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Maneaters prefer tight spots

Bulletstorm Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Maneaters prefer tight spots


Act 4 - Chapter 2


Walk forward until you use the lever to open the door. Then there is a Critical Event to see the effects of the Puffball gas. Pull another lever head into the next room.

This one contains the ability to use the Bouncer and some Skillshots for the puffball gas.

You'll come right into an area with a puff ball you are supposed to quick shoot. The two puffball Skillshots are very easy. [ANTIDOTE] is to kill someone who is infected and [TOXIC LOVE] is to kill someone while you are infected. To get infected just shoot a puff that is close to you. Then take out the rest.

Then Ishi will go on ahead. Run up to meet him and you'll see he's gotten himself sucked in by a giant weed.

Afterwards crawl under the growth and you'll come to a rather large area with stairs. The Electroflies are on the right at the top of the stairs.

A Hot Dog Cart will help you get some easy kills on the left side followed by some well placed cacti. If you haven't gotten the [SHRAPNEL] Head Hunter the bottom of the first set of stairs is a good place. There are multiple enemies and a gas tank. Just Thump them all up and then guide the bullet to the gas tank.

The next section will have some Flailgunners. At the bottom left is a small area with a ammo crate and some more Electroflies.

Reload at the DropKit. Thumpers are really good for the rest of the game so we can get the Boss Skillshots done.

Work your way around some growth and you'll come to a flytrap that auto sucks in an enemy to remind you how dangerous they area. Don't get too close in front as they will suck you in just as easily as an enemy. Stand really close to the side of the trap and leash the explosive so that the flytrap eats it and you get [BAD DIGESTION]. Also work on getting a enemy kicked or Leashed to a flytrap for [FEEDER].

Number 13 is on the left side of this area. Again watch for flytraps so you don't get sucked in.

Then 14 is in the next area.

Another re-load station.

ACHIEVEMENT - Chop-Chopper - 30 GS - Kill the enemy inside the airborne helicopter in the park.

Achievement - Chop-Chopper

I suggest a Charged Head Hunter shot. Wait for the helicopter to go slightly sideways and take your shot. Then guide it into the gunner. If you use a Charged you can get some splash damage for the kill.

Watch out for the Bandit's missiles. It will only make one pass and then you just have to wait for it to blow the area wide open. Then work your way up the left side. There is a mini boss here so try to eliminate all the lowly basic enemies first. Especially shotgunners. I hope you stocked up on Thumpers like I said because that is how you get all your Boss Skillshots. For [KICK OFF] Thump once and then run in their and kick his helmet off, then Thump a second time and run in and kick his whole head off.

After weaving through some more vegetation there is another reload station DropKit.

On the left on the big landing before the long stairs up.

On the middle of the stairs. If you hit the explosive barrel on the stairs you'll get them all. This is also a good area for the [FLY GUY] since there are enemies so close to the Electroflies. You get this by kicking or leashing someone into the swarm.

At the top of the stairs watch out for the flytraps. They have LONG reach up here and its safer to take them out instead of thinking you know their reach. At the very top go into the building.

ACHIEVEMENT - Om Nom Nom! - 10 GS - Feed a flytrap with a Nom parasite.
Inside to the left of the building is some Nom parasites. Kick one into the flytrap for the achievement.

On the right at the next building is a swarm to take out.

Is right on the path. This is your reload chance before the boss so load up. PMC is probably your best bet.


Act 4 - Chapter 2 - BOSS


Weed boss. Start by shooting him in the face to get him to come up. The secret to this boss is always be moving. If the roots hit you, you die instantly. So if you see the roots. RUN. Or really slide. There is ammo crates all around the edge. If he snaps you with the                                    

Stage 1 - Blast away at the 4 green blobs on the side of his body. The creature will be on the bottom. It will shoot out toxin at you but it does no damage so just keep shooting.

Stage 2 - Shoot all the little tentacles. The weed will climb up to the roof and and try to heal. Just keep blasting the tentacles and you'll do more damage then he can repair.
Stage 3 - Shoot the weed's neck when it becomes red to finish the battle.

You'll get the [WEED KILLER] unique secret Skillshot for beating the boss.

ACHIEVEMENT - Weed Killer - 15 GS - Tidy up the back yard.
You get the achievement for beating the boss.

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Comments for Maneaters prefer tight spots

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Feb 16th 2016 Guest
I Need help killing WEED BOSS. I can make him weak, but how do I finish him off at the end of chapter 4? I don't see his neck turning red or anything?
ID #635957