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How do we solve that?

Bulletstorm Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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How do we solve that?


Act 5 - Chapter 2


This is a BRUTAL opening area with the new Burnouts. Use the explosive barrels to your advantage and don't be afraid to slide out of harm's way and get another angle. There is a ammo crate on the left to help you out. There are 2 Burnout Skillshots to go for. [ASSPLOSION] is for killing a Burnout by shooting it's ass growth. Only some of them have it. Kick a Burnout and and hopefully it will slide on it's back so you can shoot the growth. Then other one is secret one called [STEADY HAND] which is for killing one by only hitting growth spots.

When you clear the opening area there will be a Newsbot in the right side of the building.

This kit includes some secret Skillshots for this level.

This swarm is down the left hand hall. You have to kick in the door at the back to see the swarm.

Slide yourself under the door and then immediately pull the lever to let your teammates in as the fight starts right away. Make use of the wires area for Voodoo kills and watch your back. After the first wave I like to pull back into the small alcove to cover my back and just keep the pressure up. Remember you can kick while you reload.

Then the wall will be blown out and you'll be in a hall type area with an open side so abuse Vertigo and work slow. They say skip past everyone but that's a dirty lie. Just take your time and you'll get them all.

A reload Kit is on the right.

Kick a burnout into some wire and another will come out off the wall looking for some damage. then you'll be on a wide open street area. There is an ammo crate on the right and a TON of burnouts will be running at you from the downed helicopter. A TON. Just pop them off with whatever weapons you have. Again there are a lot but they have a lot of ground to cover before they get to you.

Then the Burnout Boss will climb up from the right side. Get as close to the helicopter as you can. Once he stops walking gets ready to swing shoot him in the face.  He'll keel over and then kick him towards the helicopter. You'll get the secret Skillshot [MINCED MEAT].

ACHIEVEMENT - Minced Meat - 15 GS - Take out the Mall's biggest customer.
You'll get this for taking out the boss.

Afterwards head down and you'll get a Critical Event.

A reload Kit is on the right.

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