover. Work slow and use your Charge shots if you need to.

As you come to the end of this open area you'll get a Critical Event to see the first set of snipers. Work forward and take out the sniper on the ground and get the Sniper Rifle. In zoom, when you fire you'll watch the bullet go forward and then take control at the end to guide it to the target. If the game feels you've gone too far off target the bullet will go out of control mode and simply go forward until it hits something. So keep on target in this area as there are no explosive or alternate target opportunities.

The next NewsBot is in the back right corner under the snipers.

The next DropKit is inside the dry dock area on the ground floor and contains the permanent access to the the Head Hunter and the Skillshots that come with it.

As you come outside there will be multiple targets on the tower outside. Then once on the tower you'll need to take out the targets at the far dock facility.

Then activate the DropKit on the second tower's ground floor to reload.

Once you head to the dock facility there is a NewBot inside the building. This is a perfect time to to get [KILLER NEWS] as there are several new enemies inside the building.

Also line an enemy up with the Sniper but pull out of zoom before you fire to get [SHOW OFF]. You can also shoot someone in the leg and have them die from falling in the water for [ACCIDENT]. Most of the Head Hunter Skillshots are pretty straight up except for the nut shot and we'll get that a little later. There are also a lot of enemies in the open area to go for [BLUFF]. Bluff is when you aim at one person and the hit another target. It can be tough because as soon as you aim off the intended target the bullet simply goes straight so aim carefully.

As you enter the next building after the open area there will be a DropKit inside. Just a reload point.

Then work your way around the docks taking out enemies as you go. There is an ammo crate at the end of the first dock on the left.

The next Electroflies swarm is at the end of the last dock.

Then head inside for the final area of this Chapter. This room is open on the side so it's a great place to shotgun some enemies out into the wide open for some Vertigo points.

Don't miss the NewsBot that is roaming the area.

There is also a swarm of Electo Flies on the outside to the right as you enter the area.

Then just work your way through to the next area.

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