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On the road to hell

Bulletstorm Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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On the road to hell

Prologue - Chapter 1

ACHIEVEMENT - Pointless - 10 GS - Execute at least 10 Headshots before you find the the first DropKit
Just a quick note that skillshots don't unlock until later in the game so just take these guys out with Headshots for the achievements. You have all of the Prologue and the first part of Act 1 to do it. You will be able to use the Leash before the achievement passes so that is the easiest time but work on it as you go.

The opening area is mostly story telling with a little tutorial thrown in for good measure. Follow the on-screen prompts to learn about Looking around, Aiming, Crouching and all the other things you've probably been doing in a trillion other games for many many years. Just continue to do what you are told until you are seated in the gun controls. It doesn't appear like anything you actually do here means anything but go ahead and blast all the guns you can with the RT.

After that you be allowed to actually take real control in the flashback. Walk down the side of the building and then head left to meet up with your teammates. Head forward to the far elevator and go ahead and give it a nice kick. Then down to the point on the building that says “BREACH”. Hit the X button and then hit RT to fire when they tell you. Don't bother aiming it's all automatic.

A little scene and we're in a minor battle with some soldiers. I don't know if these headshots count but since it take multiple hits and there are there a LOT of people firing I wouldn't bother with it for now. Just take everyone out and it's back to the present.

Escort Ishi to the Med Lab and then you need to get out there and get a power supply. You'll be attacked in the halls of the ship. Now is the time to start working on headshots. With normal weapons fire this is NOT a one shot headshot game so work short bursts. Kicking does activate slow mo but not as much as when you get the Leash. Continue working the enemies in the ship and you'll slide out the ship and into an enemy.

These next guys are a little distance away. If it was a one shot headshot game this would be great, but its not. So again work short bursts and if their head explodes, it's a headshot. Continue through the enemies until a short scene with a Final Echo. He'll do some major damage but not make it. Too bad, so sad. Jump down and grab his leash. Still no skillshots but now you can leash enemies. The big combo in this game at the start is Leash an enemy to you, Kick him away, and then Headshot him. Work on in this starting area to get it down and get the Headshots you need.

ACHIEVEMENT - Fits  - 15 GS - Meet your new best friend
You'll get the achievement when you pick up the Leash.

From now on look for opportunities to use the Leash to move objects and more importantly for objects that can be used for destruction. You'll have to move some debris out of your way almost immediately and then you'll be shown how to Leash enemies into pointy objects for instant death. FUN. Work the Leash, Kick, Headshot combo until you get the Pointless Achievement completed.

Get the part back to the Med Lab and a small scene plays out. Work the Leash and a corner for cover and take the enemies out fast. Another small scene will play out with an auto aim RT fire sequence and then its the end of the Prologue.

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