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Itchin' to crumble

Bulletstorm Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Itchin' to crumble

Act 4 - Chapter 3

You'll have some walking to do to start the level and then a quick LT RT hand over hand to cross a chasm.

Finally get the Flailgun Charge upgrade if you have the money. Then the Skillshots for it and a couple more Secret ones.

As you come to the Hotel turn to the right for the 16th swarm.

You're going to run through the Hotel and have a Critical Event and then Trishka will tell you to slide down a LONG hall. DON'T. First go into the side room and take out the Newsbot.

After the long slide you'll come to a room and you need to pass through a holographic clock. In the next room are 2 enemies.  You need them to pull back to the barricade so you can Leach the top area and get the [DING DONG] secret Skillshot.

Work your way through the broken building killing everyone you encounter and you'll get to a turret. If you have a Flailgun this is an easy time to get [MEAT SLICER] as you wrap the Flail around the turret killing the gunner.  Then run over to the elevator controls and bring it down on everyone for the [TENDERIZER] secret Skillshot.                   

Then as you move forward you'll drop through 2 doors. Then Newsbot is right down there.

Then a reload DropKit on the right.

Jump over the ledge and doge the swinging electrical wires. Clear the next area and then crounh through the broken building. It will open on a section with 2 sides. Use the cover and work slowly forward abusing the Leash to pull the enemies to you. This area is pretty large but it's all low level enemies so work on Skillshots and just move forward.

After another crouching section will be a reload area.

Another wide open area with a lot of low level enemies. Near the end with be a series of standing wire structures for Voodoo Doll and there is a mini boss. Voodoo the minor enemies. I needed [WHIPLASH] so Thump helmet, then Thump Leash for the kill.

ACHIEVEMENT - No Man Left Behind - 20 GS - Kill all enemies while escaping from the collapsed building.
There are only two enemies but make sure you kill them both for the achievement.

Then get into the elevator and do the Firing Critical Event to finish the chapter.

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