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Just like the old days

Bulletstorm Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Just like the old days

Act 1 - Chapter 1

So it's now just you and Ishi. He's not too happy with you but the both of you have bigger problems to deal with. Leash a few objects out of your way and suddenly you'll be surrounded with enemies. Kick the explosive barrel that is nicely placed right in front of you and blast it mid-air to get rid quite a few bad guys very quickly. Repeat at the next barrel and then follow Ishi across the giant animal bones.

You'll come to your first DropKit. Leashing onto to a DropKit unlocks new Skillshots and new weapons and powers for weapons. This one just has ammo and your first set of skillshots. Exit out and let's get 3 Skillshots out of the way. Obviously there are going to be lots of different times and ways to get all of these but I am going to point out where and when I get new ones so you can see how you are doing. Be sure to check out the Skillshot page for a full list with when you can get all the Skillshots in the game.

SKILLSHOTS: Headshot, Voodoo Doll, Enviro-Mental.

Shoot the the row of enemies until you get one with a Headshot. [HEADSHOT], then Leash and enemy pulling him towards you and into the barbed wire [VOODOO DOLL], finally shoot the explosive barrel behind then for the [ENVIRO-MENTAL]. Once they are all dead re-use the DropKit.

ACHIEVEMENT - Patched Up  - 15 GS - Receive a software update for your leash
You'll get the achievement when you exit the DropKit for the second time.

Moving forward you'll there will be several enemies running at you. Perfect time to get [TRIP WIRE] out of the way. Just knee cap and enemy and then finish them off before they get back up. [GAG REFLEX] will also be a Skillshot you acquire every early. This one is just for shooting an enemy in the next. This area also have quite a few cactus in the area. Get [PRICKED] by Leashing an enemy into a Cactus. Double tap A to Slide into an enemy throwing him up into the air. Shoot him in the butt while doing this and you'll get [REAR ENTRY] and [BULLET SLIDE]. [BULLET KICK] is getting a kill after kicking an enemy but before they touch the ground. You'll be getting TONS of those.

When you get to the next large open area make short work of the enemies in the area by Leashing onto the hanging medal platforms. This will cause everything up there to fall and kill the enemies below. [FULL THROTLE] is for killing 2 enemies without reloading. You can pre-damage them and then unleash a full clip without pause to finish them off.

ACHIEVEMENT - Wannabe  - 10 GS - Perform 10 different Single Player Skillshots
If you've been following along you've already done 10 different Skillshots just in this first few area.

There is a DropKit to the right by a rock as you enter this area. There are no new Skillshots or weapons available.

Head inside the building and then clear out the baddies with some good Leash and gun action. Head up the stairs to the right and you'll get your first Critical Event. These events are quick button sequences that allow you to earn bonus Skillpoints for reaction time. Most of these are right after a checkpoint so if you really want max points you can reload checkpoint and know when they are coming up. Don't blame me though if the checkpoint is pretty far back. Just saying.

Hold LT to look at the elevator shaft on the far right. Make sure to hold down the button until the points stop rising.

There are more enemies at the bottom of the stairs. The last guy before the door stands pretty still and is a good chance to go for [MERCY]. As he turns to fire on you shoot him in the balls. Wait for him to buckle over in obvious pain and then kick him in the head for the Skillshot. You can headshot him but it's easier to just kick him in the head. Level complete.

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Mar 30th 2012 lordico
Why is Act 1 Chapter 2 missing?
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Mar 30th 2012 Guest
Why is Act 1 Chapter 2 missing?
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